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19.9k · Mar 2014
- Mar 2014
the warm feeling in your throat
when you drink
is the best
7.0k · Jul 2013
Estranged Sister
- Jul 2013
Emotion filled my eyes.
Not tears.
I had none left,
when you disappeared.

I lost the one,
who I shared a room,
who I thought gave a ****,
yep, she's gone.

All I see now, is a stranger.
All I see now, is an estranged sister.
I miss her. I always miss her.
© Natali Veronica 2013.
6.0k · Mar 2014
- Mar 2014
nothing speaks
like silence
the build up
of emotion
how it sets you
in a state
of deep thought
5.8k · Jan 2014
- Jan 2014
Starstruck when our eyes meet
Electricity goes right through me
Nothing compares to this
This is the sweetest
Most precious
Sense of happiness
In your heart, I find peace
In your eyes, I see sense
In us, I find confidence
Confidence in true love
Confidence in trust
Confidence in worth
Confidence of all sorts
© Natali Veronica 2014.
4.7k · Jul 2013
Bad Boy Of A Soul
- Jul 2013
Once upon a time, I met someone
He had real cute hair
and a sweet as heaven smile
I knew from the moment
that we met
that we'd


But what I didn't know was
how hard would I fall?
for this bad boy of a soul
that's what I never knew
would I be the one for you?
or another second choice
for yet another immature boy?
© Natali Veronica 2013.
4.4k · Jun 2013
Don't Play With My Heart
- Jun 2013
You* always *break my heart
Then you try to fix it
Why are you so twisted?
All I wanted was to feel loved
I don't need you messing with my head
I need a guy who comforts me instead

Don't mess with my feelings, boy
Just because you're unsure of your own
I need a secure love to keep my fears and doubts at ease
I need you like a baby needs their night time melody

You love me today
The next, you love me not
Why do you treat my heart this way?
You know that my heart is easy to break
You know that I'm fragile
You know that I'm weak
You know I'd worship you at your feet
You know I love you, more than my own life
You were the one who made me feel alive
Don't leave me hanging on
Don't confuse me
Don't tell me it's easy
My heart's already strugglin'
Don't say you love me
Unless you do
Don't say forever
If you're gonna leave me
Asking myself
**What did I ever see in you?
© Natali Veronica 2013.
3.4k · Nov 2013
- Nov 2013
Only alive because of this.
© Natali Veronica 2013.

3.2k · Aug 2013
Cuddles Needed
- Aug 2013
Cuddles with my sis.
Yes, please?
I miss her face.
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.8k · Mar 2014
rare gem
- Mar 2014
you are strong
like a diamond
gentle like
I could wish for
in a friend
unlike those
who are heartless
you have a personality
that shines through
just like every other
part of you
So lucky to call her my friend. Sia xoxo
2.6k · Jul 2013
People Complain
- Jul 2013
People complain* that I'm *evil and vain
But even when I'm nice
People complain
Like, explain
What have I done
To you?
If anything
All I have done
Is spoken my mind
If you can't handle that
Don't ask me for the truth
**Simple as pie
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.6k · Mar 2014
- Mar 2014
I got captivated by a smile
Almost nearly ran a mile
Falling wasn't my style
But for you, I'd sacrifice
Me, my heart and I
When you kissed me
I literally smiled
Felt like something
Was going right
In my tragic life
You picked me up
When I was about
To almost drown
In *******
2.6k · Oct 2013
Be Grateful
- Oct 2013
its so hard to believe
that I am alive
to hold on
and to smile
when I feel so small
I wish sometimes
I could have it all
but that would be too much
too much of a good thing
life is meant for
a bit of suffering
so we are grateful
for everything
that we own

we take for granted
the paths of stone
that we walk on
we complain about
the dimes in
our pockets
how they are
not dollars

we talk about
how we wear
no real gold
only silver
or platinum
or colored
gem stones

we feel so poor
but let's face it
as long as
we're wealthy
in health
nothing else
should matter

be grateful for the air
that you breathe
be grateful for the love
you have received
be grateful for the people
who are in your life
be grateful for
the small things
that make you smile

be grateful for...your heartbeat.
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.5k · Jul 2013
- Jul 2013
You broke me.
Are you happy?
Because of you,
and your ****.
Sick of it.
Barely functioning.
You make me want to cry,
to lose my control,
and let go,
and die.

