Dream of me
I am real...
I am where smiles are made
and tears fade away
Where hope springs forth
Away from the darkness
of the earth

I am the glow of the moon
and all the stars in the sky
those who seek the light
shall have me as their guide

I am the red bird or butterfly you see
Just keep your eyes open... to find me
I am where tomorrow is coming
and hope always holds on
My darling
I am never truly gone....❤
I have been dreaming of my mother lately and do not want to wake up because it feels so real and I miss her so. I wrote this from her perspective writing to me
Drip drop
The voices of this house
Speak to me
And yet,
More comforting
Than the silence
We lived in
Before you left
Your key

© JL Smith
Awaken onto nature
Set your spirit free
Mighty are her waters
Ancient are her trees
Open wide oh starlit sky
Magical summer heights  
Mighty forest kingdom
Feathered furred in flight
Embrace her in the mornning
Evening tides roll out
In the cycle of her Venus
Ending way down south
Love her when she's frozen
She shall thaw again
Awaken on to Nature
Enjoy Her
While you can!
Traveler Tim
Two hearts meet by chance
Mixed and confused
Coming from very different
A smile
A glance
Leading to a place of love
Where two hearts
melt into one
Beginning of a romance
lasting for years

Growing older falling into
each others tears
Grasping for love that burned
in their souls
Sealing them as one
Touching two hearts
Divided by life
Connecting their souls
To begin a new walk under
the moons glow of light and love

Where two broken worlds
become one

By Weeping willow


Old words that sing through my head
Flying up high  
Like that of a dove
Feel the air of the sky
A feeling I would love

The silk of a flower
So clean and so pure
With the mist of a shower
I’d love to endure

To sing in the wind
As the birds in the tree
My soul it would mend
My heart heavy with glee

This is my dream
For each and to all
Let the light of you gleam
May your sorrows be small

Written by E. M . Rushton
August 7th 2018
(pulling back the curtains)

looking outside
looking for hope
looking for the way to cope
looking at a tree
thoughts of hanging a rope

the window
reflection of a widow
her head slopes

the window
an envelope
the note
she clears her throat
it begins to rain
she whispers my name
with no blame
with no shame
i love you

the window
(the curtains close)
Patiently waiting on the Lord
In life's seas into dark waters
I'm tossed about
Seeing no way out

Trusting even when it appears
I've been forsaken
My words enter into a vast
Where no one hears
No voice I hear answers
Believing that Gods love
is complete
Aware of my circumstance
When life grinds on setting its own
Not caring for life or moving one
inch in response  to my heartache
Patiently waiting with no word
to express
No longer do my tears turn
into words

In silence my deep sighs build up inside
Clinging to my soul
Where faceless memories flow
I sit in shadows
Patiently waiting for the door to open
So once again
I can soar into the winds
of life.

By Weeping willow
Oh so many words flowing through my brain ;-\
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