God sometimes leads me
along the road
of emptiness
Streams in life have
dried up
Barrenness in open lands
has led to hollowness
Leaving me in a shallow valley
Where emptiness was all I held
within my hands

Fragments of my life pass through
my mind
Pieces of a puzzle
Shuffle together
Falling into a vast
Drifting into the emptiness
that surrounds me

All the things
I once held dear
Have turned colors
Becoming brown
like the dust from the ground


Setting back down upon the earth's land
Where pieces of my charred heart
can be found in the
lower ground

Split in two
Seeping into the

By Weeping willow

Words from a few years ago

Lead me to the Cross, Lord.
Where You poured out Your love for me.

Lead me to the Cross,
and crucify every selfish, prideful
part of me.

Lead me to the Cross, Lord.
Oh, bring me to my knees.
That I might surrender my will
to Yours,
seeking only Your heart to please.

Oh, lead me.
Lead me, Lord.
Lead me.
To the Cross.
That in dying to my Self,
I might truly live.
Truly live...
for Thee.

Lead me to the Cross.

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to follow Me,
he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me." --Matt. 16:24, Holy Bible.

Faces growing within a tree
Half nestled inside winter
Mountains alive with faces
Spring and winter collide
Laughter in springs eyes
Snow blows around
the other side
Split in two
Voices alive
The tree that glows
within the souls eyes

Butterflies flying free
amongst the tree
As spring struggles away
from winters frozen blast
The harvest of the seasons
come alive side by side
Beauty lies frozen
on one side
While spring lets it's rivers
flowing deep through the caverns
Around the mountain side

Old man winter blows his frozen kisses
through the tree
To kiss the lips of spring
Cooling the heat
Trying to change the seasons
Bringing havoc to spring and summer
Tumbling through mixed up weather
Where trees are alive
inside the warmer side of life
Beautiful mixes
As winter and spring and summer
Within the soul of the tree
on the mountain side.

By Weeping willow

I haven't been able to write anything new
till I saw this picture of a tree with beautiful faces on it and spring and summer
flowing through it
Was a picture of a tree with spring on one side and winter on the other
Yet summer was in the leaves
It was truly beautiful
Old man winter was on the other side and all was frozen.
All the seasons woven together in one beautiful tree
wish I could share the picture
So these are the words that came to me as I looked at the Picture.

My blockage
is stagnate
No flow
My words rest up
inside me
Jumbled together
Like pieces and chips
of a puzzel
Broken into a emotional swirl

Expression seems numb
The same voices
speaking into my brain

Collecting all the chatter
has somehow left
me with narrow spaces
to gather
To flow out of my brain

In the deepness of oblivion
my words cut me
Lingering inside the night
waiting for some kind
of release
Before I'm left insane
Can't seem to unblock the wall
So I'm left
in the dead pool
of words
With no muse to throw a few words
Along with a life jacket
In the sea
of the
dead pool
Slowly sinking to the bottom
of creative mud
Stuck in the deepness
of no words.

By Weeping willow

Have no words lately,maybe I've spoken them all out of tune

Upon my darkest hour
Inside my mind
A voice comes alive
with words
of life

I shall set my light
upon you
To shine in the darkest hour
of your life

So faint not as dark storms
gather across your lonely life
Only hold tight
to my outstretched hands
As I guide your feet through dark tunnels deep
Seeing my face along side yours

Faint not

For through the darkness
comes the morning star
Where the sun will again
shine within thy weary soul
My light is like a dazzling star
Shining upon a moonless
Glowing strong.

By Weeping willow

Walked many a mile
with sorrow
Since I was a child
Holding my hand all the way

She has taught me many things
Her wisdom has sunk deep
into my soul
Leaving traces of sorrow
along the lines
my cracked heart

Bleeding within

We walk on these twisted paths
Often in silence
She needs no words to explain her pain
When she speaks
it's often low
Must listen carefully
For her words to come through
the darkness of my mind

Piercing my soul
As it travels through
Leaving me dull in body and mind
From all the throbbing
I go through

Always in silence
Sorrow picks up my soul
We do a very slow dance in life
She carries me
as I moan
Swaying to sorrowful tunes
We dance alone
Through the dark tunnels
where no others

By Weeping willow

Slowly dancing with sorrow,most of my life.
Taking small steps into the tunes of life
Trying to change into a beautiful flower growing along
old roads.

Breathe out the bad stuff
The fear anxiety depression
And all the nasty evil thoughts
Breathe in the good stuff
Wisdom and light
From a clear clear sky
No clouds
And inner peace and calm will come
Just as a bubble bursts
All the nasty stuff
will disappear

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