It's funny how you're hurt,
when I'm the one broken,
from all your words of hate,
I honestly tried to be nice,
and you treated me like dirt,
now you're out of my life,
I hope you see what you've done,
I hope you find the sibling you deserve,
because I won't be the one,
who stays no matter what,
you can't expect me to care,
when you treat me like this.

Take your money, and your drugs,
and all your important ****,
because I won't be here,
to see your falling tears,
when you see what you've done,
when you see the consequence,
I sure as hell hope you then know,
why I protected myself,
in self defense.
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.5k · Mar 2014
Trust No One
- Mar 2014
I trust nobody
Two faced
I bet they
Talk about me
When I'm not around
This is why
I lost faith
In everyone
2.4k · Mar 2014
creative writing
- Mar 2014
for every minute,
brushed against,
the cold glass,
I spent a moment,
what I faced,
the ghost,
of a past,
I had no knowledge of,
until I found the letters,
and it struck me,
all the notes,
were from someone,
you used to treasure,
until the cold,
separated you both,
and left you each,
with a half heart,
and gave you a mission,
a mission to complete,
to find the other piece.
2.3k · Dec 2013
You're The...
- Dec 2013
You're the ***** secret I keep in my head
You're the one I think of when in bed
You're the devil I like sinning for
You make love seem like more

Sinful princess
With her short dress
Eyeliner winged
And sweet curls

Dark lipstick
Red like blood

Dark nailpolish
Poetic black
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.3k · Jul 2013
Cherish Every Day
- Jul 2013
Life is easy to obtain
Life is easy to lose
Whether young
Whether old
Cherish every day
As if it's your very last
Cherish every moment
Breathe in that oxygen
Love the ones who need it
Care about the ones who love you
Do everything you can
To make your life good
To make your life worth it all
The sadness, the tears
The happiness, the smiles
The downfalls, the highs
If you live your life right
You'll only need to live it once
And grow old together with
The ones who saw you as a kid
The ones who saw you become the adult
That they had loved and cared about
This doesn't rhyme well, but nevermind.
My poem was inspired by the death of Cory Monteith,
who tragically died yesterday. It reminded me that,
life is easy to gain, but it's also easy to lose.

RIP Cory. A talented soul gone too soon.

© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.3k · Oct 2013
Night Knows
- Oct 2013
The night* knows my secrets.
The night knows my past.
The night knows my memories.
The night knows my dreams.

The night* knows me too well,
almost better than I know myself.

The night has witnessed my lows,
all the tears, all my inner fears.

The night has seen me collapse,
more than a thousand times.

Relapse, smile, repeat.

That's become a routine.

Smile, cry, sleep.

It helps, but only so much.

No one sees my emotions collide,
except the oh so peaceful night.

Smiling is painful at times,
which is why I adore the night,
the cold breeze putting me at ease,
until my tears are dried up and I fall asleep.

Looking at those stars in the sky,
how they shine ever so bright
they have become a comfort,
*along with the beautiful night.
© Natali Veronica 2013.

Yet another poetic vent. Enjoy!
2.2k · Sep 2013
- Sep 2013
Tears fall like raindrops
Like leaves fall from trees
Birds sing their melody
As they fly into the sky
Oh the beauty of nature
It seems so fascinating
The endless fresh air
But still I find myself

© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.2k · Jul 2013
- Jul 2013
A bit lovestruck by a perfect guy
who always makes my day
he makes me smile
he makes me laugh
I've definitely got a crush

he takes my breath away
with every word
and sentence
I feel like
I'm in heaven
completely lost in fantasy
day dreaming is now
my favorite hobby
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.1k · Jun 2013
- Jun 2013
You could take everything away
But I'd still remain
You could lie, cheat
Drag me down
Until I'm on my knees
But next to you
I'd still be

I don't understand
How I can love such a bad man
Falling in love wasn't a part of my plan
All I wanted was to feel again
But you gave me more
And I fell deeper
Score after score
And then when you left
My tears tasted bitter

Felt like my heart surrendered
To my careless mind
And lovesick brain
I'm going insane

Love is not what I wanted
But it is what I got
And now I'm crying
As I can't forget it

I can't forget you
Or the feelings I had
No matter what I do
My heart will always
Stay in love with you

