Little children
Beware of idols
An image instilled in our mind
Cannot fulfill or console

The crucifix on the wall
With Jesus’s dead image
That’s where people fall
Bowing in homage

They never get past the death
To see the resurrection
Jesus is not that dead man on the cross breathing out His last breath
He’s conquered amidst them all from death to perfection

Splendor in Magnificence
He crushed the principalities
Rose out of that grave in all power in spite of their defiance
He gave up His life even for those who nailed Him to the death defying cross for all humanities

Lord Jesus You are omnipotent
Loving all who hate You
Freely You give to all who repent
Saving the least of these as I am one You rescued

Oh no your not that dead man on the cross
Your Arm Span embraced from east to west
Your voice so soft
Yet like a trumpet heard through silence

Let us bless You Lord
Let us wait on Your Word
Just as in the upper room in one accord
Waiting for the Power that is promised and is what You died for

So all can be as You are in us
Jesus standing firm in the souls that receive Him
Don’t wait around for a Super Bowl event Jesus or bust
He’s quiet and simple loving to the brim

Give Him honor and praises
Allow your soul to let Him in
Repentance is a gift so don’t pass up His grace
Truth be know I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Him

So lift up your voices to give honor to the only One
Who died a horrible death yet rose before the sun
Benevolent is Your nature all will succumb
Come Lord Jesus Thy Will be done!

what is happiness

wise man offers this reply

one breath then the next


rob kistner © 2001
Most days I think of you
I think of your smile
And your soft pearl skin
I think about the way your laugh
Would bounce off the walls,
Hitting me right in the chest

Most days I sit up to walk to you
Forgetting that that is no longer possible
You are gone
And I did not have enough power
To make you stay
My fingers will never forget you
And my lips shall always say your name
I will always think of you
Most days
You are song,
Rain dropping on still pond.
You are sky,
I see Heaven in your eyes.
Your are peace,
A garden above the world.
Your are grace,
The gentle path of the swan.
You are knowing,
The wind that whispers alone.
You are star shine,
The dust that lights the plains.
You are vast ocean,
Mother to the Fathering atmosphere.
You are dancing light  .  .  .
I awake in the night and whisper your name,
is it just a dream when only silence replies?
a melancholy descends like a blanket of shame
at the arousal of remembering your Siren's eyes.

Such sleep as I had not enjoyed in long ages
disturbed by the intrusion of an old lovers face,
rearing up to unbalance the serenity pages,
your name passes my lips with yearning grace.

Unsettled by your surprise and quiet arrival
I lay back, anxiously sigh to the waiting void,
uneasy closing my eyes, craving dream survival
but the illusion of rest has now been destroyed.

I sleep in the night and whisper your name,
is it a dream as the silence in mute rejoice?
A sadness drops slow like a blanket of shame,
at the distance of remembering your Siren's voice.

© Pagan Paul (21/10/18)
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