Moments in time
For a second
I saw you
The man I married
came through
When you smiled inside the laughter
In your eyes

In moments

I was taken back
To when our love was new
The light shinned
Love came out from behind the clouds
There I saw you

Our lives felt connected
A smile fell across your face
In that moment
I remembered you like
when we first fell in love
Capturing our hearts
Intertwined through the clouds
of a wet rainy day
Our love bloomed in the gloom
of a stormy day.

By Weeping willow

Just a moment when we connected like it was yesterday.

Every flower
even the one most beautiful
Has it's own shadow
Beneath it
Deep crescent shadows
crawl up the vine to purge the light
within the flower
Colors fade into the night
Closing petals
Deep sleep begins as night
closes in

Changing colors

Shadows creep over leaving no light
Brings stillness
Death becomes apparent
In the darkness submerged
no life is found

When clouds move away
Light is restored
Petals open
Colors are new
Life begins in the sunlight
Shadows are cast away
into the light of day

So it is with life
Days are dark and sometimes dreary
When shadows cast over life
Within the morning light
New light shines within one's eyes
to see new life just beyond
the horizon
So when days are dark
Look beyond your life
To see new light
just around the corner.

By Weeping willow

Speaking through the dark clouds again
Hearing voices saying
Look beyond to better things

Speaking to myself again

Facing backwards
towards the past
One misses the morning
Forgetting how to laugh

Buried in old memories
Scattered across the floor
Darkness covers me in a deep cloud
It's hard to know
which face I'm wearing
Looking through so many
strung along on my cold dark floor
Staring back at me

Where memories cry out
to be heard once more
My insides shake as I silently
stuff them back into the box
Without a word
Shoving their voices away
Not wanting to let them be heard
Old memories and smiles
Drift back into the world
Silently laying there
in the distant past
Waiting for a moment
in time
To be heard.

By Weeping willow

Old Poem,Old Memories

I am a water soul
Flowing around rocks
As a heartbeat
of the stone
Moving endlessly
Becoming a spirit
of strength and power

Emerging deep within myself
among the shadows
Reflecting light
in pools of deep darkness

Hiding inside the depths
below the caverns
of my soul
Digging out stones
of emotions
As the water rushes
through my soul
Carrying me deeper
into the unknown
Where emotions float like streams
into endless dreams.

By Weeping willow

I am a water soul,I breathe and dream to be by the Ocean someday.
Hidden deep in my mind,visions arise to see my life
through better times.I live and breath in the water
When I was a kid,I was always swimming somewhere.  

A bond between two souls
who often forget their love
lies in the depth
of their being

At times my heart aches
Love hurts in the silence
Many years come together
Like an open book
traveling through my mind

Flying through memories

Our love is in rewind
The touch of our first embrace
flows through me
As I silently caress your face
with my transparent hand

Soft kisses
sweep over me

Whispering voices speak inside us
Trust your inner voice
Things happen in Marriages
Somedays tumble into the blues
Doesn't mean love has left you

Be strong
Hold onto your vows
Let them slip inside you
to remind you of life's
good times

Life is strange
It's often like a game
Will you make it through
to win the prize

At the end of the rainbow

Will we be surprised

Love is there
Deep within
Somedays it's just hard to find.

By Weeping willow

Love is there somewhere ;-]

God has placed a spring of life
within the heart of man

that never runs dry

Outer self may feel thirsty
The inner self is perpetually nourished
by an invisible
His holy spirit dwells within
Filling up the dark places
Healing broken souls
that have fallen
into pieces

By Weeping willow

My Thoughts of my beloved God,who I trust and believe in always no matter
what I may pass through.
I still believe he's there with me.

I'm always beside myself
looking inside
Stepping back to clear
my mind
Pushing myself aside
to breathe
Gotta get out of the way
of myself

To finally see

Within the shadows of a darken mind
God is still in control
The universe is spinning
along the axes of the blessed road

Beside myself
trying to find the crazy parts
I left behind

Weaving in the laughter along my soul lines
Changing my faces
to fit the norm
Life's lost the craziness
and laughter
When youth flew away
I had to grow up
Finding my place in life
Missing the days of love and laughter
that filled my days of youth
All within life a little bit
at a time
Stepping inside
where I hid my mind
Cause that's where my dreams lie.

By Weeping willow

Just thoughts flowing through me again
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