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Mine queen
Mine easterly wind
That saveth me.

Mine beautiful
Darling of lives
Long lived.

Tis again O'
Tis again, we
Shalt touch ourn
Tissue to intertwine
The mind's of two archaic
Soul's; mine lady, mine home.

Obsidian shalt I wrap around
Thine toes, Olivine crystal to
Grace thy structured shoulder's;
Yellow Spinel as like Ray's of ten-
Thousand star's glittering thy ear's.

Lass, lady of the Orient; wipe away
Thine tear's, for eternal year's art ourn
Own to capture from nonending cloud-walking.
Yea, verily, the Azure's art singing as we shalt chant
"Bala roush, anakar crean monostipi", ourn amare to be uplifting.
Godliness and Impartial giving, life is love, and heaven-sending.
"Bala roush, anakar crean monostipi- ourn god we thank thee for ourn meeting..... ( I made the words up that go to this.)
Tis- it is...
Obsidian rock- a hard, dark, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization.found in Philippines.
Olivine crystal - ol·i·vine
an olive-green, gray-green, or brown mineral occurring widely in basalt, peridotite, and other basic igneous rocks. It is a silicate containing varying proportions of magnesium, iron, and other elements. It forms crystal to. So beautiful  from Philippines .
Yellow Spinel - looks like a yellow sapphire. Gorgeous.
Thy- your.
Thine -your
Art -are.
Ourn -our
Yea- yes.
Verily, in truth, in certainty.
Azure- clear sky or sky's also known as the blue.
Amare- love.
Impartial- treating all rivals or disputants equally; fair and just, unbiased  equal giving all love.
  May 2016 Natalia mushara
The Dedpoet
I am lost in the forest
        Of your hair,
You sleep as the dream awakens,
        Darkness turns to light

The sun dawns over you,
               Over me,
   The day gives birth to us.
Couple of astral doors
Duplicate diamond cores
Lovelore progenitors
Essence of evermore

Smoldering passion wraiths
Burgeoning ashen faith
Conveying eternity's weight
Resounding mystery slate
  May 2016 Natalia mushara
the only way that he could say bye
buying a red rose and watching it die
dying to find some other way
weighing his options to live another day

he couldn't help but to feel like a heel
healing was hard and the pain was real
reality soaked him like torrential rains
reigning over his will to remain

(I am trying to get back to following the ones who follow me, or take interest in my writing. The best way to "**** out" was to unfollow all, and then look at the list of my followers. I hate to be that way, but i also hate to see the ones who unfollwed me on my "home" page. Please bear with me, because it will only allow me to follow so many people a day apparently.)
Homophone must be used as last word in first line and third line, and their homophones should be used as the first word in the second and fourth lines.
  May 2016 Natalia mushara
inverted purpose, a hurting version
verses for this urban exertion
first curse, the burdened dispersion
unworthy service of incursion

perverted circus, a working aversion
reversing their verbal coercion
the first thirst is the verse's assertion
immersed in an urgent excursion
I reposted this because i got a message saying that i don't write poetry. They said that poetry is all about metaphors and imagery. Well, for me it is about emotion, rhymes, and wordplay. Also, alliterations have been done over and over, but not inner alliteration. Here, i worked with the "er" sound.
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