Feels like I'm handcuffed
With the handcuffs of love
I feel so helpless
You're a weakness
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.1k · Dec 2013
- Dec 2013
Expanding creativity
Creating volume
As well as
© Natali Veronica 2013.
2.0k · Jun 2013
Intense Thoughts
- Jun 2013
Just the thought of you
sends chills down my spine
reminds me of the one
who used to be mine
the one I adored
who then left
as my heart
lost it's glow

I'm still heavily drunk
on my intense thoughts
as I pour wine into my glass
taking sips as I think of the past
reminding myself of your eyes
the way they glanced at my face
thinking of your hands
how you explored my skin
with your fingertips

A flame that is now burnt out
but I'm still here
drunk on intense thoughts
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.9k · Sep 2013
- Sep 2013
Intrigued how people
Fall victim to deceit
And greed
What makes
A person
Want to seek
Levels in which
They cannot reach?

There is no need
For reverse
All you need
Is to think
Like the one
Who you are
Intrigued by

Maybe it's their intelligence
Or their lack of remorse
Maybe the way they act
And are well spoken
With their words

It's those simple things
That tell the tale
Of how this man
Or this woman
Made you feel
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.9k · Aug 2013
Track Of Time
- Aug 2013
Always tempted to give a sarcastic remark
Just to hear his **** but witty comment
As I smoke my cigarette

As he makes his way
To embrace my face

As his hand
Goes up my leg

As his lips kiss mine
And we lose
Track of
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.8k · Sep 2013
Dreamy Blur
- Sep 2013
He takes photos of me
When we're drunk
When we're alone
We share this
That spark
In our hearts
When we're
At home

We sit on the floor
We talk about
What is ours

I lay almost barely clothed
As he puts his hands
On my waist
We kiss a lot
We drink
And smoke
And then the
Whole night
A dreamy
© Natali Veronica 2013.

This kinda describes last night, in some ways.
1.7k · Sep 2013
- Sep 2013
As much as I despise it
My love for you is

                                    F A R
Beyond the hatred.

I love your sinful,
beautiful ways,
of playing with,
my heartstrings.

I guess I love...everything.
Your ugly sins.
Your beautiful lies.
Your tainted feelings.
How I wish I could despise.

Oh, your anger.
Oh your clever ***** ways,
of playing with my heartstrings.

Your filthy hands covered in my blood of love.
You never even had the chance to put on gloves.
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.7k · Jun 2013
There's Something About You
- Jun 2013
I don't know what struck me the most
Your charm or those expensive clothes
There's something about you
I don't know what it is
Maybe it's your passion for life
I'm not entirely sure
But one thing I know is
I want to be your last love

I want to be the *first
******* your mind
I want to be the first girl you call '
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.7k · Nov 2013
Right Choice
- Nov 2013
Being called 'princess' by you
Is the best thing in the world
You're a dream come true
Captivated by your every word
We'll be close again, I promise
Someday, I'll see your pretty face
And I'll think ''I made the right choice''
© Natali Veronica 2013.

Can't wait to get a new phone. Excited. I miss her.
1.7k · Feb 2014
Just Like Magic
- Feb 2014
Constantly hot
Like a cigarette
Always lit

Burning up
Like the sun
Trying to stay cool
Like the midnight moon

Fierce and feisty
Sweet yet spicy
A little sarcastic
A little electric

When you touch
When you kiss
It's like magic
Felt like posting a poem. Love you, poets. :)
1.7k · Jul 2013
Temporary Love Affair
- Jul 2013
I'm fine with harmless flirtation
and meaningless kisses
and innocent moments
of intense weakness
I won't let anything stop it
as long as we're drunk
on the drinks of the night
as long as it feels right
don't worry, I'll be patient
as long as we feel something
and we know it's not all for nothing
as long as there is passion
and sweet flirtation
then I'm not complaining
as long as the drinks are pouring
our bodies are dancing
our mouths are kissing
and the night is heaven
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.6k · Sep 2013
Bad To The Core
- Sep 2013
Hundred dollar bills in my pocket
Gold chains around my neck
If you ever mess with me
I'll stiletto yo face
Got that Italian swag
And a personality to match
People say I'm horrible
But no, I'm just a *****
I don't take no ****
From a bunch
Of wannabes
What you see
Is what you get
When it comes
To a girl like me
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.5k · Sep 2013
Every Night
- Sep 2013
It's his birthday
Can't help but
Tell him I love him

