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Oct 2018 · 158
What will never come again?
She asked me for days on end.
What will never be again?
She asked me for nights unending.
What will never become again?
She asked me with the future in her eyes.
Oct 2018 · 194
What is the "right" way?
What do I tell these boys?

Call them a prince,
and they are likely to be assassinated
for the thrones, they’ve yet to sit on.

Call them commoner
and we deny them growth and glory
we handcuff their dreams to mediocrity.

Call them pauper,
and they will live and die in gutters
ingesting poison, thinking this is all they deserve.

What do I tell these boys?

Find your voice and speak the truth.
Speak what you see, how you feel,
never swallow your own tongue.

Risk being called ungrateful
risk letting them know that your superpower is simply being educated.
risk letting every achievement become a new target for them be to aim at for.
Feb 2016 · 476
Giggles, Lies, and Rain.
She is dripping wet, standing outside my door.

The rain had been unkind, and had my words.

So many nights I’d been drunk off of her smile.

So many nights she’d been dragged through my lies.

I beat my hands upon the walls, wanting to break them.

So she could never again fit her fingers between mine.

But still she stood, rain soaked and stubborn.

Her voice like soft lightning, striking again and again.

That ****** giggle…

As if her pain were a laughing matter.

As if her love wasn’t misguided.

As if I weren’t the monster I thought I was/wanted to be.

That ****** giggle…

Broke me, cut me, crippled me, busted me wide open.

(Door swings open)

“Come in.”
Feb 2016 · 444
Roll On.
After 2 old fashions this conversation will lead to disaster.

I will become devilish and charming.

My slightly glazed eyes will see into your soul.

Or so you think.

The sunrise will greet us and reveal the truth.

But why bother.

Just let awkward silence do it’s job, and let the morning roll on.
Feb 2016 · 319
Heartfelt Gift
By her side, they found it.

As sunrise rose they saw.

Dilated eyes, cold lips,breathless.

Frantic but with fear, fingertips reach for the beckoning lid.

A gift? What lies inside?

Oh wait, a letter beside the body.

A letter with answers? or more questions.

It simply read, “It’s sad that I had to slice it up a bit to make it fit”.

Heart-shaped box?

What a joke…
One of these days I simply won’t make it back home.
I’m already a half-hearted, half-broken, shell of who I thought I could be.
The thread that holds my fragile soul together has been wearing thin for far too long.
I’m withered and waning, constantly falling, yet unable to shatter myself.
Scraped and scared, these bruised limbs of mine carry a living ghost.
Haunting my own existence. My reflection refuses to meet me in the mirror.
Even my shadow follows at a distance, trying to avoid of boundless connection.
One of these days, one these days, the door won’t open, the key won’t fit, and I won’t wake up peacefully on my couch.
Is it inconceivable that my pride disallows me to fear these possibilities?
What should I be proud of?
Perennial past due, stale, rotting, falling to pieces yet still one.
Liquid fire poison runs through my veins while beer battered butterflies suffocate inside my stomach.
My lungs are covered in barbed wire while my heart is coated in novocaine.
One of these days I won’t make it home…
I hope no one cries, but I’d like it to rain.
-Ode to a black sheep in wolf’s clothing
Feb 2016 · 829
Life is uncomfortable
Life is uncomfortable.
So, your comfort-zone is invalid.
It does not exist.
It cannot defend you.
It cannot hide you.
It cannot shelter you.
Life is uncomfortable.
So get tough.
Become capable.
Become skillful.
Become determined.
Become fearless.
Life is uncomfortable.
So, eat, sleep, and make love.
Run, dance, and sing.
Dream of tomorrow.
Live for today.
Learn from yesterday.
Life is uncomfortable.
That is a fact.
But you are malleable.
You can change.
You can evolve.
You can make Life, what you want.
She ate them by the handfuls.

Devours them without hesitation.

Sweet fruit, crimson coated lips.

Nourished desires, sated lust.

Her tongue lashed out, looking for my reply.

Quaking with anticipation, I lunged, a took hold of her.

Engaged in this mighty feast.

Devoured by her wants.

Ignoring my needs.

Enveloped by these strawberries.

Engulfed by these kisses.

I am consumed by her handfuls.

I am gone.

So sweet.

So savored.

So satisfied.
Never again.

Too many times our paths have crossed, and no good has come of it.

Never again.

Too many wasted night, and wasted days,spent in arms and lips,wrapped in glares and under sheets.

Never again.

Too many times I’ve kept you close to my heart, poured your love/poison, inside of me.

