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i was looking for my worth
so i looked all around me to find it
i looked at myself and find nothing

i looked behind me, the dark past of failures and pain
i looked at myself to find an empty heart from the past, i gained

i looked forward, a blurry and foggy future awaits
i looked at myself to find myself standing on a quicksand,  im stucked and sinking in the present

i looked beside me, people are there but distant from me
i looked at myself to find hands that are nasty, *****, that's why no one would hold me.

so i looked down
bend my knees on the ground

i looked up the sky
hold my breath and cry

as i see you there
with arms reaching out
with eyes without a tinge of doubt.

You gave me a new heart
and filled it with your love.

You made my hands clean
and grabbed it tight as if saying "im here".

You pulled my feet that were stucked
and help me move forward to the future you've planned.

You welcomed me in you arms
gave me a warm embrace
wiped my tears til it left no trace

then you whispered in my ear
and loving said
"My daughter,
you are and
will always be loved
You have been
and will always be
precious in my sight"

I am empty. I am a failure. I can achieve nothing. I am unloved. I am worthless.

But not anymore

For I am loved, saved by his grace. I am given a hope and a future.
I am precious before God.

And so are you.
"You are precious in my eyes," God says, "and I love you" (Isaiah 43:4a). 

February 3, 2018
i shoved
and hide away
inside the pocket
of my worn out jeans.
the receipts,
the candy wrappers,
the spare coins,
the bus tickets,
and this bothersome
but true feelings
for you
January 1, 2018
she is willing to stand
under the pressure and weight
of the waterfalls
just to stay connected to you,
the cold river.
until she was swept away.

December 27, 2017
  Dec 2017 Patricia Policarpio
Am I really a poet,
If all I ever write about,
Is you?
Feeling insecure today.
The more I get over you,
the less poetry I write
so you
either were a great inspiration
*Or I was never a poet, but
just a man hopelessly in love.
bridge half built
left forgotten
until rotten

the wall ive built
i thought there is
just a lie, it is

i was just afraid
to be connected
to be seen as i am
to cross the bridge

but all this time wishing
for someone to come
see through the wall
and cross the bridge.
October 5, 2017
blanketed with snow
i don't even know
that it has always been spring.

blanketed with snow
i don't even know
that it's already fall.

blanketed with snow
i have always known
but i just chose to ignore
that it sprouted and grew,
that i have fallen for you.

i have chosen to remain in this cold.
Septrmber 3, 2017

i cant write proper poems.  i dont have any inspiration -____-
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