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Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
"From bestfriends to just a friend"
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
A darkened soul

Always sees more
Knows what to fear
What it's for
To feel exposed
Try walking free
The dark does follow
It wants to see
Writing hand
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
Although sometimes *bold

Loving and kind in this world
I am but a specimen
Lost words
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
I loved my friend.
He went away from me.
There's nothing more to say.
The poem ends,
Soft as it began, -
I loved my friend.
(c) M
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
I am nothing
but a collection
of dreams;
a cluster of lives
that I have
not yet lived
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
They say love is taking the risk
So what if it's compromising your faith?
Wouldn't you let your love bleed red?
Or leave your God for your mate?
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
Sometimes you crawl
Sometimes you drool
Sometimes you cry
Sometimes you lie

When I repair my heart
I find you in a secret room
Like a ghost I see in gloom
Stop hunting me,

*You were just another love that's doomed
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