Never, never,never again.

Will I let you slur my words, blur my vision, ******* my limbs, numb me…

It hurts.

How much…of a liar…I am.

“Come here darling,never again, will I let you go.”
Feb 2016 · 349
These ghosts who haunt my house

These memories who haunt my mind

These cold sweats at night, aches, and pains through dreaming.

I scoff at their jangling chains.

I scoff at their unresolved plights.

This is my house, my mind, my life.

Their haunting is unwelcomed.

Their pains are not my concern.

Their disrespect has earned my ire.

I am not so easily scared.

I will not be put out of place.

I shall extinguish these spectres with the fire of my will.

Torch and turned to ash, these ghost shall fade.

Respect the dead who respect death.

All others deserve no courtesy.
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
Hurricanes and Helicopters
Hurricanes and Helicopters
Marching bands, and Missile launchers.
World War VI on the door step of the next generation.
Preparation for the salvation of a few.
Godspeed towards a hellish end.
Broken kings and queens to bend.
This storm is brewing, and the eye is seeing.
Feb 2013 · 4.2k
Some Kind of Cute
She's like some kinda cute.

She’s like “comic book, best friend next door”, cute.

As if some special, specific sign of wanting without intent.

You feel comfortable and insecure all at once.

And time never seems to move slow enough.

She’s like “dime store, stained glass”, cute.

Fragile, but not gaudy, no price tag, but surely not free.

You want her, no matter how little pocket change you have.

Something tells you that of you give everything it’ll be enough.

She’s like “cat in the pet store window” cute.

Soft, with short fur, big beautiful eyes, and the sweetest purr.

She is cuddly, and warm, and in need of hugs and kisses, and love.

With every string of your heart pulled, you take her home.

She’s like “over-sized t-shirt and nothing else”, cute.

Long, skinny legs that lead to where you want to go.

Hair, also long, reaching the base of her supple yet lean backside.

You are handcuffed by your gentleman trade, and merely caress this creature.

She’s like “tattered diary, and tear stained pages” cute.

Love poems written on hands, and wrists, ankles, and knees.

A novel of noble actions printed on her frail back.

The chapters seem endless and I trace the words.

