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Feb 16 · 70
Brent Feb 16
For our favorite hobbies, we make our picks
For every typo and other things that make us tick
For our favorite meals, we contradict
For every remedy and care when we are sick

For every victory, big or small
For every challenge, to rise or fall
For every question, to each other's beck and call
For four years, we've been through it all

For every minute, we spend away
For many moments, we choose to stay
For hopes tomorrow, together we'll lay
For years to come, forever we'll say
Apr 2022 · 1.4k
Small Things, Big Things
Brent Apr 2022
Whenever we see stray cats
Whenever you see a funny tiktok
Whenever you try to scratch your ears
Whenever we talk about these little things

All your stories of your daily routines and work
All of our shared rants and dreams
All of our big deals, and little things
Are the things I love about you
Happy birthday my bebu
Apr 2020 · 226
Placing values
Brent Apr 2020
trillions of lifeless happenings
under billions of dying stars
I hear millions of worthless words
from thousands of nameless faces
on hundreds of dull days
then all of these fade out of view
once I remember I belong
with the one and only you

the world is filled with fateful knots
and also many loose ends
but my all time favorite twist
that makes everything worthwhile
is being yours
it's my SO's birthday today. I love you bebu!
Dec 2018 · 753
New Year Wish
Brent Dec 2018
Heaven knows I'm not waiting for an
answer right away; no expectations.
Zero yes's or zero no's; nothing at all.

Even if time, fate and the world tell me to
leave, I'll stay and cherish every
moment with you.

All your stories, I'll listen to
even about your past loves and feelings.
Going over your childhood laughs and cries while I
silently hope that I'll make memories with you too.

As the year ends, I pray that I will
be able to stay by your side even
if we aren't what I wish for us to be but I'll be
over the clouds if my wish comes true.
i'm catching feelings again
Sep 2018 · 679
count with me
Brent Sep 2018
One night
Two eyes with
Trickling tears
For countless regrets

Five fingers of a hand that
Seeks the proper words to write
Seven nights of trying but just
Ate those words back
I don't know what I'm doing
Feb 2018 · 1.1k
For Luna
Brent Feb 2018
whichever color you glow;
a calm, serene white
a blood-crimson red
a rare, sorrowful blue
a lonely void of black

however you illuminate the night;
whether you wax and shine with the stars
or wane and hide above the clouds
whether you make a proud crescent
or be a glorious gibbous
or even divide the darkness
as either of the quarters

whatever shape you become
whatever shade you gleam
you will always be beautiful in my eyes
whatever you may seem
The very rare occurrence of a Super Blue Blood Moon happened last night and as a selenophile myself, I eagerly watched and waited for Luna and I figured a poem might be nice.
Dec 2017 · 519
for our future
Brent Dec 2017
Every word
might not be enough to describe my
best wishes for us,
even if I try to learn every language and
read every book.
Good times are ahead of us.
Every bad second assures
more moments that we'll much cherish.
Let this journey of ours make your worries
over and done and let Him
guide us to the rest of our days
and always know that I will
never leave your side.
I actually two poems for my future spouse, this was the other
Brent Nov 2017
Little by little, I will learn from you
Each and everyday.
All your laughs and laments;
Naughts and nevers;
In every detail of your own story
And in every inch of your soul.

May our journey keep us together
Always and forever.
Hands of ours writing our story yet
Intertwined on the other.
May every moment we make,
Every memory and regret,
Remembered evermore.
I am taking a course in college about Marriage & Family in society. And our professor required us to make a 'letter' to our future spouse. I took this opportunity to make another poem, even though I'm busy with other academics.
Oct 2017 · 13.8k
Brent Oct 2017
Limutin na ang mundo
Forget the world
And its intricacies
Your abusive father
Your good-for-nothing frenemies
Let go of the earth
Reach for the uncertainties

Nang magkasama tayo
I'll be here holding your hand
Reading your fears
In the lines of your palm
While feeling your taken risks
In the spirals of your fingertips

Sunod sa bawat galaw
Let me take the lead
Follow my steps
As we waltz off
From our consciousness
to the chains of the world

Hindi na maliligaw
We'll never be lost
When all miseries will be unknown
Or at least, we'll be lost
In all that is ours

