My words seem shallow
Somehow I have forgotten
how to pray
what to say
Words run through me
Emptying themselves beside
my mind
I feel nothing
Sorrow clings to my insides
A crooked smile runs across
my face
Leaving a touch of memories within
I sometimes wish for life
As youth has passed me by
I struggle to become
who I lost
Picking up pieces of myself
Trying to put me back inside
Where cracks seep light in
Leaving shadows along the walls
of my mind
Hiding myself within
Trying to survive my words.

By Weeping willow
Words slip through me  ;-\

We fall like leaves touched by winter

chasing summery dreams,

sliding on fleeting illusions of love

and life among other things.

We glide with grace

towards the comforting ground

accepting a passing of seasons.

And in the midst of our fall

sometimes we question the reasons

for whatever is we found,

tempting our will to embrace

and hold on to eternal summer

as we helplessly fall

like leaves touched by winter-

December 2018
“Hair is gray and the firers are burning. So many dreams on the shelf. You say I wanted you to be proud of me. I always wanted that myself.”
― Tori Amos
There are no promises
      for tomorrow,
   it may never come
say I love you today
to those special ones.

Set goals
       dream your dreams
but, live within today
       for right now
          this moment
             is truly everything.

Stop wasting time
      on what was before
the past,
lessons learned,
      now it’s time
          to close those doors.

Comes a time in life
   when one must grow,
      the saying is true
you reap what you sow….

Give your heart
to the one you love
         make it a point
to show them
          No One Else
   could ever rise above.

Live in the here and now
   give a smile
          to all you meet
walk every day in love
make your
            life complete.
My light drifts into
a shadow
Where nothing
is seen
Except my darken face
I drift through holes
and fall from
Many voices speaking
through my brain

Wishing for night to roll through
covering my heart
and soul
Instilling quiet
Where peace may finally reign

By Weeping willow
Words flowing through my head
In the darkening light
As the sun makes its descent
You can see two lovers
Setting with the sun
And rising with the moon
Where their love shines brightest
Because while their love
May have been a fiery
And bright passion like the sun
The moonlight captures the royalty
Of their moon-touched love
With all the stars around to bow
I married him.
He and I the danger,
to whom one may order not to return.

pondered in my heart.
You rose upon me so unexpectedly,
believing you before
now I thank my strength.

A quiet alone present
did stare at me.
You cannot wonder how I miss
your soul.
I had difficulty at the moment.

Only the last words suspended in air,
and for the space of time,
you were gone.
I held that moment to my lips,
and I let you go.

-Credits to Jane Eyre
When I look up at the sky late at night,
I see nothing but the half smiling moon,
and the little power stars
gleaming at me.
It makes me think
what life would be without darkness.
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