She’s like, “nothing I had ever know before” cute.
Feb 2013 · 1.0k
Weeping Yogi
I am the Weeping Yogi
I can, and shall bare all.
The oceans of tears.
The mountains of sadness.
Valleys deep with regret.
Peaks of insurmountable guilt.
I can, and shall bare all.
Your worries.
Your grief.
Your uncertainties.
Your assured fears.
I can, and shall bare all.
With these shoulders.
Strong, broad, trained to endure.
My sinew is like iron.
Tough, rigid, stable.
I can, and shall bare all.
Without complaint.
Without hesitation.
Without gainful intent.
Without alternative motive.
I can, and shall bare all.
So you needn’t worry too often or too much.
Enjoy the beauty of living, and baring yourself without baring troubles as well.
Feb 2013 · 313
Made of Stone
Man is made of stone, some soft, some rigid,
some sturdy enough to survive shakes,
some weak enough to be tossed in the wind.
Man is made of stone, and life is a storm.
Some will stand above the tide.
Others will drown or be washed away.
Which one are you, which one am I?
When the storm is over,
look toward the sky and we shall see.
With each passing day I wake to find you next to me.
Finding it harder and harder to say "Goodbye".
With every step I take,
I find it harder to make it feel like not falling.
Desperately dreaming that we were standing,
glancing, piercing each others eyes.
Waking, seething, at the creepy sound of a whispered "Goodbye".
With every breath I take
I find more and more reasons to step away from you.
More reasons to pull my hand faintly
away from your wetted, trembling, quivering lips.
An ill fated future without a goodbye kiss.
With each passing day,
the cold air in your words caress my heart.
Touching the inner me until I am no longer relevant.
This nightmare ending with a silent note,
played and signed by tears.
Relentlessly I continue to find myself thinking, sighing, but never crying.
P.S. Goodbye
Nov 2011 · 123
She is Her
Her intentions are as clear as fog and her kiss as soft as stone.
Her words set the air on fire and her eyes pierce bleeding hearts.
Her hands hold no future and her feet have traveled no past.
Her hair covers my bloodshot stare and her frame never lasts.
Is she wounded or is she a witch, does she hurt or does she hit?
Is she vulnerable or is she a victimizer, does she cry or does she care less?
Her number has found my phone at ungodly hours, and my fingers have tasted her... sour.
Her address has always escaped me, and her best has tried to replace me.
Yet there are no buts, only simple worthwhile regrets.
Nothing half hearted, only heart stopping all-in bets.
Her intentions are as clear as fog, so I take caution haphazardly.
Her kiss is as soft as stone, so I cradle this kiss fearlessly.
Her hands hold no future, so in my hands I hold time for her.
Her feet have traveled no past, so my feet, this journey, they shall endure.
Her hair covers my bloodshot stare, so I bleed blindly.
Her frame never lasts, so I remember it fondly.
She is a wounded witch with no spell to save her.
She hurt while hitting back at this failed familiar.
She is a vulnerable victimizer of countless victimless crimes.
She is a careless crier when she hears tragic romantic rhymes.
Her number has found my phone at the darkest of my hours.
As I fight slay dragons and climb towers.
I've tasted her bittersweet sour fingertips.
Escaped with only seconds to spare.
Replaced hope with bottomless pits.
Leapt without wings, crashing without burdens to bear.
How could I forget that her words set the air on fire?
Only breathing in when death is the desire.
She is not my half-hearted pity bet.
But simply my worthwhile life-long regret.
Oct 2011 · 88
Bluffing with loaded aces
It feels like I'm cornered at a round table.
Telling tales of fables to a bunch of cut throat liars who'll slip my wrists if they found the loaded ace up my sleeve.
It's no heart but for me it beats.
Any flush bluff and any pocket 2s.
Sweating form my eyeballs betting my soul to find out the truth.
So I'll push all in when shove hits the floor, this punch drunk, cigar smoking spoiled rotten kid to the core.
Now throw down, all the chips are waiting to be cashed.
Like Johnny and June, cross this fire with your personal Jesus, but do it fast before the man comes around.
What's that sound, is it that of fear, is it that of you gulping pride and holding back tears, what ya got?
What cards were you dealt? Don't fold now of the suspense will melt.
Show me what your holding, 3 of a kind? Full house? This is no longer a game of cat and mouse.
Only lions and tigers stand on this level, you're no Faust, but for sure I'm a devil.
Only holding a King and a Queen, so utterly cliched, two diamonds both worthless and now penniless are you left.
If you couldn't bluff past me, how could you ever hope to cheat Death?
Oct 2011 · 1.2k
Kick in the teeth
She's like a switchblade dancing across my tongue.
She's like a hurricane crashing through my lungs.
She's like a nightmare strangling my dreams.
She's like a sobering feeling faded screams.
She's like a ... (kiss)
She's like a ... (fist)
She's like a ... (kick in the teeth)
She's like a firefly shining through my night.
She's like a lioness killing with all her might.
She's like a devil stealing to save my soul.
She's like a guardian angel I don't know.
She's like a ... (kiss)
She's like a ... (fist)
She's like a ... (kick in the ******* teeth)
She's like a switchblade dancing across my heart.
She's like a hurricane crashing from the start.
She's like a nightmare mangling my dreams.
She's like a sobering feeling torn from the seams.
She's like a ... (kiss)
She's like a ... (fist)
She's like a ... (kick in the mother ******* teeth)
She's like a priceless painting inside my mind
She's like a permanent image that I can't find.
She's like a devil lying to steal my soul.
She's like a guardian angel I still don't know.
She's like a ... (kiss)
She's like a ... (fist)
She's like a ... (kick in the ******* teeth)
She's like a switchblade dancing across my wrists.
She's like a hurricane crashing through the mist.
She's like a nightmare dangling my dreams.