Mundo'y magiging ikaw
*You will be my world
And I hope I'll be yours too
A poem based from the lyrncs of "Mundo" by IV Of Spades. They're a great indie OPM band, if you're not familiar. Check them out!
Sep 2017 · 2.4k
Brent Sep 2017
gamit panulat
sa dulo'y pambura
pantanggal ng sulat

gamit ng maliit na pantasa
panlinaw ng sulat

pilit pinipiga
mula sa pusong sumusuko na
papunta sa dulo ng pansulat

wala na
tinasahan at pinilit buuin
ngunit nabali na
Aug 2017 · 2.3k
Brent Aug 2017
nalaman ko lamang ngayon
na tayo ay di nababagay
sa takbo ng realidad
na ating kinabibilangan

sabi nila
kapag sila'y magkasama
humihinto ang oras
ngunit kapag ika'y kasama
patuloy na umaandar ang mga kamay sa aking relo

bibilangin ang bawat segundong pumapatak
habang dinaramdam ang haplos ng iyong palad sa aking kamay

at sa bawat minutong daraan
ay mamasdan ang iyong mga puwang sa gitna ng iyong mga daliri
at kung bakit tugma lamang kapag pinatong ko ang akin
tila ginawa ang iyong mga daliri upang punan ang mga puwang sa aking sarili

ngayo'y ako'y maglalakad
hawak ang iyong kamay
at mamumuhay sa taliwas na realidad
at ikaw ang aking karamay
I am now finding my words. Thank you.
Aug 2017 · 736
every moment
Brent Aug 2017
Every moment away with you feels like
Mornings without the sun and the
Breezy evenings that blow
Every strand of your straight, sweet-scented hair that
Reminds me of summer, right to my face are
Gone and made non-existent but
Every moment I spend with you is a
Miracle for a soul
Like me who holds
On to things so simple like the
Gentle touch of your fingertips to mine,
All of the warm embraces from my heart to yours;
Nothing will ever compare to all of those.
Aug 2017 · 471
Brent Aug 2017
blue skies
yellow leaves

cool breeze
warm shade
red lips
rosy cheeks

pink dress
white shoes
squinted eyes
bright smile

ruined coat
muddy shirt
brown shoes
silly laugh

years pass
memories fade
longing for
favorite shade

your smile
your warmth
nothing more
but nostalgia

time flies
gray skies
dark stars
colorless life
Aug 2017 · 3.4k
sa pagsulat ng kwento
Brent Aug 2017
Sabay nating isinulat
ang ating kwento.
Ngunit 'di mo sinabi
na lapis lang pala ang iyong gagamitin
Habang naisulat ko na ang panimula sa matingkad na tinta.

Nang dumating na
ang inasahan kong wakas
ng ating istorya,
Madali **** binura
ang lahat ng ala-ala

Sa akin lamang ang natira
ang sira-sirang pahina
na may tagpi-tagping parirala
at kulang kulang ng salita.

Nang subukan burahin
ang kwentong alanganin
mas mabuti na lang sana
na ito'y gusutin
At nang ito'y nauwi sa gupitin,
ako'y humiling sa mga bituin
na sana'y may panibagong kwentong
kinabukasang bubuuin.
forced out some new words out of dormant emotions. Hello another Filipino poem.
Aug 2017 · 381
how to find words
Brent Aug 2017
how will he learn to write again
when words fail to reach him?

will he hold on to the same old words
which stuck to his pen rendering a mess?

will he reach to whichever combination of senseless vowels and consonants that appeals his voice
yet mutes the message he cannot even word?

will he break himself again to wring out the wild letters of emotion waiting to break free to splatter his paper crimson?

