Still waiting for my life
to make sense
Always searching
Going to different places
Looking for answers
Yet I'm only
disappointed in what I see
and find
In this crazy mixed up life

I keep asking myself
why do you continue to write
your feelings on paper
What do you hope to find
in these words of unfulfilled
Still words form and flow
from my mind in unending life
of their own

Dreams and thoughts
I think that's all we are
Images reflecting life

Brain works over time
Thoughts climb out my mind
Words flow through
Turning into sometimes nothing
but a thought flowing through
the air
Troubles gather within
coming from who knows where
Inside deep
Till my mind screams them alive
Don't you wish you could shut off
your brain at times.

By Weeping willow

Many thoughts

Stardust inside
your mind
Leaves a jumble
in your soul

Sometimes feeling like
you could fly
Wishing upon the stars
in the dark night

Where love is born.

By Weeping willow

Just thoughts

Look for me in the winds
I'll be the whispers
Singing beside the moon
Shadows fall across the sky
In the softness of the night
I'll caress your face
as I pass by
Stepping upon the stars
leading me to heaven's gate
Where I'll turn
Throwing you a smile
filled with kisses
As they glide across
the night sky
Sparkling in the winds
till they reach your face
I'll slowly slip behind
the gate
With smiles in my eyes
Waving goodbye.

By Weeping willow

Just thoughts
and an

Many words come and go
Lingering in a space
or two inside
my mind
Collecting thoughts
inside the deep

Sharp words speak
in times
when my mind feels troubled.

By Weeping willow


Burst of life from
The bloom that resonates from the void
Quiet of my interior chambers
Ever flowing
As night grows darker
I feel the shadows
I empty my heart of blood
Spilling on the floor
Where life has ceased

My spirit leaves
with a lump of flesh
upon the floor

Depressions night
has released it's hold
I'm free of the darkness
that's troubled my mind
and soul

Only death is a open door


In darkness I walk
no more
Inside the shadows
light appears
In the middle it grows near
There within
my life begins.

By Weeping willow

Just feelings

A white rose fading
Crumbling to the ground
Winds blow the petals into swirls
Where memories
can be found

In the sacred light
of dawn
it dies

Becoming souls of light
Renewing life
Joining to God's blessed gift
Newness floods the souls
Bringing cleansing fire
Burning away the pain

White petals fall along
the ground
Filled with beauty and light
To help the ones
who walk the dark tunnels
in life

Where darkness sometimes creeps in
To destroy what little light
one has
Memories slide through
my hands
Treasures fade
Yearning for life

Sadness creeps within
No one understands another's pain
OR the journey

By Weeping willow

Old Poem with old words

Love seems lost
Buried in our hearts
Much deeper than we can find
Sitting in silence

No words to speak

Inside our eyes
Stories come alive
of a time
When love consumed us
Fire rose in our hearts
Bleeding through our veins
Heating our souls
Consuming our minds
Love sleeps deep
in memories

Waiting to rise

Love touches you inside
Where all of life hides
No one else can fill the void
deep inside
Only loves touch
sweeps through our hearts
Turning on the slow burning embers
that unites us
for life.

By Weeping willow

Just words and memories
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