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Oct 2019 · 100
untitled i
Sneha Oct 2019
i carry the burden of you into the sun
not realizing i melt away with every step
this star will consume me
but i must bear this weight to the end

tonight you’ll breathe my own air
i’ll empty my lungs into you
you’ll dream of another and
me? well i suppose i may
continue to dream of you
Oct 2019 · 205
honest labor
Sneha Oct 2019
every fruit has fallen
branches bent beneath their weight
sagging with the memories of what once was

every fruit reaches the lips of another
sweetness trickles down their chin
devouring each bite with fervor

every fruit is gone as quick as it came
sticky remnants rubbed away from skin
ridding any memory of what once was

they return to her roots
desperately waiting for her branches to dip
with evidence of her labors

only to consume and
feel refreshed
as she withers away
Aug 2019 · 207
Sneha Aug 2019
i’ve dedicated my life
to doing penance
for sins i did not commit.
whose ledger is it
that i am trying to wipe clean?
i toil with desperation, as if on trial,
fruitlessly trying to prove myself
to judge, jury, executioner
that not even i know.
which laws did i break
in the checkered past only i see?
the glass shows a liar and a cheat
an adulterer, a glutton
a sloth, a jealous beast
they all stare back at me
as i try to exonerate them.
they all look like her
and she calls out to me but i cannot hear
she is muffled beneath their cries of innocence.
i shackle myself in their stead
and pay the debts of demons i never knew.
Aug 2019 · 144
Sneha Aug 2019
one would expect something
so hollow to float,
yet somehow
i find myself drowning

you stripped away my steel walls
exposing the naked vulnerability beneath
you saturated my being
i swelled with completion

the ocean keeps away the flame
i once warmed myself by
i’d inch closer to the flickering glow
unaware of its searing bite

the salt water burns the expanse
of my angry red skin
it permeates my lungs
filling the emptiness

she cleans the wounds
you left behind
she cradles me
rocking me to rest
as you raise your sails

i sink lower
enveloped by darkness– here,
the sun cannot reach me
i sink lower

tonight i will find sleep
at the bottom of the sea
and try to forget
as you take your leave of me
Aug 2019 · 168
Sneha Aug 2019
i feel the hands of others
searching for salvation in my skin
hoping to taste their truth upon my tongue

these hands hope to find
someone else in my touch
reaching through my hollow form
grasping for something more

their fingers trail across my body
tracing the answers they are desperate to find

they feel me smooth and supple
yet my brittle form breaks at the touch
they cut themselves on my jagged edges
betrayed by the soft of my curves

alone, i gather the shards of myself
and piece them back together

— The End —