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Away to the wind's
stream and whim
traverse, breath light,
upon wings unseen
to wander worlds
and times gone by
gay as silvery moonbeams
and summer sun's rays
The tree's now fleshed out
with leaves
shushing the wind's passion,
                                      'be with me'
moaning sighs to its lover
sway and stretch of torso and limbs
heart pulses
vibrating root deep
  1d patty m
There is a girl
half a world away
I would have been hers
she might have been mine
who can say
maybe in a different time
a different place
but that’s not the way
love operates
sometimes the knife cuts deep
and can bleed you dry
bringing you to your knees.

But a man can dream
as I so often do
about the designs you had
on your blouse
like roads that could lead me
anywhere, and your hair
too dark for a soul to brush
away that one strand that
made me think of an island
not on any map, and the down
on your belly like dust on
a blue guitar I strummed by
the porthole of your navel
and fingernails like pirates coming
aboard flogging the back of a Captain
who dared sail into your port.
Aye, aye.
  2d patty m
You ate every last worm
Of my rotted soul
Soullessly is how I roll
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