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pinoco Sep 2016
A new morning , a new shine, a new hope, a new line,thinking about the old time, what happens next is a mystery for all time ,Sun's shine and moon's light both are same for me in this new world my new worlds make tears in another eyes and fear in another minds
  Nov 2015 pinoco
james arthur powell
Come along
It's a free for all
I hear a song
Playing out of tune
Is it a crow's call
I listen to
Reminding me of death
I beckon for a breath
Take away the pain
Killing me softly
Driving me insane
Voices inside my head
Wishing for the end
Last in line
For a clamor of night
And this hell I am in
Is taking it's toll
What was bright
Is now faded
Lonely road to nowhere
Can now take me to the nothingness
Inside my head
pinoco Oct 2015
Long gone are those words...Long gone is the Time..
This is the story of My life by making few words rhyme.
Extremely anxious are my nights and every day is a fight,
Who used to make others day now himself searching Light.
Trying to stand n fight again after that knockdown hit,
I am giving my everything to climb up this bottomless pit.
A bestie chopped me into pieces with his Knife,
Now its time to put pieces together n rise bcoz Its My Life..

Still my feelings are mixed,I love you and its you whom i hate,
I dont want to feel anything..locking down each n every gate.
Around that corners of the road, Touching glossy lips of your..
Sometimes i really miss those moments, knowing Sweets are now turned sour.
A gal who stopped me from boozing by giving swears of all,
****** n smoke are not meant for any princess, Dont let your tiara fall.
Mixed are my feelings, So Mixed are the lines of the above verse..
Finally i am trying to live...Its My Life Turning better from worse..

Everyone plays some part in your life, Some go and some stay,
some memories remain close to your heart, No Matter she is close or away.
i wish you to say again "Set you bed calling in 5 Mins" n then sleep together,
Look, I am almost through to my dreams, Happy But something is missing rather.
I am looking at those 3 stars, under which you used to hold me n hug,
You still have it or thrown away that Awesome-Kitty Mug.
Holding that sweetest pic of yours in my arms and hugging it really tight,
Its Enough for today, Its time to say "Good Night"and.....Yes Baby This is My Life...
thanks for reading
  Oct 2015 pinoco
Jodite Eros Vanity
Maria, Maria, let the roses surround you!
You're beauty is a trait.
It was meant for you!
Joyous and cheerful,
Upbeat and confident,
Is of no compare to those to be said ominous!
Oh Maria,
Since the day of my genesis,
And I saw you
I love you!

I, I just can't
I can't explain how
Adoring you are!
You figuratively
And literally
Are a beauty
To this world
The gods are lucky
To have such a beauty
like you!
pinoco Oct 2015
its four in the morning
and m all alone
except for the shadows
that call me home
the darkness is mingling
with the tears that fall
giving strength to the demons
that await in the hall
there is nothing left
of this sour of mine
it has broken away
and its so hard to find
there nothing left
for me to show
its been taken away
by my ghosts
by pinoco
thanks for reading
  Oct 2015 pinoco
Dark Jewel the Wolf
As the Night is drawn,
In the spectacles of my mind.
I stand alone,
In the shadows of light.

My eyes turn to the moon,
Whose gaze is pallid and ghastly.
Now they shift,
Becoming Scarlet irsises.

I am a beast of the night,
The nocturnal moon is my call.
To summon from sleep,
And all.

Nocturnal forever.
A girl of the night.
I am the one in the shadows.
I fight for that right.
Rawr Night owl!!!

— The End —