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From the ashes
38/M/Utopia    Writing is my food and my light. Cover art work by Keith Sloan, "Some cherish the love they see in the poet's eyes; others ...
between humanism and word    I try to fall in love with my life everyday. Its a daily struggle. I want to inspire and be inspired.
Little wishes
25/F/Philippines    Psalm 147:3
honey ashes
19/F    All about poetry ~Nomadic soul~
i want to inspire people. Im a little different than the average human but thats exactly how i like it haha <3.
My poems are usually far from traditional and vary greatly in style. I have come to this site to release all of my thoughts and ...
Idk if this is poetry or not but its how I feel.
Kristoff Kowalsheski
Dacotah Ashes
North Dakota   
Gauteng    I am a very spiritual. .loving person . Very positive and analytical about life and it's deeper meaning .
Vishesh is an extrovert guy, loves to write poetry and fiction works..!
redding    We scorn the crazy We lock them away When in reality The entire world is mad The rest of us are merely in denial -Me
Malaysia    Silent words scream the most.
ashes on ashes
Washington    just living stubborn love // the lumineers
Violet Ashes
Australia    Blogger, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Atheist, Lover of all things Sci Fi & Sport, Wine Devotee, Fashion Enthusiast, Violet Ashes Gardener...
Vishesh Sahota
14/M/India    Upon the shining stars, I see a light...
but then shestopped in confus
us    playing the piano, and the strong,full, melodious notes, struck by a practiced hand, echoed melodiouslythrough the house."I'm not deaf, Mam'selle Elise," said her mistress, scornfully. ...
18/F/Massachusetts    Rain, interrupted

— The End —