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feeling most lonely
without you
sorry i said it, love
but being without you
is lonelier than being forgotten alone
For: Jenny Thoma
lashing out a cry for help,
i'll sadly sit and cry.
                              sobbing more
                                                          without a reason why.
happy cry, happy cry, happy cry
maybe i'll just sob my "happiness" out
happy cry, happy cry, happy cry
i'll comfort myself without making a sound
You could be as selfish as you want
And I'd still love you...
You could put me last,
After everything else
And I'd still stay by your side.
For: Jenny Thoma
isn't that lowkey abuse tho ok maybe i shouldn't stay if you do that but i mean you wouldn't so-
I took it out on you
Drama’s tearing us apart
But, this story isn’t new
And I know I’m not that smart

I can’t even use words
To show how wonderful you are
I hope I don’t use fists instead
It’d send the wrong message

I’m sorry for hurting you
On all my stupid days
But, I don’t have a clue
To really say sorry.
For: Jenny Thoma
Maybe if i let myself cry these feelings would go away
but i’m just a stupid kid with too much to say
i’ll hide myself,
i’ll hate myself,
no one believes me when i say i sobbed, anyway
for: i don’t know anymore
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