She's like a sobering feeling without means.
She's like a ... (kiss)
She's like a ... (fist)
She's like a ... (kick in the teeth)
She's like nothing you've ever seen.
She's like nothing you've ever had.
She's like nothing you've ever gleamed.
She's like nothing you've ever read.
She's like a kiss, a fist, and a kick in the mother ******* teeth.
How can you **** a man who's already dead, how can you break a man who's already been broken, how can you steal his heart when its already been stolen, how can you count the stars when they're constantly dying and being born, how can you hide a lie in the truth, how can tell the difference between tears and rain, how can you love so much that you hate, how can you make more than 24 hours in a day?
How can you **** a man who's already dead, how can you break a man who's already broken, how can you steal his heart when its already been stolen, how can you count the stars?
A dead man's eyes are still looking, so take away who or whatever he's been searching for. A broken man can still be fixed, so take away who or whatever can make him work again. A stolen heart can't be taken unless the owner steals it back first. Count the stars one by one till you fall asleep, then start over the next night trying harder and harder to stay awake longer, till the sun rises and the stars disappear.
Aug 2010 · 1.2k
A son's greatest strength
A son's greatest strength is his father, the man who should try to mold you not into his image but into a image not yet seen. A better image, stronger and wiser. A son's greatest sadness is his father's death. Watching that strength die is not a swift pain, its sting is not easily remedied. That pain truly never passes, for unlike death, this pain is eternal. Life is pain, to live without is to die. So we must take this pain, this sadness, this eternal thorn in our side and turn it into our strength. Stronger, more vibrant and bright. We must take those memories we have and hold on dear to them, cherishing them, even as the voices fade with the passing of time. The face, the smile, and the light that shined so brightly in their eyes shall remain. A son's greatest strength is his father and father's greatest strength is his son.
Jul 2010 · 677
Goodbye Never
I've already said "Goodbye" to my little firefly but I will not say "Goodbye" to you.
How could I, when we've yet to meet?
I don't believe in first sights or glances from across the room.
No fluttering butterflies or excited fireworks.
Nothing to stir my soul.
When we meet... it will be a feeling.
Insatiable, unavoidable, inescapable, and shameless.
It will be raw, as if something ancient and untouched.
Forbidden and hidden away.
But, in us it will be revived, resurrected in our lips.
Breathing life once again.
The death that once imprisoned it now shutters.
I have already said goodbye too many times this lifetime and too many still to come.
But for you, whom i've yet to meet, hold, and love.
Our goodbyes shall never be.
Forever banished to the dark recesses of our minds.
Never to lurk, creep, or wander towards the light.
Grow up little firefly, you're running from a past that isn't even chasing you.
But if you insist on pretending that I don't exist I will continue my manner of work.
I'll make the landscape inescapable.
Zero exit signs, I'll keep you running circles till you collapse.
Your light won't shine within the shadow of my wings.
There will be no shelter from my storm, I am the eye, all seeing unflinching as you leer, glare, and sneer.
These words are the flames I breathe, your new knight is nothing but kindling, duller than his blade, slower than his speech,
I'd look down my nose at him but he'd get lost in the shade.
Is his love is too small, or is my conviction too great, whatever the issue is it's too late?
I have already begun, this song will ring until you see my sun.
So little firefly, understand this last stand, I'm only aiming at moving targets, so as long as you run I'll give chase.
You'll never be able to outrun my pace, so accept this end, drop to a knee and extend a hand.
Shake the hands of time and move on without forgetting what moved you to where you are.
Eternally unforgettable, unregrettable, unaware, and unknown.
Vastly veiled in a vision of lavender, magenta,and violet shown.
Eyes innocent yet ignorant, arrogant in false audacity.
With witless bliss and over ambitious affection fuel my tenacity.
I'm either up too late or too early, like a night owl catching the worm, but what's done is done.
These cannot be erased, replaced, banished, or be made to vanish.
So stand still little firefly and let me catch you, for only a moment to see your light up close.
After that I'll let you go, never to darken your little world again, trust me, a liar never lies about being a liar.
Jul 2010 · 568
she can sing and she can dance, she can act and steal your heart with a glance.
she can rip out your soul with a smile and crush it with a wink.
she can take all of your dreams and make them sink.
she can hate you when you've fallen for her and love you when you can't stand to see her.
she is everything you despise and everything you desire.
she is life without breath and death without peace.
Jul 2010 · 2.3k
Little Dancer Girl
come my little ballerina dance for me
do some pretty twirls on stage, put a trance on me
let my eyes indulge on the beauty of you movements
for the shambles of this world need every bit of improvements
so come little angel, let your light shine
let my world be brightened so I can call it mine
I may not know the steps one through eight
but I promise to practice and force the hands of fate
I'll make this partnership happen for failure is not assured
so success is the only option at studio number four
teach me and I'll learn you, despise me and I'll endure
fighting for what I want is natural, falling twice yet rising once more
so come my little ballerina do you little dance
make the stage your home, give my heart a chance
Jul 2010 · 552
7 seas
