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May 2015
I can't help how I am
I can't help how I talk
I can't help that that's me
I mean really,
I'm just a (abnormal) Girl
I like to have my Fantasies
I know you do too
So why  am I so different?
I'm just a (abnormal) Girl.
I like to Dream of a world
A world where everything is great
A world where I can actually be Happy
A world with
I like to sit to myself and
Wonder what life would be like
If  I wasn't born....
Wonder what it would be like
To have a
Demon for a companion
Or just someone who
After all I am just a
(abnormal) Girl
I sometimes dream of things so...
Obscured that others would run
I dream so
Vividly I can smell
Every sent, Taste every
sensual taste
Feel every wonderful texture So would you be afraid if I
Told you of my
(abnormal) Dreams?
My dreams of me and you?
I just want you to except me like
You do in my head, my dreams,
My fantasies but then again
I'm just a
(abnormal) Girl.
I want to be able to wrap my arms around
Your neck and inhale your wonderful
Manly scent while you
Hold me close
I want to be able to kiss you and know you
Feel the same about me....But those are just
Dreams, Dreams from a
(abnormal) Girl
Who only wants to be
Bu­t I guess they are  just dreams
Because after all I'm just a
(abnormal) Girl.
And maybe one day will be
Normal* girl,
But for now can't I just be accepted?
Crushing Love
Written by
Crushing Love  In my head, It's safe
(In my head, It's safe)   
     --- and Mark Parker
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