Briar rose, bloody red,
Why do you dream of tangled
vines with thorns?
Briar rose, bloody red,
Why do you dream of the fair
maiden that mourns?
As pearls of winter fall upon you,
-How cruel is this season,
to inflict melancholy just by
freezing your petals in the
eternal swirl of time...

Painful pieces of my darken soul
are found within the potter's hands
Tiny specks
fall between his fingers
lingering in golden sands

My cracked heart bleeds through
to his touch

In my darkness
within this depressive state of mind
I cannot see
My eyes have fallen behind
the madness of my mind

Dullness leaves my eyes blind

I cannot understand why he bothers
to pick me up

One more time

In darkness,my heart sits
Never to truly feel
All my emotions slip through vacant holes
where all my senses leave my soul
Sitting alone in hollowness

I feel nothing

In this dark place
I sit within his loving grace
I cannot see to be 
even me
Darkness sweeps over
and I am blind

In this time I hold to him
who has passed through here
many times
I linger in a small glowing light
that voices say
are mine
Through transparent faith
I hold to God's grace
For without God's love and light
I would surely drown
in darkness
Putting my small light out
within this dark night.

By Weeping willow
(c) 2017 ;-\

Why is my heart always so heavy
No matter what comes to the day
Rain brings it on so quickly
Like a storm waiting to explode
So I sit quietly during these times
to God
 3d Weeping
Star BG 

A plaintive song a black bird sang,
before he took to flight.
He did talk to remind me,
to be cautious of night.

I did see as he did fly,
he left a gift for me.
Some of what he ate that day,
flew right upon my knee.

Though he was so black as night,
I sent him a wish strong.
Telling him I was of light,
and knew I’d feel no wrong.

For the night has stars so bright.
They dance yes every night.
I have angels round me now.
Their cool and out of sight.

inspired by Timothy. Just as I finished a black bird decided to sing. He approves. :)
Weeping willow Apr 21

My heart still beats
a deep rhythm
The spirit flies through
the sky
Invisible to the naked eye
The warm winds of night in the desert
Caress my face
Feeling every sensation of heat
Speaking silently beside my mind
Burning in my memories
Voices of long ago
echo in my hearts chambers
I become transparent
As if I'm fading in and out
to the music of the desert

Listening to their voices chant
in the night
Sayings and prayers
of light
To the great creator

Drums beat loudly
My spirit soars to the lights above
Stars shine brightly
Beaming across the night
Thick blanket of night
Covered in lights
In a velvet motion

Tis within these nights
that I truly live
Though they are buried
deep within my memories
Somewhere out there in the sky light
voices I hear
Light up the night.

By Weeping willow
(c)2017 ;-]

The desert speaks as you listen to the warm winds blowing gently
through the night
Many voices sing in my mind
at times;-]
Speakings inside my mind
take me down a trail
in the desert night.
 Apr 17 Weeping


He had died upon a cross
Three days laid to rest
Women came unto His tomb
With a vision blessed

As they saw the stone was moved
An angel appeared
"Why is it you come to seek
A man who is not here?"

They looked into the tomb and saw
The cavity was bare
The shroud was neatly folded
But Jesus wasn't there!

The joy felt was beatific
When Jesus did they see!
They obeyed His next command
To be met at Galilee

In amazement and some fear
The women ran to others
Proclaimed the news Christ was alive
To the waiting brothers!

And two of the disciples
Did walk to Emmaus
To find the Lord amongst them
Though their eyes they could not trust
When they could see, and found it He
Said, "Our hearts burned within us!"

Then Jesus came, good as His name
To folk who were to wait
He showed his scars, the telltale mars
Sat with them and ate!

He led them up to Bethany
Blessed them all around
They were amazed, with His hands raised
How He left the ground!
Can you imagine trumpeting?
Can you hear the sound?
Could there be it's equal?
In glory to be found?
Jesus rose to heaven

The clouds were then His


(C) 4/16/2017

I wanted this poem to be Biblically accurate.
Jesus didn't ascend into heaven on the third day, but appeared to thousands of people
before His Ascension!


♡ Catherine
Weeping willow Apr 16

Slicing off frozen tears
that slips beneath my heart
Silently sifting through
old stagnating pieces
Trudging alone inside
this darken path
Shadows dance with taunting faces
Depressions fire burns bright
Down upon this tunnel floor

My heart weeps inside
the winds of sorrow
Coming from nowhere's land
Fiercely blowing across my mind
Leaving me in desolation
The winds howl through me
like I'm hollow
Transparent to the touch of your hand
In deep darkness
My mind is cold
Vaguely remembering what love felt like
Before we got old
Yet still our love is there
Hidden deep in the cold chambers
of forgetfulness
Taking your hand
We slip behind the shadows
Where our youth was stored
Forever leaving our old bodies
To dance upon the floors of the universe
For there our hearts are young
Where we cherish our love
We never grow old walking
inside the laughter of the sun
Where darkness never comes
We truly see each other again
As we melt together
as one.

By Weeping willow

This was written about me and my husband,who I love with all my heart.Though life has crept in and changed us,slowing us down and changing our faces
Weeping willow Apr 13

Rivers of soul cleansing waters
Flow through to heal thoughts
Washing darkness
To let more light
shine into
the day
I stand still and feel
the warmth of life
Surrounding me
Awaken from a deep sleep
within the frozen winter

I cherish each moment
life has given me
With each beautiful flower
new comes from deep within
the darkness of mother
Light brings life
Fading the darkness
of hopeless depression

Inside the thought chambers
the war is fought
To cleanse the soul
of darkness.

By Weeping willow

Let the one who believes in me
As the scriptures has said
Out of the believers heart
shall flow
Rivers of living
John 7:38
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