Let me circumnavigate your lips with a sailing kiss. This romance of sinking ships caused by siren songs must end. Swirling compasses point to mated souls, first or last doesn't matter. I'll soar these shores, living wave to wave, till I see you in my horizon.
Jul 2010 · 801
On Blast!!!
I'm putting you on blast, this last act won't go by in a flash,
these words will burn long til your reputation is ash.
So let me explain in simple yet elegant vain phrases
you're an enigma of emotions an endless labyrinth of mazes.
That was no compliment just an observation
Good thing I noticed for it gave me my salvation.
This great escape from what you claim is reality
This misconstrued fantasy nearly killed me.
Can't you see that what you want to be isn't there
Life unfair, but that doesn't make you anymore rare.
You called me clingy, yet you clung to missing and loving someone you barely knew
Truth is that you're as stable as string in a breeze, losing your form when the wind blew.
Now before you retort with "you know who you are" I know who I am
Do you know your reflection? the changing faces when your hope gets slammed.
These aren't the actions of a desperate man, for I'm calm and chilled
I'm merely warning the masses that you're around, an empty shell that can't be filled.
So a word to the wise, keep you eyes open and heads high
Be quick and be sly, the limits the sky, but the ground will be home if you tizzle with shy.
Jul 2010 · 225
she's too fine for mortal men, not even angels should lay a hand.
as devils lust over her perfect frame and her glossy eyes, they whisper her name.
to love her is suicide, cause for her you'd **** or die, dare truth or lie.
her beauty is fatal, fierce, and faint, it's impossible to feign like dodging the rain.
only immortals can survive her face, it'll longer than eternity to outrun this race.
as her gaze gives pursuit keep your feet moving with eyes on the ground, never lifting for a peek, or else your fate will be bound.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Jul 2010 · 53
A less then better best
Put a bullet in my chest, lay my heart to rest, I've given it my best, but i'm tired of this test.
This crest on my vest is tattered and torn, worn out from the time I was born.
Like lightning is a broken bottle I've lost the spark, false starting after missing my mark.
Call me Kent without the Clark. No suit to suit me, no cape to wear, my past now haunts me, but it can never give me a scare.
I' m alone with no fear to share, no love to care, I am empty, bare.
So please put a bullet in my chest, let me find some rest, I wish i had a better best, but the crest on my vest says that I have less.
A bird not ready to fly, still get thrown out its nest.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Jul 2010 · 44
My Worst Habit
You are my worst habit, leaving me with no inhibitions.
A dangerous desire living with dark intentions.
You are my scariest dream and wettest nightmare.
A tantalizing terror creeping over without a care.
You are my mountain to climb, my bridge to burn.
A goal worth dying and killing for, a taste to earn.
Your body is a wasteland of decadence and sweet sin.
A world with a winding grinding wind, losing everything to win.
With filthy eyes and a vile heart I'll cherish the ***** vision I saw.
You stripped of everything, vulnerable, beautiful, raw.
You are my worst habit, something I want to bend over.
Like biting lips, and frisky fingers, you're my best bad luck, my three leaf clover.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Jul 2010 · 38
Lying through my teeth...
Lying through my teeth, stealing with my eyes,
hands behind my back, will about to die.
With character in question, mind about to blow,
sins making saints possible, speeding lights move slow.
There's nothing to misinterpret, no justices nor crimes,
only widows and rain, crossing over through time.
Eating my shallow falsehoods, swallowing my foolish pride,
casting off withered facades, awakening from this ride.
Drowning in my genius, falling from my grace,
losing what we've forgotten, Forgetting our mile pace.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Jul 2010 · 45
I want you...
I want you vulnerable, uncomfortable, sweating, and insecure.
I want you questioning, wondering, scared, running for the door.
I want you off kilter, unbalanced, fearful and lame.
I want you alone, afraid, in the dark, wishing this was only a game.
I want you cornered, concerned, weary, and terrified.
I want you wanting this to only be a dream, some midnight nightmare scream,
a reborn childhood fear, that'll leave you petrified.
I want you to know that I know you, I want you to know that I see,
I want you to know that I could hold you, and
I want you to know I want you and me.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Jul 2010 · 42
Superfreak ... w/ words
I'm a freak with words, I use phrases you've never heard.
Absurd it seems like a curse when I speak a viral lyrical verse.
It feels like a crime when the rhythm doesn't rhyme, but this is a time for change.
An exchange of my poetic range. Tell your neighbors there's stranger danger, the game's got a new player.
An old voice to a new generation, a new leader to an old federation.
Tell Hater nation to leave the station, cause I run this town from the stars to the ground.
When I speak you make no sound. You call me king, but I need no crown.
Already crowned from birth, royalty of the Earth.
Started off grimy, brushed the dirt off my shirt. Transported in my swagger like Tiberius Kurt.
I've got too much class after I turnt it up. Glass too full I need another cup.
Young pups got no bark and no bite. Best keep their distance cause they can't win this fight.
I'm out of their leagues and above their level. I could sell your souls cause I'm the real Devil.
So lick your wounds and get gone. Your pride can't ride when it gets close to dawn.
The song is finished, so let me get to the back and count my stacks like Popeye counts spinach.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Jul 2010 · 38