or will he just force a rhyme to make his paper black-and-white colorful?
how do i even write again i miss how to write
Mar 2017 · 1.2k
tax collectors
Brent Mar 2017
ever heard of the tax collectors?
yes, the ones from the Bible.
the ones frowned upon just by hearing their names.
the stories of St. Matthew, Zacchaeus. both tax collectors and both redeemed. they are just few of the collective.
there were many tax collectors who had changed and followed the steps of Christ,
but not all.
since all of them are man, man is inclined to temptation and temptation is inclined to sin.
the remaining exploiters were not saved but condemned to roam hell for eternity.
but as they are wicked, they are also cunning.
they bribed the devil with their stolen riches for their freedom, to which the devil agreed,
but with certain conditions.
they are free to roam the earth, but they must bring back every soul who is indebted in any kind, in any way, to the devil.
now, the tax collectors walk the earth,
with little coins in their pockets,
invisible yet heard,
intangible yet felt,
looking for their payment to the devil.
but in times they are clumsy, they trip and spill their coins.
so, if you're lucky, you'll hear the tinkling sound of coins,
yet nobody will be there, and no coins will be rolling on the ground,
but beware
because it's time to pay your debts.
Mar 2017 · 778
Brent Mar 2017
It's been a while since I last saw you. When I got a good look at your face, it's like everything changed and everything stayed the same, all at the same time.

It was six in a very cold evening. We shared a cigarette even though you had a cold and a nasty cough because that's what we usually did when we were together.  We'd talk about how you were doing with college and how I did because that's what we do, at least, did.

After a couple of sticks, we got back to my place. I thought it was a bad idea since it'd bring up a lot of things but that's the last thing I thought of as you walked in my room.

You saw my mattress was on the floor because it was a new place and I couldn't afford a bed frame at the moment. Still, you took off your shoes and jumped on it, saying "good night" because you haven't had much sleep because of school. I got my extra pillow and I hit your **** with it and as I expected, you still didn't budge.

I whipped up some instant noodles since that's all I had and I knew you haven't ate yet and as soon as I got it on the plate, you instantly got up my mattress and just ate it all. You yelled and got mad at me for not warning you that the noodles were hella spicy. You rushed to my counter to get some water and I laughed my *** off.

I got up and grabbed my guitar and I sang Galway Girl and you told me you didn't like the new album. Still, I continued playing then you just sang along by the chorus.

The night went on along with a couple of more songs. You still had that graceful, thin voice even though you smoked a lot.  The voice that I really liked a lot because it calms me. I even showed you that I still had that recording of yours singing that Lily Allen song in which I forgot the title and you scoffed at me for saving that track.

With all that, bursts of nostalgia came rushing at me. I looked at you and I could say it looks the same for you. Our eyes met and you smiled.

A bad idea popped in my mind but before dismissing it, I find myself leaning closer to you, and simultaneously, you lean close to me. I smiled and thought, we really do think of bad ideas. With that, I find my lips touching yours.

It goes on for minutes and you suddenly stop, move back and say we shouldn't because... I'll get your cold. I smiled and moved my face closer to yours again. You hit my shoulder with your hand and smiled, and kissed me again.

We lay on my mattress for a few more moments, thinking of what we did and if it was the right thing to do. A part of me says I missed this, another says this was a really bad idea and before I could make up my mind, you get up and tried to get your things. You said you remembered you had to go and do your school thing. I got up as well and I accompanied you until you got a ride home. I waved goodbye as you went for the bus.

Suddenly, I sneezed and coughed then I laughed. I laughed because I knew I caught your cold.  And the worst thing is, I laughed because I knew a cold isn't the only thing I caught. I sighed then I smiled and I hoped that cold medicine could also take away the other things I caught....
I know this isn't a poem but I just had to write this because I'll forget.
Jan 2017 · 695
Brent Jan 2017
The nightmare of falling
to an endless void
Risking everything to land on nothing
Reaching out my hand to hold onto darkness
But instead of pulling me out,
It pulls me deeper within
I close my eyes I see pitch black
I open them I see no difference
All that is gone and all that is dark
Nothing comes close to true peace but this
Fear shrouds like a warm blanket thru the cold void
And my body continue to fall
And my spirit ascends to paradise

j u
     s t
           t a
               k e
                      m e
                               a w
                                      a y
take me away
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
Brent Dec 2016
Hindi ko na alam
kung saan ako mas magiging payapa
kung sa kalabit mo sa aking balikat
na malapit nang sumuko
kung sa kalabit mo sa gatilyo
na nakatutok sa aking ulo
hindi ko na alam
Nov 2016 · 2.2k
Brent Nov 2016
I am jealous of Poseidon
His hands were able
to trace Cassiopeia on your back;
Closer than my hands have ever been.
inspired by Labrinth's 'Jealous'.
Oct 2016 · 962
Déjà vu
Brent Oct 2016
October 30, 2016, 11:45pm* // *December 31, 2015, 11:45pm
I'm waiting for Halloween // I was waiting for New Year's
Lying on the floor of a cottage // Lying on the floor of a hotel room
That barely has any windows // That doesn't even have windows
With a cup of coffee and a bottle of beer // With a cup of coffee and a can of beer

