bare foot woman
swaying to wind's music
a song of ancestors
cast upon the sea
One glorious day
God said to me
"I am here"

Tears of joy
washed away my fear
as he lifted the veil
revealed his face
radiating the essence
of all things
a cosmic oneness
filled with love
beyond belief
the mystic sees
the infinite connection
of the ultimate power

But I a mortal being
consumed by form
it seems
God withdrew
left me standing there
in a world separate
where matter divides
and boundaries form
to close the mind
and hide the truth

Yet I am blessed
to seek the light
and find myself
witness to God
true story
In the morning
I see them
coming over the edge
enlightened spirits
guide me
During the day
I feel them
pulling me through
all the answers
when I need them most
In the night
I hear them
whispering in my ear
Rest easy, they say
And I their humble servant
gladly obey
Sadness grows like weeds

Choking out the light

On my happiness it feeds

As day folds into night

Oh blissful slumber

Fill my soul

With strength for

one more day

On the morrow

With brilliant light

My sadness melts away
Dealing with friends and family that struggle with sadness
Hidden in the darkness
of my depression
Sometimes a light shines
to my surprise
Weariness set a flame through me
With no one to lean upon
except the Lord God
Cut off
As if I'm alone
My soul hangs in the balance
of his grace
My hands cling to his unchanging face
That lingers in the shadows
within my mind
A small light in dimly lit corridors
lead me to a place
of rest
Where voices sing songs
of how I'm blest
Hidden within the arms
of God
Though deeply rooted
I travel far
In essence my soul
leads the way
As my body lingers in earths steps
Struggling to be free
Sometimes depression carries me
Storms gather around my mind
Not really understanding why
So I lean upon the one thing
that helps me through
The light of the Lord God
Who carries me into
the light
Pass the darkness to you.

By Weeping willow
Just my words to help me heal and focus my mind.
Cause God is there all the time in the shadows
of my mind ;-}
I don’t know how
I ended up on this planet.
Maybe I crash landed;
It’s possible.
I’ve tried to adapt,
but it ain’t easy,
believe me.
Sometimes I feel human
but like rainbows,
those moments never last.
I still have a lot to learn
and a lot to regret
but overall,
I think I’m doing okay.
Maybe I’m not so alien
after all.
I'm on the shady side
of the sunset
As I tumble down
life's road
I seem to always find
a little heartache to put
inside my soul
With every tear
A crooked smile forms across my face
Helping me to see the light
As darkness falls over the sunset
of my soul

By Weeping willow
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