It's been a heavenly day
Coffee, kisses & cigarettes
Neck bites, flirtatious disses
Romantic, sappy poems
He makes me feel alive
In every possible way

His brown eyes
Gives me
His smile
Makes me
Weak inside

Those french kisses though
So hot, unbelievable
Makes me fall
Under his spell
Every single night
Our love is so right
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.5k · Mar 2014
moments of bliss
- Mar 2014
yesterday was truly fun
let spring break begin!
I love car selfies
with my besties
so happy
1.5k · Nov 2013
- Nov 2013
your love takes me places
I never knew I wanted to go
the reason my heart races
when you and I lose control
whether in bed or the floor
I will never stop
wanting more
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.5k · Oct 2013
- Oct 2013
sometimes I want discipline
sometimes I want affection
sometimes I crave structure
sometimes I crave pleasure
sometimes I need isolation
sometimes I need protection


I want to be yours
sometimes I don't

terrible at making decisions
making choices
is something I can
but cannot do
I really can't

I sound like a player
but I'm really not
I just love too much

I love multiple people
which causes trouble
and creates chaos
my feelings run havoc
as I'm busy
trying to deny it
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.5k · Oct 2013
This Is What Makes Us Girls
- Oct 2013
There are times in a young woman's life
Where she has to protect herself
Protect her heart and words
Because nothing ever lasts
Unless you know boundaries
When it comes to love
When it comes to trust
When it comes to honesty
When it comes to security

Girls grow up thinking
Growing up sounds fun''
But then, as time goes on
We begin to miss being *young

Being free spirits in terms of youth
In terms of thinking and feeling
And the importance of confidence
As well as being free to have fun
As if life had just begun

Young girls are more confident
Well, in the childhood days
But as they grow and understand
The importance of beauty overshadows them
And as they go through puberty
They realize how much beauty
Is a major factor in happiness
When they become obsessed
With self-appearances
And body types
© Natali Veronica 2013.

Not sure what the hell I just wrote, hahah.
Just felt really inspired and this is the finished piece.
I don't know if this makes any sense at all, hope it does though.

The title of this poem was inspired by Lana Del Rey's song ''This Is What Makes Us Girls''
1.5k · Nov 2013
Bulletproof Armor
- Nov 2013
People could send words like knives my way and I would still find a way to laugh. You can't break me down, I'm so far off the ground. I have heard every word and insult in the book, but I still don't give a ****. No reason to be hurt by some *******'s words which are probably lies. I might be ugly or whatever people say, but still prettier than your ****** personalities and words of hate. Too happy to care about haters today, don't bother with me, I won't cry or tear up for a ******* ****.

© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.5k · Sep 2013
Best Boyfriend
- Sep 2013
You have a place in my heart
A special place indeed
And as well as a place
In this bed of ours

We share cigarettes
We share blankets
We share cuddles
We share kisses
We share feelings
We share our
Darkest emotions
We share ****
We share tea
We share food
We share a home

We share the bad days
And the most beautiful
Romantic nights
Of our entire life

Our love is based on
Trust & commitment
His positive vibes
I look upon
As true

This guy sees my worst
Still calls me the best
Greatest boyfriend
I have ever had
The chance to have
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.5k · Aug 2013
Happiest In His Arms
- Aug 2013
It's no fun being alone in bed
With the love of my life
Being somewhere else
As well as on my mind
In my head
In my dreams

I want his kisses
More than anything else
I want his cuddles
Like a sick person
Needs pills
To resume their health

He makes me so happy
Happier than I've ever been
He's the sunshine
When there's rain
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.4k · Oct 2013
Damage Has Been Done
- Oct 2013
Relapses* are ****
but the pain
brings *relief

I'm a true

I'm not saying
that relapses are good
I'm just saying
the pain drowns
all the bad

I lose myself
in order to feel
I'm not fully aware or conscious
but the pain makes me feel whole

Happiness always leaves
but the pain remains
and it makes me feel
so much more less alone

Sadness is not a choice
although sometimes
it's all we possess
when life gets rough

Misery is not beautiful
or in any way nice
but I am so used to it
it's become a part of my daily life

