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- Mar 2014
heal, release, set free
never hold a flame
unless you want
it to burn
your hand
keep it close
but far away
in your heart
it will always remain
- Mar 2014
the beauty of life
is hard to describe
it is the amount
of positive vibes
in one person's life
and the negative ones
that help us grow
like a flower
endless progress
just that, we are humans
- Mar 2014
yesterday was truly fun
let spring break begin!
I love car selfies
with my besties
so happy
- Mar 2014
Sticking by you
Is something
I will do
- Mar 2014
Nothing but positive vibes
Happiness in the air
That, it seems
- Mar 2014
I kissed you
In the rain
As our love

I'm in love
With you

You're the fire
Heating up my heart
Kiss me until
I'm love drunk

Sugar and spice
Isn't needed
To describe
How much
I love
Your face
And your eyes
And the passion
From all the loving
Embraces and more
This is the cure
For all sadness
For sure
- Mar 2014
you would've been 59 today
I wish I could have seen your face
it's so sad you passed away
quite long ago
but your memory
it lives on
through me
through your poetry
you were a true artist
I admire that
you were
and always
will be
a talent
I love you, auntie.
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