"When you kiss him do you still ******* lips? When he holds you do you still feel my grip? When he whispers in your ear do you still hear my voice? When you wake up the next morning do you remember your choice? Do you remember me, my eyes and the glances from across the room? The calls at half past midnight and random times during the afternoon. Does it bother you at all, that your world seems so small? Cause you walk with your head down and your sky is the ground. When life becomes your biggest fear, when you're gone your swan song will bear no tear."
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Life is about taking chances.
Life is about making chances.
Life is about missing chances.
Life is about wishing for chances.
Life is about never getting those chances.
Life is about never regretting chances.
Life is about never forgetting those chances.
Life is not about the final destination.
Life is about the path taken.
Life is not about the memories that fade.
Life is about the relationships made.
So if our end result is death, get there with your best.
Fast or slow, pain freed or pain greed.
While you were sleeping or while you were creeping.
Remember, life is about taking chances.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Jun 2010 · 695
Deadliest Eye Candy
Your beauty is like poison, yet I indulge with each dose I take.
This vision of a flawless reflection makes perfection feel fake.
Your beauty is breathtaking, yet I breathe deeply every chance I get.
This painful endeavor of improbable variables, make this risk a sure bet.
Your beauty is fearsome, yet I calmly reach my hand towards its fang.
This dangerous game for neither riches nor fame leave me in search for my own big bang.
Your beauty is like a dying star, so bright and so far, an exploding passion that'll leave my heart scarred.
This endless journey, fraught with desperate despair makes my will dare to leave this world marred.
Your beauty is like poison, yet I choose not to look away.
Until this looking receives your longing, I cannot depart from this fray.
Jun 2010 · 576
Facebook Statuses
"I am not your knight in shining armor coming to save you. I am the black fire breathing dragon surrounding your tower. In the shadow of my large wings you're safer than anyplace else. Despise me all you want, but until I'm slain I will alway be there." -RdotInc.-
"She's painstakingly beautiful and heart breakingly sweet. An angel without wings and sin you fear to meet. Her glance can still your heart and smile make you cold. Her kiss can pierce your pride and puncture your soul. She is painstakingly beautiful, **** my eyes, their wondering will lead to useless wondering. sigh."
"Even if you break the mirror, your reflection still remains." -RdotInc.-
"If I died today, what would they say about me tomorrow? As if words matter when you're dead." -RdotInc.-
Pride is a great and terrible thing. It will be what keeps you going even if it's the same thing weighing you down.
I am merely one crow with no ****** to fly, in love with a dove and
willing to die.
busted lips and busted knuckles, torn muscles and teary eyes, cracked ribs and a broken back, shattered legs and battered knees, weary feet and a faded breath, You make me laugh, thats not enough to stop me... ever. NOW LET'S SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETH!!
I don't quit, and I've forgotten the meaning of giving up. I don't associate myself with quitters or those who remember how to give in. When you roll with me go hard or don't come back. I live a truth harsher than life, while you live a lie easier than death.
Even when oceans away I can still feel your heartbeat.
if i could i would, and since i can i will, impossible beware, for i am hungry to prove you wrong.
Go hard or go home, fail to prepare and prepare to fail, stand up for yourself or you'll fall for anything, lead, follow, or get out of the way.... these are only words, your actions make them matter.
Jun 2010 · 37
Lost in the Waves
So long and good night.
I will not see you again.
Our love is lost among the waves.
And our hope is floating in the sky.
How can I move on?
When the stepping stones of life sink beneath this ocean of crashing tears.
- From My Book of Poems
Jun 2010 · 33
This is an oath to myself that I will never sell myself short. I will not write falsehoods so that people read my work. If I'm not a talented enough poet, then so be it, but I will not compromise my character. Nor my integrity for a few cheers from fake fans. This is a promise never to break under the pressure of this world that has crushed so many before me.
This is my oath.
- From My Book of Poems
May 2010 · 35
Toxic first impression
This toxic first impression has you poisoned from the start.
A fast acting virus heading straight for your heart.
Unannounced and unaware this creeping proximity breeds despair.
The thin line between what we think is love and what we know is hate seems unfair.
Walking through this fog, ignorance takes your hand.
Leading you towards the cliffs edge you forget where you stand.
There is no antidote, no cure for the weak.
Nothing but a decaying decoy for the meek.
This toxic first impression has you poisoned fro the start.
An instant instance of betrayal that forces us apart.
- From RdotIncorporated "Beginning the Climb"
May 2010 · 40
Please be my bee's knees
Please be my bee's knees and I'll be your cat's meow.
Howling at the moon every night I'm not next to you.
A true blue tragic love, no magic or miracles .
Just a mirrored oracle in your reflection.
A lost connection to broken heart strings.
Rings too small to fit on hands that do.
So say "I do" and be my bee's knees and I'll be your cat's meow.
Sting me and I'll purr, because this song I'll sing is both mine and yours.
- From RdotIncorporated "Beginning the Climb"
May 2010 · 1.2k
Epic Word Play
This is my Epic word play, like crippling cliches, putting Shakespeare on a delay, my sentences run a relay.
I speak so quickly you need a replay, but it's still too slick, thats what she say.
I bring dismay like a dark cloud on a clear day, roar so loud I make the lightning pray.
Under my storm the whole world becomes my prey.