Tick tock
As the battery power of my laptop goes down
My consciousness fades slowly
As the two hands of the clock points up

Five minutes before 12, we start talking.
And thus began the most special moment in my life.
I meet the closest thing to my supposed "soulmate"
And I've never been happier.

timelapse. gone.

**But in this beautiful deja vu, I hope for a rewind. A redo. Now I wait as :55 turns into :00 and hope that everything will go back the way it was with you.
I know you'll read this, chbwbz. I ******* miss you.
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
Brent Sep 2016
slowly pouring down
as all the fragments of time, space,
and every dimension,
collide between every tear
that falls from your lover's eyes.

is nothing
but salty water.
Sep 2016 · 5.5k
Hagulgol ng Kandila
Brent Sep 2016
Halina kayong lahat at makinig!
Magdikit-dikit at magkapit-bisig!
At sabay pakiramdaman ang tahimik na unos
ng isang dakilang puting kandilang upos.

Dito sa ating liblib na barrio
Nakatago ang isang kandilang puti
Labis na mahaba;
ang pasensya
na tila kayang hintayin
ang walang hanggan.
Ngunit labis na manipis;
na kaybilis tablan at lapitan ng hinagpis.

Dumating ang araw na kinailangang sindihan
ang dakilang puting kandila
sapagkat nawala at napundi na
ang ilaw ng tahanan.

Nang idinikit ang posporo sa kanyang mitsa
ay hindi sadyang nakapaso ang kandila
subalit ang nagsindi
ay 'di napigilang magalit,
pilit na pinutol ang kandilang puti
sa gitna at ito'y nangalahati.

Walang nagawa ang kandilang mayumi
kundi iiyak ang mainit nitong pagkit
ngunit ang tanglaw nito ay kayliwanag
buong barrio'y mararamdaman ang kanyang sinag.

Ilang araw nangyaring muli
ang pagpasong hindi minimithi
ang kandilang puti'y
patuloy pa ring nangangalahati
ngunit ang liwanag sa barrio'y
sa kanya pa rin nanggagaling.

Dumating ang araw ng kandila
na hindi na maaring kalahatiin.
Unti-unting sumuko na rin
ang mahaba nitong mitsa.

Sa huling sandali,
ay hindi na nakapagpigil
ang mapanghimok na nagsindi.
Buong lakas na nag-ipon nang hangin
Buong pwersang sumigaw sa kandila.
Ang kandila'y 'di na nanlaban
at nagtuloy nang manghina.
At sa huling bulong ng nagsindi,
ang liwanag ng kandilang puti ay napundi.

Halina kayong lahat at makinig
Magdikit-dikit at magkapit-bisig
sabay pakiramdaman sa walang kibong katahimikan
ang umaalulong na hagulgol ng dakilang kandila.
trying out a literary style for a contest. 3rd work that's in Filipino. Kinda deep and shallow at the same time.
Aug 2016 · 5.3k
Brent Aug 2016
a fair warning for you
if you are planning to
to fall in love with me
you fall in love with P's

if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a pessimist
who believes that every single thing will fall apart
every bad thing is bound to happen
so please i ask
help me find the positives
in a world
where negatives are all i see

if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a paranoid
who breaks almost every night
thinking about how wrong i could be
every choice
every decision
will be the worst one
so please i ask
to accept me
and convince me
that the world is not yet over.

if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a p-ssy.
a coward
who's afraid to make the first move
who's ashamed to fail.
so please i ask
to wait for me
to be able to overcome my fears.

