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Natalia mushara Jun 2015
He gave us all da love in da planet
And we ignored dat love
Rip baby boy
Natalia mushara Aug 2015
Playa hatas gon be playa hatas
Jus how da game work
There always playa hatas
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Whispering winds
Whispering puckers
Down down watch
Blessing another
Watch the water fall taint
The sea that it swims
He's forever mine
Forever in our abyss
Natalia mushara Aug 2015
Baby boye took me in arme
Baby boy kiss me wit charm
Baby boye mine, baby boye mine
Baby boy kute and baby boye ware suit
Baby boye italiano like me
Baby boye mine
Yuo see
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Dis chick got class
Dis chickie got style
Italian breed
Drive one wild
But sorry boys I'm taken
This spaghetti sauce is jakes!
Don't need no real bad boys
Their all baby
And fake
Natalia mushara Oct 2015
I been taking time off
From all da boye searching, taking time for self.
Self help. Nothing bedda den a woman making herself bedda
For wen a man actually kan give his all to me. I'm me, I'll stay me
Gangsta boyes so sick of, ghetto boyes fake like dey watches.
Need man with class. Classy man. Who classy can do all for his babye gurl. most of all, I dont need anyone I just want dem.
I just wanna be bedda for wen a gud one *** along. I just want bedda.
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Bring on the slice
Life kant get no betta!
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
When I see great people get smached on
I stick up for the greats
Not the phonie bolognies
Natalia mushara Jul 2015
Sum gots it all's wrong
Wen dey all about money
An no class?
Stupid boyes breaking girl in half
Did dey forget dey chance
At a ma like me?
Dey jus don't see
Blind baby boyes.
As today a boye man try hitting on me today
This girl don play
Dis chicka don play
Wit bullshitta's
And watch keepa's
Dey to busy
And I'm to busy fo dey nonsense.
Stupid boyes.
Natalia mushara Sep 2015
Don need some boye
Trying to feel me up,
I want him to feel me inside
And burst ma lust.
Natalia mushara Jul 2015
I kame back home
To feed the kitten and butta bean
Butta **** his nikname
He's ma lil labrador
Big fat pickle nose
And his lil butta bean head
Makes me luvs him so much
Natalia mushara Nov 2015
I'm a prisoner
In ma own abandoned bodye.
I want someone to bite da chain's away.
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Lifting up ma head
Still gotta gets shopping
Groceries running Lowe
Ma man's gots ta take kare of his chicka
But I take kare of self
Well groomed wonda,
Gots to do ma thing
Get ma own pockets bigga....
Not all's about moneys but still just sayings gotta help ourselves chickas
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
I was roundabout my head, spinning red ***** heels.
His holding ignited me. Blue moraine sweet.
I'll wait on his beat to my heart he does store
. I put down the dress,
I gave him the best, of animals depor.
Natalia mushara Jan 2016
I choose to be me
Yuo choose to be you
I choose to be seen
Yuo hide behind yo clues
Yuo take what not yours
I take all that mine.
Yuo take me as yo gurl
I left even in time.
I don't want yo begging me back.
I don't need yuo
But I forgives yuo
And can never luv yuo back
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
College day dropouts
Hold pipes
Like books
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
He said he xould take me to the moon and back
He killed me
Mass heart attack
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Some werent meant for dis place
Cupids always gots to return home
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Big time do
Big time yo
Girl in limlight
Playin dasher in da show
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Bubba baby Brian
Thouhgh you were my ex
Still gotta pay dis chickas
Deepest respect..
Natalia mushara Nov 2015
So many ******* out there in da world. So many nutjobs who speak without thinking.
What are dey thinking? Dey crazy or something?
Knowing nothing?
Speaking like bubbles
Foaming from dey mouth
Like rabid fauna. Its ok its dey who will change but not me who will change. Im better off ignoring demented creeps. Im better off the pathe of being nice and kind like alwayes. Kindness kills kindness killas .
Natalia mushara Jul 2015
Shake dat Hart
Like a dancing bafoon
Shake dat Hart
Kus I needs it to
Sum be jealus
Dey fake demselfs
Dey live like hatas
Convincing demself
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
If she won't go after him
I won't hesitate to
I know how to treat a man
Unlike some
Though he dont like me whatsoever
He loves her.
Too bad
Can have me at aneetime
Natalia mushara Oct 2015
Da stresse
I shakes off ma back.
Sweet I kno ma lighte
Is one of compassione
One of revamping
I'm a gurl
Of dis and dat.
Natalia mushara Sep 2015
Ma heart it bleed
I ware dis heart
On dis Italian sleeve.
I'm sick of *******
And men who are sleeze.
I take this me
And recreate.
What is past
I keep it past
What is now
Stay now.
