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kar Aug 2019
Navigating through a dark space
Looking for a solid place to land
You look so pretty from far away
Your rings seems like the perfect surface
Solid and strong
The closer I get I start to see
What a dangerous place you can be
Objects circling like an organized mess
You’d think after a while it’ll all go away
But gravity keeps it all in place
You can’t let things go
Maybe I’ll just admire you from a distance
kar Mar 2019
You’re sweet in your own natural way
No need to lighten you up
You’re my first thought of every morning
We share a sense of warmth and intimacy
as I wrap my hands around you
Your strength is noticeable
Yet you’re an acquired taste
Not everyone’s a fan of your simplicity
Too soon and you’ll scald my tender lips
I’ll wait for you to cool down
But coffee isn’t good when it’s cold
kar Dec 2018
I’ve forgot what you did to me
I forgave you
But I still can’t forget you
I’m still living a life with us in my head
My friends say quit living in fantasies
It’s messing with my sanity
Living in alternate realities
There’s only one I want to be in
Where you don’t exist
I wouldn’t know what broken feels like
I wouldn’t know what it’s like to hurt
There’s only one reality though
I don’t exist in yours
kar Nov 2018
I wish we could’ve enjoyed the rain a little longer
Before a ray of sunshine came your way
and took away your cloudy days with me
We used to splash into puddles
and watch our reflections ripple away
I’m lucky if I feel a drop now a days
A reminder that you’re there
But not here
Playing in the rain with me
A reminder of what things used to be
What I’d do to live another storm with you
A strike of lightning would revive us
or split us like trees
I wish we could’ve enjoyed the rain a little longer
But sunshine came your way
kar Jul 2018
I wish
You’d look up and talk to me
Tap, tap, tap
Gave a few hours of my day to you
You sold your soul to a phone screen
Tap, tap, tap
You type words faster than you say them
and laugh at another conversation
Tap, tap, tap
I sit here patiently while you finish your stories
Maybe I should’ve just sent a message
Tap, tap, tap
12 seconds of my day to you
So you can be where you’d rather be
kar Jun 2018
I wonder if I ever crossed your mind
As seasons came and went
Did you think about what it was like?
How things could’ve been?
Or was it all just weather to you
kar May 2018
There’s no more words beyond the lyrics
I see the stage lights reflecting in your eyes..
..briefly before floating into a spaced out crowd
I have a million things to say
But you can’t hear the right words
As long as the music is playing we’re still dancing
But we’re only dancing on the weekends
When you have nothing else to do
Sometimes the music gets too loud
Other times you lose yourself in it
The bass cradles your heart
And you hold mine
But you never hear my song
Only on the weekends
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