and lastly,
if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a poet.
a writer
who's prepared to write everything
and anything
because sadly, that's all i'm good at.
so please i ask
to accept my love
in the form of words
and i will change myself.
i love you so ******* much yet i think you don't feel the same. at least, anymore.
Aug 2016 · 962
How I write poems
Brent Aug 2016
it's always the same thing every night
we meet.
we embrace.
our lips touch.
our tongues play.
until night is upon us
and we go our separate ways.

my body longs for more.
my lips call out yours
until my mind does its wonders
and makes doubt enter my core.

and the anxiety flows
from my trembling heart
thru every single artery, vein, and nerve
that makes my eyes water;
my back tense;
my body shiver;
and my mind lose sense.

it closes in on my arms
and slowly creeps its way
to yesterday's cuts on my wrists
and reaches its way to my fingers.
then forces itself to rhyme
on a crimson-splattered piece of paper.

on and on, I will continue to write
until I hear your most beautiful good night.
even if I feel I'm not your only one
the illusion kicks back in. a poem is done.
then the whole thing repeats again... and again... and again....

i need a title. help me.
Jun 2016 · 2.6k
my fault
Brent Jun 2016
it's my fault
i was too careless
and brought my
precious items
it's my fault
i got mugged

it's my fault
i was too daring
that i wore so-called
provocative clothing
it's my fault
i got *****

it's my fault
that i got preyed upon
it's my fault
i became a victim
i got mugged just the other day, and this is just what i felt and also what i see in society. just to let off some steam.
Jun 2016 · 9.2k
the insecure girl
Brent Jun 2016
the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in the twinkling stars and constellations
but refuses to see
the ones in her hazel eyes

the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in the tallest mountains
and the steepest hills
but refuses to see beauty
in her most beautiful *****
and most curvy behind

the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in the scorching sun
and the glowing moon
but refuses to see beauty
in her warmest embrace
and her illuminating smile

the insecure girl
who sees the beauty
in everything
but refuses to see beauty
in herself
im running out of words
Jun 2016 · 622
Today I lost my friends
Brent Jun 2016
Disclaimer: work is purely fictional. it's kind of ******/macabre and very dark. It's a very dark limmerick. So, that's that. This is not real, to just make things clear. Haha. Don't know how I thought of this but... yeah.

Today I lost my friends
Told them today was the end
With a smile on my face
Their faces were a disgrace
On the last day of my friends

Today I lost my friends
Told them today was the end
Their limbs now scattered
Their eyes have watered
On the last day of my friends

Today I lost my friends
Told them today was the end
Feasted on their fears
Quenched thirst thru their tears
On the last day of my friends

Today I lost my friends
Told them today was the end
Once all of them dead
I bathe in crimson red
On the last day of my friends
Disclaimer: work is purely fictional. it's kind of ******/macabre and very dark. It's a very dark limmerick. So, that's that. This is not real, to just make things clear. Haha. Don't know how I thought of this but... yeah.
May 2016 · 2.4k
Never Let Her Go
Brent May 2016
Never let her go.
Even if she has the nastiest tongue,
that not a single sentence she speaks doesn't have vulgarity,
but when she speaks those three words
makes the most beautiful symphony.

Never let her go.
Even if she's the craziest girl you know,
that not a single day you spend with her doesn't have her constantly nagging you,
but when she gives you her most tender kiss and her warmest embrace,
melts the most frozen peaks.

Never let her go.
Even if she loves taking pictures of herself,
that not a single day doesn't drown you with her selfies,
but when she gives you her most beautiful smile,
makes the brightest stars go dim.

Never let her go.
Never let her go.
Because the single day that you do,
will make you regret that you ever did.
I shouldn't have...
Apr 2016 · 545
Brent Apr 2016
No one likes to be sad
for the right reasons.

It's strange.
You'd rather cry
because of ruined makeup,
a messy breakup.

a failed exam,
a stab wound,
you'd even laugh through the pain.
or maybe it's just me
Apr 2016 · 4.8k
Yosi I
Brent Apr 2016
Isang kaluluwang
Naglalakad na liban.
Naghahanap ng makakausap
Ngunit walang makitang

Ngunit may agad na nakapansin
"Ah! Panibagong biktimang aabusuhin!"
Tumawag ang temptasyon sa akin
Pinag-isipan kung agaran kong sasagutin

Ang sigaw niya'y labis na mapang-akit
Kahit alam kong dala-dala niya'y sakit.
Huwag daw akong magpadala;
Konsyensya ko'y sa'kin iginiit
Ngunit ang temptasyon ay kaydali akong napilit.