Scattered and running, screaming and shouting. Fighting and scratching, clawing and doubting.
This pouting crowd is weak not meek. They sneak peeks at secrets they can't keep.
Living in dreams when they don't sleep. This cheap world carries no beat. Throws fire with no heat.
Full of tricks and no treat. It's a bumpy ride with no seat.
Hope to God you soon meet, cause the Devil's no cheat.

I hear them cry, sigh, whisper, and wan. I walk this wire like a liar,
the path of the insane, but I can't complain.
For it all leads to my reign. These wimpy whimpering children fear their fate.
With no appetite to sate, locked in a fence with no gate.
I can dangle hooks with no bait. And still they snap and still they bite.

It's alright, it's still their right to lose sight of the site.
It's not a lack of sense, but too much ignorance and impudence.
I grant you my two cents. A text to get vexed and hexed. My free verse is like ***.
An ******* hat trick, built brick by brick. No one's immune but no one gets sick.

I'm tired, I quit, hit me back with a single bullet, no clip.
Don't miss and don't slip, or else I'll dip, strike back, your throat I'll split.
Swallow your soul and spit out the pit. It's critical you stand and don't sit.
You'll need to run, the sun is burning out, it's no fun shooting blanks for a toy gun.
Crooked angles over the horizon shows that we're done.

