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LS 5d
the person who you'd do anything for
who you feel that you can't breathe without
who you love so deeply
is the worst thing for you

you can be in love with someone
but that doesn't mean you're good for each other
but it's because you love each other
that you can't go on.
LS Feb 24
because i paint a pretty picture

slight smirks
and jokes
that make your eyes squint and your body fall over

that illuminate your face
and make you shuffle in your seat

that makes you quiver
but that makes you feel loved

a relationship where you feel beautiful
but not just in someone’s bed

it’s easy to fall in love on the surface of me
because it’s the only thing you see
but as soon as you scratch through it
it’s already too late to get out.
a twist; the pov of my ex
LS Dec 2019
heartbreak doesn't have to look like it does in movies
it can be quiet
even silent

it can be all on the inside
with smiles and laughter
covering up the aching in your chest
and the sound of your ribs crushing
when you know that it's over

don't let anyone let you feel inadequate
or make you feel that
your feelings aren't valid

i promise you
they are

let them out
feel them freely
and become the best person you can be.
LS Dec 2019
look up when it's raining
you'll see my eyes
and you know it

the damp ground
will remind you of what you did
and how it made me feel

i was promised forever
but how long is it?
a month?
a year?
all in all
our definitions weren't the same
and that's okay

because i know you'll always think of me
when the skies are grey.
LS Dec 2019
i still drink coffee
even though it makes my hands shake
and my anxiety spike
i still smoke
even if it burns my lungs
and turns them to tar
i still drink
even though it makes my throat burn
and makes my words slur
i still love you
even though my heart begs for me to stop
and my mind can't take it anymore.
LS Oct 2019
nobody knows what they want
not when they're 17
and not even when they're 40
people look for their best option
whatever is going to fill the void in their heart
at that moment

whether it be a job
a sport
a hobby
or a person

some people don't always choose correctly in the moment
it's hard to know what you want
to decide what's best
that's why so many people choose wrong

nobody knows what they want
not until
it's right in front of them
LS Oct 2019
someone told me today
"i've never seen you without a smile on your face
you always have a front"
i laughed at her words

i thought
that's how i have to be
i can't be bringing people down with me
drowning them in my sadness
i need to make others happy

it's like she read my mind
because she smiled and said
"sometimes you need to take down that front you put on
take care of yourself"

i hardly knew how to do that
and that's when it dawned on me
i need to put myself first

i am a priority
not an option
i am my first choice
not last
i am my best friend
no one else.
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