Isang gabi, habang naglalakad sa kahabaan ng España
Ako'y lumapit sa matandang tindera.
Nag-abot ng konting barya
At kinuha ang lasong mahaba.

Nilapit ko sa aking bibig
At idinaan ang apoy sa dulo nito.
Hinigop ang usok nitong malamig
At ibinuga ito sa aking anino.

Nagpatuloy ako sa paglalakad
At inalala ko lahat ng pangyayari.
Sa bawat kasalanan ko sa'yo'y aking mawawari,
Ako ay hihigop muli.
Sa bawat 'di nasolusyonang pagsubok,
Ako'y magpapasakal sa malamig nitong usok.
This is my second Filipino poem and probably my longest work yet. It looks unfinished really. As much as I want to finish it, I ran out of words and creative juices. This basically sums up the experience of my first cigarette. And it was... not bad.
Mar 2016 · 623
Brent Mar 2016
I  love you* has never been so hollow

until it came from you.
Mar 2016 · 605
Brent Mar 2016
my world revolves around you
yet your gravity keeps pushing me away
it ***** that i can't convince her how much i ******* love her
Brent Feb 2016
words only come out from cracks
whenever you feel broken.
Feb 2016 · 1.9k
Stars 10w
Brent Feb 2016
even when all stars align,
you still wouldn't be mine.
Feb 2016 · 782
My Love For You Is Nothing
Brent Feb 2016
My love for you is nothing, compared to him
He can give you diamond-studded watches
When all I can give you is
All of my precious time.

My love for you is nothing, compared to him
He can buy you sweet chocolates in heart-shaped boxes
When all I can give you are
Sweet, unforgettable memories.

My love for you is nothing, compared to him
He can take you to Paris, Venice; anywhere
When the only place that I can take you is
To my entire world.

So many things that I can't give you, unlike him
But I will tell you this
My love for you is nothing
Because nothing lasts forever.
Feb 2016 · 5.2k
bubble gum
Brent Feb 2016
hindi ako bubble gum
na iyong hahanapin
kapag ika'y nababagot sa kahihintay
na matapos ang iyong klase.

hindi ako bubble gum
na iyong pampalipas-gutom
sa kumakalam **** tiyan
na naghahangad na makatikim
ng pagkaing bubuhay sa iyong kalam'nan.

hindi ako bubble gum
na kaya **** paikut-ikutin
gamit ang iyong dilang mapanlinlang
na nagsasabing ako'y iyong minahal.

hindi ako bubble gum
na iyong iluluwa
matapos **** simutin ang lasang
iyong ninanais na makamtan.

at higit sa lahat,
hindi ako bubble gum
na iyong hahanapin
kapag ika'y naghahanap ng panandaliang tamis
sa mapait nating mundo.
first filipino poem i'll be posting here. trying myself if this works out as spoken word but it's kinda too short.
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
Searching for stars
Brent Jan 2016
I asked her,
Where were you?
She answered,
Searching for stars.

And left, looking for more.
But she didn't realize
She had galaxies in her eyes.
Jan 2016 · 535
Brent Jan 2016
If what you think you're doing
is helping me,
I'm not going to tell you
that it's not.
For you don't need to know
the pain of worthlessness
that you are making me feel
For you will not understand.
Instead of you
unknowingly destroying me,
I will subconsciously
destroy myself.

Your evenings are now my mornings
Your garbage are now my things
Your suns are now my rains
Your pleasures are now my pains
Your naughts are now my kinks
Your poisons are now my drinks
Your heights are now my shrinks
Your breaks are now my links

Everything that I'll do to myself
Will be my own responsibility.
Every kind of pain I'll inflict to myself:
will not be your fault.
For this destruction was because of me.
For I have destroyed myself.
First two italicized lines are based from Set It Off's "Miss Mysterious". It got stuck in my head and inspired me to write this thing.
Jan 2016 · 542
How to not cry II
Brent Jan 2016
Every time my urge to cry comes,
I just ask myself:

Are you still worth my tears?

