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Aug 2019 · 387
Sam Cecilio Aug 2019
I had fallen on a deep slumber,
I saw myself running on a wilderness.
I was surrounded by a lion and a tiger
By these fears I got so restless.

I panicked and ran away
But the wild animals were immobile.
I tripped on a stack of hay
I don't know of what to feel.

The lion steadily ran towards me
But my heart wasn't agitated.
I have never felt this wary
Although I know I wasn't dead.

There were no shivers on my spine
As these animals came near me.
All my dreams have to intertwine
As I bring back my soul to reality.

I ponder of not feeling anything
As I dreamt of the wilderness.
What message does it bring?
I presume it's never foolishness.
The poem may sound weird but this is based on a true story. This is based on the persona's dream and she's still puzzled with her dream because she doesn't have any idea on what message it wants to convey.
Jun 2019 · 427
Sam Cecilio Jun 2019
It was already 7 in the morning
And here I am, still contemplating.
I wonder what's about life
That I want to end it with a knife.

I had never been a pessimist
These voices that I can't resist.
Telling me to move on and die,
A wonderful life's nothing but a lie.

But the Voice clinging inside my head
Has never wanted me to be dead.
I looked upon this haze of illusion
And saw this Man full of salvation.

He told me that I'm never worthless,
"You are precious though priceless."
He told me good things that I've done
And told me to never be gone.

Alas, I thought. Who'd this Man be?
His words are leading me to curiosity.
Regardless, his words are pure and true
And He had come surely for my rescue.
Jun 2019 · 293
Sam Cecilio Jun 2019
My body had withered in pain
Heart's totally becoming fragile.
Thoughts of you make me insane
Your pseudo kisses made me ill.

I desired for nothing but you
Hence, your eyes are pretentious.
I assumed you were never true
That your stare was truly devious.

Whenever I ask you about something
Your mouth is speaking skeptically.
Your words mean nothing
And you're pretending, undoubtedly.

I wanted to divulge the unfaithfulness
That runs through your soul.
Forsooth, I won't be restless
Being despaired was my only role.

Distance me from this nightmare
And let me be alone for tonight.
This agony I can no longer bear
Falling for an enemy was never right.

— The End —