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Feb 2015
By Arcassin B , creep & patty m

Is it the stems,
Or the leaves,
Telling me,
To tie a noose around the ceiling fan,
Steping near the area,
Try to Contain it,
But I don't really think I can,
Devil got his hand tugging my ***** ,
Playing rebound,
Telling me to forget it all,
With like two rounds,
I don't wanna load with off into my brain,
But the suspense is kicking in,
Somebody get a chair and sit me down,
I don't feel no restraint,
You won't try,
But I ain't,
About to let you take me away from the voice of god,
Begging my pardon,
But At least that's what I think,
When I go near the garden,
Twisting, trailing down
My hands, my arms, 
Down my chest, wrapping around my legs,
They take over.
Each little secret I've hidden all over me,
The scars, the stories, the burns,
All seen by them.

Everything I've worked so hard to conceal,
Long sleeves, long pants, hoodies,
It doesn't matter anymore.
Theyve seen it all.

Each and every scar, 
All the tears,
Wet again.
The burns
Bursting with agony.
But with all that pain,
Its freeing.
Everything was held inside...
But now,
These... things
They have opened the unthinkable,
All of the things inside spilling out uncontrollably.
The mistakes and fears that once made up all of me,
Its flooding out of me.
I'm feeling 
And lighter...
And now I'm finally gone.
you are the reason
coldness comes creeping
deranged and completely changed

put it down
put down that gun
the bullets that you load
when did your heart turn to stone
when did you grow so cold?
Mistaken, forsaken
innocent and yet condemned
I'm judged without a jury
for the rules that your amend

put it down 
put down the knife
ease your anger 
and lingering strife
I'm not the enemy
I'm just your wife

blood it seeps so slow
no need to hurry now
it has no place to go
as it puddles here
staining my matted hair
a halo of red 
I shouldn't have stayed
I should have fled. 
Innocent and forgiving
I lost my chance of living

put it down,
put it down to caring
I didn't even cry out
when it was my skin
you were paring

Such a shame
that you turned insane
was it ***** or pills
that twisted your will 
made you want to ****
the one person who loved you most.
no matter
it's shattered
and now it's null
like the last scrambled thought
in my fractured skull. 

I grant you pardon
now freed from your 
demonic garden
what thoughts grow in your mind
are they still benign weeds
like your horrible misdeeds
that multiply over time?
You do not know what is now-a-days
Arcassin B
Written by
Arcassin B  21/M/Palm Coast , FL
(21/M/Palm Coast , FL)   
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