I have tried to separate myself
from this terrible state of mind
but it's too late for me to fix this
**the old me has been left behind
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.4k · Jun 2013
- Jun 2013
I'm the one who falls for heavenly eyes
who likes a slice of poisoned cherry pie
constantly seeking the one for me
I always play with the devil's key
deadly and wonderful
that's what you are
you make me love drunk
I see stars

chemistry is electric
the passion in bed
seems like magic
or maybe a trick
to make me weak
as you poison my mind

Infatuated with thoughts of you
feeding me lies but I still want more
I wonder if you love me too
even if you don't, I still want to score
because you're the drug I need
**the kind of excitement I seek
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.4k · Aug 2013
- Aug 2013
There is a point where I give in
To the most satisfying sin
There is a part of me who begs
To be punished and pushed to the bed
As my hands are either tied
Or he could use those handcuffs
Handcuff me to the bed
Please me until the night's over and done
Then we can cuddle, kiss and he can adore his girl
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.4k · Aug 2013
Creative Rush
- Aug 2013
My creativity is high today
Really not sure why
I feel so alive
When I write
Daily pick-me-up.

When I feel low
I type my heart out
When I feel down
I feel the words spill out
Out of my heart
Out of my chest
Like toys
Come out
From a
Treasure box
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.4k · Jan 2014
Insecure Hell
- Jan 2014
I don't feel good enough
I'm just average
Look at other girls
With their confidence
And perfect curls
They look fine
And I look dull
Beautiful smiles
I'm still waiting for my time
To actually shine through
Nothing compared to her
What am I to you?
Insecurities are ****.
1.4k · Jun 2013
Guilty Pleasures
- Jun 2013
Everything* we find *pleasure in are always temporary
From the finest champagne to the large stacks of money
Dollar bills give a thrill for a night and maybe another
But soon the wallet will be empty and you'll be without a lover
Lipstick stains fade as the night draws to a close
As we lose touch with reality and our lives
Nothing seems real until you experience pain
Or until you feel your heart slowing down
Life isn't as fun as the movies tell you
Life is far worse than you will ever know
As your addictions infect your brain with greed
Your love for temporary bliss will be hard to contain
And it will constantly haunt your mind
Until you get the feeling you want and need so desperately

Withdrawal symptoms are hard to bear
When you're so far up in the air
Stuck on a high from material objects
It will affect every part of your thoughts
It won't stop until you reach a new low
And your adrenaline rush turns into an overdose
An overdose of the drug that is bliss
From the things that bring you happiness
It can be *******, fine champagne
A love for expensive luxury and money
A need for attention and affection
Which you find in the deadly addictions
That creep into your brain and consume
What is left of your pure mind
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.3k · Jul 2013
Electric Chemistry
- Jul 2013
All I knew is that he made me feel safe
I'm usually under lock and key
but he makes my heart weak
just from declaring his love for me

it's sweet as hell when a guy
wants nothing more
than your beating heart
and precious soul

when you find the one for you
your heart will know
just from the electric chemistry
and the way you lose your mind
to love's insanity whenever he speaks
how he can make you feel alive
just from a simple sentence
then you know
the chemistry
is electric

you've been let down so many times in the past
you nearly forgot what true passion was
until that man came and changed
your mind about love
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.3k · Feb 2014
Positive Day
- Feb 2014
We have a bond
No one will break
Not even the worst
Of times can
Bring us down
We'll hold on tight
And win this fight

Best friends
Through life
And death

Love him so much
Having such a fun day. I feel positive.
1.3k · Aug 2013
How Did We End Up Here?
- Aug 2013
I miss our friendship
It's sad we gave up
I miss our close bond
It's sad that it disappeared
I miss our webcam conversations
I miss our lovely words and sentences
It all burned out like beautiful candles
With nothing but ashes left
To replace the fire
That was once
In our hearts
© Natali Veronica 2013.
1.3k · Jul 2013
She Keeps Me Sane
- Jul 2013
I adore my best friend
She keeps me sane
With her funny jokes
And her serious faces

Makes you wish
She was your friend
But she's my friend
Right until the end of time
Best girl I've known in life

Thank you for saving my soul
Without you, I would have lost control

I would have lost my heart
I swear, I would have fallen apart
So thank you, my dear best friend
You really do keep me sane
I don't know what I would do
If I didn't know you

I want to thank this girl
She always saves my life
And when I'm crying
She has tissues
To keep my tears away

I can't even begin to say
How she keeps me sane
This is dedicated to my close friend Rachel, I adore her with all my heart.

© Natali Veronica 2013.
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