Then I realize,

Y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶t̶h̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶

*My everything isn't even enough of your worth.
why is this so ******* difficult
Jan 2016 · 707
Brent Jan 2016
Fate's pathways go
Like rivers
Twisting and turning
To seasides and shores

Fate's lines converged
Caused you and I to meet
And our sights to merge

Fate got our strings in knots
But Time was against us
And what we had sought

I leave it all to Fate
And accept the fact
Fate got us in knots
A little bit too late
wrong. *******. timing.
Dec 2015 · 517
Brent Dec 2015
poets are a surprise
whenever they feel an emotion
especially when it's a strong one
whether positive or negative
for them,
it's always a bittersweet blessing in disguise

whenever they feel despair
whenever they feel bliss
they capitalize on the emotion
and create their written masterpiece

anything that comes to mind
anything that piques the poet's smart
will always come forth
a written work of art
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
the boy and the moon
Brent Dec 2015
there was a boy
simple and true
once looked up to the night sky
and saw the elegant moon
he stared to the celestia
and started to dream
when i grow up
the moon i shall redeem

i said to my father
father, when i grow up
i shall grab the moon
father chuckled and laughed
and hit me in the rough
and said
son, you cannot grab the moon

but the heart of the boy
was yet unwavering
and his dream lived on

i saw my sister and said
sister, when i grow up
i shall grab the moon
sister simply smiled
and said it's impossible to be done
so my dreams have now been derailed

doubt now entered his heart
and sent his dreams apart
but looking forward he sees
this dream is only for him

i saw my teacher and said
teacher, when i grow up
i shall grab the moon
then teacher did
what my father had done
and said
boy, your dream cannot be done

the boy now lives today
with his dreams shattered so soon
and now will he be known
as the boy who did not grab the moon
we shouldn't stop the young for making their dreams come true, no matter how absurd or ridiculous it is
Dec 2015 · 433
should not hath
Brent Dec 2015
shouldn't have said that
shouldn't have asked
shouldn't have dug up
things buried in the past.

shouldn't have listened
shouldn't have heard
so my eyes shouldn't have glistened
because of your discord

shouldn't have hoped
shouldn't have assumed
for it has brought me the tropes
that will lead to my doom.
i should have said nothing at all. regret asking things from you.
Nov 2015 · 853
just wondering
Brent Nov 2015
a hundred lines written
a thousand words dedicated
all these writes i made
all for other people
makes me wonder
when will someone
write poetry for me
not that i'm asking but... anyone ever thought of this?
Nov 2015 · 1.6k
writers are magicians
Brent Nov 2015
writers are magicians

they transform emotions into something more
something that can be felt more

they transform negativity to words
words that can be the most savage weaponry

they transform happiness to words
words that can heal the soul

they transform love into words
words that can give the warmest embraces

they transform hate into words
words that can bring someone six feet under the ground

but you
you are either much stronger or more feeble to these magicians
you will be the one who'll make them what they are
they will immortalize you with their healing lines
they will dominate you with their merciless expressions
Nov 2015 · 933
night showers
Brent Nov 2015
As the orange glow of the sun that marks a twilight
Makes the gray nimbus clouds
A brownish shade
Against the background of the firmament,
I look up
And feel the drops of rain
Fall from the apricot sky
Down my face,
I feel it mix
With the raindrops
From the clouds in my eyes
As I remember
That things will never be the same.
So, I just hope
That the moon will help me
Forget you and your name.
Nov 2015 · 736
Brent Nov 2015
"I want to be someone's first choice"

You already were
since that week after we met.
You were my first
and hopefully my last
but you being my first
did not actually quite last
because your first choice wasn't me
and I never will be.

Now that I keep telling myself
that you're not my first choice.
You wish for someone that who will.
It got me to think
that you were a choice still
but realizing now
you were a first choice to others
and still you ask for someone who will
it made me realize
that you're too numb to feel

So I hope you find that person
who'll make you his *first choice

and hope that he will be the one
that you will make your own
Even though I really feel
That you should try to see
That that person will forever
and always be me.
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