Demons in my dreams
to be free
Burning my flesh
as I scream
Fire within the eyes
touching my  skin
Pain is sucked within

Dreams of shadows
Torment in the night
Can't seem to breathe

Torment dreams
Nightmares in deep sleep
Waking in a sweat
Can't go back to sleep
as fear has filled my mind
Not wanting to return
to tormented screams.

By Weeping willow
I had a nightmare the other night and these words
are the result of it.
Growling and barking
to scare away half-truths
They pissed on fences
to mark territories
You stay on your side and I stay on mine
Yet together, their tongues
lapped to quench
from a cracked bowl
of mud- stained rain
half- empty in joy and half- filled with pain

Once they dared
to jump the well
and half- kiss and half- tell
just to see
if they could really turn into Prince
And they did, yes, they did
But the fairy tale turned out half-true
so they still wore
their flicking tongues of glue

of what they'd become
they waited near the garbage bin
as divine as their half-touched sin
the only place
that seemed as bizarre
as hideous in riddles
as they were

The dust storm
did the rest of the trick
Carried them off the ground
with flying rubbish
Boats of half-torn paper
and billowing plastic
Every body felt happy to be flying at least
Kite faces
half- angel and half -beast
Children of the cross
have learned the song
Buried deep in their hearts
Songs sung low
Only in the valley sorrow
fills the soul
Till a beautiful melody burst forth
out of night
Their music is found in the heart
of weeping stones
Remembered through personal light
Revealing burdens
Through shadows of the past
Soaring on wings of yesterdays
Passing through trials
As we sing a hymn of victory

Not seen

To the Christ
Who set us free

Children of the cross can only
sing the song
As the choir forms in heaven
In the darkest night
A song is composing
In the valley a voice is tuning
to a special note

In storm clouds
He deepens your soul
In rain showers
He sweetens your melody
In the cold
He gives each note expression
As you pass at times from hope
to fear
He is perfecting the message
of the tune of the soul

In the school of sorrow
His melody rings
Where at times sorrows melody
is harsh and cold
The light of his love turns bright
at the end of the storm.

By Weeping willow
These were words given to me the other night while reading a devotional book I have;-]
I drove past the tree
that saved me many times
when I was so young
it reached it's limbs and called me in
and I would wile away the hours
watching the world move below
blind to my hiding place
I held tight as the cruel older kids
walked by
looking for me to belittle and abuse

my friend has withered in the waning years
his bold trunk now dry and hunched
his strong broad reaching arms now drooped
by his side
I'm not sure on which limb I carved my initials
or what side I buried those baseball cards
in a sandwich bag and my Dad's cigar box
he got me through those early years
my sanctuary
my protector
I catch a final glimpse in the rear view
I have to smile as it looks as if his top limb waves to me
but I know it's just the breeze
when I was a kid I spent hours climbing and hiding out in a tree just outside my backyard
You don't hear me
Thoughts fall
We fade into yesterdays dreams
Living in each others eyes
of broken memories
In stillness our silhouettes
Along side of who we use to be
Fading into broken pieces
of our lives
Picking up my special memories
of your smile

Our hearts were on fire
Love was intoxicating
Before years passed altering
our view
Changing the mirror to backward
Suddenly no more words

I miss the man who held my hand
Swinging it like a child
in the wind
Walking down the road

Where did all the laughter go

I miss your smile
that lingers always in my heart
Resting there through the years

By Weeping willow
Just my words ;-]
Gazing through the windows
Of faulty perception
Seeing so many wasted years of earthly life
Passing through the figment called the mind
Years of infirmity, suffering, and strife...

I have forgotten how to smile
I'm trying to recall what it's like
Not to experience anguish and pain
Opening my eyes I scream aloud
God, Oh God, not another day
Why didn't I fly away in my sleep
I'm unable to face this morning
Let alone another week...

Tears fall upon my weeping quill
My feather has seen better times
She used to adorn the beautiful white swan
In her splendorous bygone days
Only one white solitary feather remains
Spilling her ink across an empty page...
Thank you to all who have sent prayers and best wishes
Thank you for your loving support and beautiful hearts
My eyes and health are not healing, so I will try and read what
I can, I miss reading your poetry so much...
Dearest Valsa George your poem  did something wonderful
Touched my heart so deeply and gave me a little fight back.. thank you,
thank you and thank you.  God Bless you all...kimx
To me
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