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Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
If we are
At the opposite ends of the spectrum
You, red
And I, violet
I would make a wheel
To get to you

You are here
Because of me
I am here
Because of you
And If you're afraid of drowning
In this ocean of hues

I will be the light
Which saves you
In the deep blue.
A response to "Spectrums"
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
I'm afraid.
It's all just spectrums to me.
People who love you
People whom I feel are untrue
People who to you are dear
People who question why I'm even there
Why am I here?
I hope I won't interfere

A sea of colours
It seems selfish not to swim
But I don't know how
And I'm afraid I'll drown
I feel forced to dive
If I want to get to the bottom
After this jump
*Would you save me when I've lost my breath?
Mauve is my favorite Color
A sister to Burgundy,
dusty Rose, soft Purple hues..
Love variations of Creams,
buttery Golden Yellows,
Blues, Teals, Pinks and Crimson

Not so much..the Primaries.
So very saturated and bright,
What captives my attention
is the endless, sumptuous possibilities
blending of spectrums and
hues providing me the most delight

Huge fan of Black...
A non-color
the definitive definition defining
lack of all Color.
Which is actually a dichotomy...
As to create black is to chose a base tone
Then blending a series of other Colors
So that every black
The exception being formulations
becomes a variation of a theme..

The debate continues,
If Black is truly the definition
of lack there of, therefore not deserving the title
of being a Color, where does that leave those that insist that Black is their's (favorite)?
Hmmm, maybe Black is my favorite Color too...
A fascination with Colors

— The End —