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Oliver Onley Aug 2016
My mind hurts a lot
Simplicity looks to be my salvation
The world is so difficult
So cold hearted
At odds with itself
I think so much
What was
What is
What shall be

The future
What shall be
The light it dims each day
The toil
The loss
The few insignificant pleasures
The gamble that payed off
At the discontentment of others

The hatred boils
The society
Torn by tragedy
Stricken with grief
We’ve moved on.
Oliver Onley Aug 2016
The day I die
I've extensively thought
I feel pensive and nervous
In worrisome thought
I find myself thinking
Bound to no lies
Or for whatever reason
Bound to know lies
I've told to myself
Creating my disguise
Where will I be
In the future
I'll know one day I suppose
But still I will ponder
My future
And again
And again
I'll still wonder
Until the day that I die
I guess I'll know then.
Oliver Onley Aug 2016
Or I wreck hell

My gorgeous girl
Don't ever leave me
I miss you when you're not around
I count the atoms between us when you can't be found
Through call nor text

So come back to me
Don't ever leave me
I want to share all
My moments
With you
Only you

Or I wreck hell
Oliver Onley Aug 2016
The day I waited
I woke from a terrifying dream
I lye there awake
For the alarm to ring
I wait to leave
I've got nothing to do
I wait for a train
For a bus
I wait for the people
They never show up
I wait again and again
No one comes
Then I wait again
For a train
It's cancelled
The next one too
I wait for a cab
I nervously await showing him
The shortcuts
Cut short is our conversation
By each intervention
My directions
They stir up a deeply anxious feeling
I wait for the washing
I wait for the line
I wait for the dishes
All slowly drying
I wait for the bus
I wait at the bar
I await a time to talk
They are scarce
Too few
To far between
My mind freezes
I'm too scared
I can't intervene
Oliver Onley Aug 2016
She tore my heart out
One night
Wrapped it up
Returned as a gift
I received it
Full of love
Oliver Onley Aug 2016
Don't go
Take a pew
I'll sit with you
For an hour or two
What's you're name
Are you ok?
I saw that you had buried your head in your hands
What's troubling you
Is it money or love
It's no use hiding your feelings
When you're face is painted with signs of remorse
A death in the family or your circle of friends
Could it be
Or are you just sick and tired
Ready to give yourself to death willingly
You don't look so old
But yet there are wrinkles
Signs of a happy time in your life
What's this
A tear
I'm sorry
I didn't mean to touch a nerve
I mean not to worry you
I want to show you I care
By taking an interest
I guess I went about it wrong
I'll listen more
I promise
Oliver Onley Aug 2016
Falling out
Falling from
Returning space
Tense response
Allow me time
I'll not promise
I'll compromise
Denote my language
Gather your thoughts
Gather your feelings
I'll have mine ready
We'll talk about it
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