This has been my Epic word play, a day of artistic dismay on display.
The he said she said scene like a play, causes stress make my hair grey.
But I promise you this I.O.U. is A.O.K.
I never right a check that my *** can't pay.
You may be the light but I am the way.
Wait for it wait for it wait for the noise, let it build up build up from the ground up, can't shut it up, you not loud enough, tough enough,
you can't fight it, bite it, no slight of hand to deny it, defy it.
Don't shy away, stand and stay, don't fear the fray, there's still time to pray that you won't become the prey.
There's no running for a runner, no gunning for a gunner, no stunning for a stunner.
Ride hard or ride high, die hard or just die. I lie but I'm no liar, **** but not a killer, steal but not a stealer.
I beguile for the thrill, **** with skill, and steal with ease. Life's no joke but death is a breeze,
live ****** and get sleazed, die grimy get clean. This is no scan no scheme, up my sleeves nothing is seen.
No tricks for sick kicks, relax. stress is taxing take a deep breath and step back. Okay I've lost track.
Of the bars and the cars, the stars, and Mars. My thoughts are now in a different language, ego speaking spanish, Jorge can it.
**** it now its in Italian , I may be a horse but I'm no stallion. Shake my head, I'm going to bed,
let these words die, bury them dead, but make it shallow, just in case my thoughts aren't fed.
May 2010 · 919
Daydreams of you haunt me at night, the frightening sight of me holding you tight.
Breathing heavy, sweating, looking for a lip to bite.
It might be nightmarish to stare into your cold eyes, but cold stares don't lie,
they might **** and I might die, but for sure I won't cry.
These daydreams scream obscene obscenities torturing my memories,
sending me to limbos with no souls, and no way out.
I shout into silence and silence then pouts. I fear this dreaded destination,
this nation of introspective meditation. Just face it, there's no face to save it,
no place for shelter, this helterskelter is inescapable. Incapable but breakable,
for sake's sake the will is shakable. These daydreams I swear, scare themselves,
like label less books upon empty shelves. Let the faded pages delve deep into the depth of my id and ego,
let us see how far the rabbit hole goes, maybe to wonder the underland who truly knows?
Daydreams of you haunt me at night, untucked and cold I sleep in fright.
Maybe this notion of holding you tight, will send into motion
heavy breathing, sweating, and a lip to bite.
Now hurry off to bed, for this lullaby is dead, goodnight to thoughts and the whispers in your head.
Feb 2010 · 410
They Said
They said I couldn’t do it, they said I stood no chance.They said I was a fool, a jig without a dance.They said I’d be a failure, they said I’d be a joke.They said I couldn’t make it, a man about to choke.They said I couldn’t win it, they said I couldn’t fight.They said my days were over, as if they’re always right.They said I’d lose it all, they said I’d die in vain.They said I’d be forgiven, if only I’d admit the pain.Like I care what they say.
Feb 2010 · 669
It’s a torturous thing you have done to me, to take away your kiss.You have banished me for the beautiful kingdom the is your lips.I cannot dream, but live in a nightmare, the vacant taste on my pallet.The empty expression in the mirror. You have sent me to hell.Forever devastated by my pain and sorrow.It is a torturous thing you have done to me, to take away your kiss.To leave me to my own devices, never knowing how much you’re missed.
Feb 2010 · 954
This Poem
This poem has no title, this poem has no rhyme, this poem needs no pages, this poem is a crime. This poem is a liar, this poem is a joke, this poem is a makes a mockery of all the intellectual folk. This poem is no savior, this poem is no king, this poem does not sparkle, this poem does not sing. This poem has no title, it author has no name, it's words are all but final, and if they are it'll be a shame. This poem is a liar, this poem is a joke, the words of a 'never was', a man about to choke. This poem holds no grudges, the poem places no blame, this poet is a player, in a cruel and unforgiving game.
I said I'd write you something beautiful, something to tell you how I feel.Something to say you're special, like my voice sweet with a chill.I want my lips to learn your body, my hands to fit you frame.Your eyes to see my eyes, your heart to do the same.When I'm away from you my kiss gets lonely, my arms feel heavy, my legs get weak.When I run my miles I think of you. How you make it hard to breath.Its like a painful happiness, because at the end I know you're waiting for me.I said I'd write you something beautiful, something to tell you how I feel.Something to say you're special...N.Y.K.
Feb 2010 · 1.3k
Save it for the streets
All that thuggish bravado, those wannabe tough guys throwing up gang signs like fireworks of the fourth of ju-lie.Save it for the streets, keep it out the homes. Let the lead run down these meaningless gutters, don't let the fam see whats shown.Save it for the streets, the vanity of this rap realm, a world of hard words and harder falls.Save it for the streets, keep the guns out of school, keep the **** inside down, til that bell rings and the streets are open. Let the hatred fly, green light means go, yellow means get out the mutherfukin way, and red means bleed ***** bleed.Save it for the streets, all the death of the hood, leave it in the streets, black streets turn red.Save it for the streets, cause homes were built for one man armies or gang bangin fools, families can be supported on hot lead and sorrow.So next time you feel the urge to go buckwild, and let off some steam, just remember I said "Save it for the streets".
White padded walls, they are the only ones that heed my calls. The doctors stand outside with clipboards, questioning my actions. Wanting reasons for my violent conviction. Their time is short, why waste it on me. I'm not crazy, just eccentric. In all I do, I am eccentric. Quick witted, sharp tongued, eyes wide open. These men and women in white coats know nothing. Text book junkies with no sense. I am insane, to a point where its comforting. Never caring for the consequences or repercussions of actions that may or may not have any merit. A hunt for fool's gold in the diamond mines of my mind's eye.I've lost track of the minutes, hours, days, weeks , months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums. Like moments that past as fast as a blink, time escapes my grip.Like my insanity, it comes and goes like the wind.White padded wallsThe only listeners of my callsTell me to hushbut the voices in my head say " you're crazy, walls can't talk".
I sit here at my desk in the tiny cubical, the depressing gray of this place drives me insane.I sit here each day, stare out the window and pray. For gun to place under my chin. It's icy cold metal caressing my cheek. This place... with all its windows , yet I see nothing. No blue sky, no birds, or people who look like ants from this height. The thought of tasting lead wets my appetite. I crave the gun powder, it intoxicates me. A suicidal trance that makes the windows look so inviting. Falling hundreds of feet would take too long, with each second that passes is time to reflect, regret and wonder, what may be...I sit here at my desk in this tiny cubical, the depressing gray of this place drives me insane.It makes my want to paint it red...a dark blood red.

— The End —