Rafael Melendez Feb 2015

She did not keep the peace, was not the conformist in silence, was not a normal person. She was the rebellious martyr filled with centuries upon centuries of the world's anger and trash. She did not yield for a rule, never  stormed for the greater good of currency, and was born to die. But of course, not before she recieved what she thrived for.

Baylee Sep 2015

Sitting in the local coffee shop,
Listening to coffee shop songs,
Doing work but simultaneously
Watching people.

Studying psychology,
Of the abnormal type,
Watching behaviors,
But not reflecting inward.

Sipping hot coffee,
Burning your mouth on it,
But trying not to react.
Someone across the cafe saw you; shit!

Studying people,
Drinking coffee nonchalantly,
Watching behavior,
Reflect inward, dammit.
Reflect inward.

TonyC Sep 2014

I hate them, they’re  everywhere
    with their painted on smiles
             Behind your back,
they probably stab and despise
knowing how to stir up  hate and lies
Apparently they make good bosses
but if you know one,  avoid, cut your losses
They have no conscience or empathy,
their emotions are pantomimed not real
Remember, they don’t have to make
                    a bloodbath
         to be a psychopath

mark john junor May 2013

the day races to extinction
and as the shadows dominate
the last few warm rays
become lambent on the abnormal insight
that has grown within me as
the day has grown long
she had no face
she had no presence in the air
no name or written word to leave behind
yet here she is
a mere ghost  image between the dark sheets
of the rainstorm
as she has for may years
just watching silently

the  scratching noises of the pen in my hand
replaces the wind-song of summer day with harsh tones
yet it brings my thoughts to distant woodland lake
that was my escape from the years that i spent in the
company of the lesser misbegotten

that lake and the my time there
was unchanged and seems remote in my vision
from the turmoil of my winterbound soul

plundering my forward motion for the energy to cope
with the passing thoughts like carnivals of flesh
obscene visions of naked truth
unrestrained by years of devoted hiding
i am unable to grasp any other path
than to become like her
a shadow obscured in the
in the rainstorm
a fleeting vision
in the passing hours

Scarlet Keiller Jan 2016

What am I without this
toxic insanity that twists
my every move? Nothing,
that's what I am, what
I would be without me.

Maybe feeling normal would
wash this burning passion
for difference, which I love so
dearly, away. If that is the case,
I will be abnormal any day.

~~ Sanity is a cosy lie. ~~

Delusional, paranoid state
Focus, stare, clear the mind
Was she really there?
Were her hands cold and dark?
Reality becomes irrelevant
You are alone
Your fears prevail
Overwhelming obsession
Gape into the darkness
Cleanse your cluttered mind
Are you okay?
Say yes

NitaAnn Sep 2014

I think part of my problem is that I've been feeling like the issues I face are too much, too abnormal, especially for people I'm close to.

Then I feel like I'm too abnormal.
Too disgusting.
Too shamed.

I try to remind myself that of course I'm not normal
what I have been through is terribly abnormal.
But that doesn't mean that I myself am
terrible or horrible or dirty or unlovable or gross.

It just means I have to deal with things most people don't.

I am strong.
Even when I need help and support.

Grace Van Dyck Mar 2016

I wanted to fit in
To be a normal girl
To be the best
To be the greatest
To be a star

I lived for years like that
Wanting to be something
Thinking I was lame
Thinking I was

Then something changed
I had a life changer
That experience showed me
Something that I never could have learned
On my own
From anyone's teachings
I learned

It's great to be different
Everyone's abnormal
Stop trying to fit in
Start trying to be
Outside the box

Just stop being the same
You are unique
You are magical
You are

Now I realize that
I realize that
And now I'm being

Being abnormal
Is the greatest thing
You could be

This was also a song I wrote!
Matthew Harlovic Nov 2014

If independence is intended
for the masses is the Average Joe
as abnormal as the status quo?

© Matthew Harlovic

Pardeep Jan 2016

My normal is your weird.
Your normality is my abnormality.
Who are we to decide what is normal or abnormal?

Jeremy Bean Mar 2014

I know that you're out there
I'm still searching for you
lets escape this nightmare
of a constant pursuit
I just want a fair share
in something that is true
This roads going nowhere
I need you to pass through

Dont have the time
I will not try
I must deny

a mediocre love

I will not try
I must deny
Dont have the time

for an ordinary love

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