But I will get
To da betta man
Soon somehow.
I'm ****
A babye gurl
Looking for da right one
To rule ma world.
Where are yuo babye boye?
Jake lefte
At least I thinke.
So now what do I do.
What do I say
Ma heart is cutting me down
I feel ma self buried in grave.
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
The good ones always leave us behind
Because we're either not good enough for them
Or we can't give them what they want
As I should admit
I haven't been my best to my papi
But I sure would have done betta
If I knew he was gonna leave
And yes he had all rite to go
I kudda done betta
Dumb me
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Don't ever let that truest love go
It will come back to haunt you!
For all you ladees who wanna let go of dat true love or push it away better grab onto it ladies because if its there and real. Well we got one shot soulmatr
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
I tink I needs to be alone for a while
I miss a good friend
Though not fully all his end
He has been taken where he can finally be happie now's
He has been taken where know one can hert him
But where he can write
All his beautiful rimes
Fly on baby boy
Until da end of timme
Natalia mushara Jul 2015
Kneeds prayer
For ma dear friend
He jus disappeared don know where he been
He meens alot to many
But he been hurt real bad
Bye wone who kouldnt preciate him
But one will in the end
Ma friends a  truu king
A king not a child's.
He drive manee women crazies.
As only one drives him wilds.
Though the one he luvs
As othas can see don't luv him bak!
If he kould only see
He has a tuns of women who got his bak.
If only he kould see
So many will givee him
What he truly deserves.
Though he luves her
Get me enrage...
Tho he luv her
Every women wants him to stay.
Tho he luv her
She Kant even see him.
He luv her
She don wan him
He love her
Yet I'm starting to reelize
I want him so bad
My boyfriend and I just friends now
Since my boyfriend just wanted friend!
But its OK bekause,
I want another
Who don want me back.....
He luv her
Mad chicka enraged
I think I'll cry lonaly,
Sleep-in a cave
But see agin
I want him!
He don know.
Or wantee me at all.
He loves her.
His queen in his kingdom ball.
But I want him
Jealous? Am I????
**** yea!
But I kan be betta,
I kan be bad.
Ta a guy I wants bad me an my boyfriend are on brake bekeause he want friendsz wit me but me and ma bf friends anyways. But **** is I want someone else who luvs a girl who don even know luv and don even luv him. She like oder guys. But I wuld knever to that to king iwant . /: hate feelinga hate wanting king Kant have kus he loves sum chicka who don give no luv to him. I jus don know no mo. If he kome back on hellopotry he wuld see dis and kno who fo, but he love her make me hert
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Tink I needs a break
My own essence breaks.
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
R.I.p Brian
For your name shall be above my eylids
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Sum people fake like Gucci bags
Just gotta tell the fakes from the real ones
And pitch out the fakes
Natalia mushara Aug 2015
Squash dem
Dats wut I got ta do ta make ma own
Toss dem
Out da windows like dey dids me
Show dem mommas gots a bag
Coppa tone.
Pile dem
Like da two faced deuces dey is.
File dem
Put dem in cabanets
Lock dem up
Wit da otha boyes
Not mens.
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
I could pore out a cryful river
To bring him back
Would be a winner
But he not here now
Other's didn't appreciate him like me and others
Well miss yuo best poet
That this wurld has erve known
Well miss yuo hopeless romantic
Now yuos gone
Baby fly to your happy place
Where noone can hurt yuo
Or smack your beautiful face
You've been hurt to time many
But now yuo can't be
Bekause udders were hurtful
Though I know you forgave dem
But yuo still loved
Despite players and liar's
Maby now they'll think of you
As you gave all for their attire
But now again as I said
You fly with real wings
I can't believe I shocked
To hear you left us so early
Yeah I heard you took your life
I didint wanna hear
I thought all lies
Til the call from my bf ended wit tears
I'm missing you know
Soon the world will all know
A true poet of this world
The best I did know....

R.I.p baby boy.  .... Wish I kuould of known yuo more. But. I knew enough to know you were wonderful
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
You say a fly guy?
Goodbye guy!
Natalia mushara Oct 2015
Have no time fo nonsense
I don playe wit fooles
Im queene, not yo thing
Not sum chika yuo kan rule.
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Yeah I'm foreign
So what?
That just means I'm an oddity to you.
Natalia mushara Nov 2015
Gots to give thankes for coming holiday season
Gots to give thankes for da good foods
Fam, brotha, sista, moms, dadz.
Some don got nothing
I gots all
Natalia mushara Aug 2015
To the mall back in fifteen wit fifteen bag's of Gucci
Grate day fo real.
Tho no man pay for dis
All me
And glad to be one harde working chicka
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
High helped heels today for taller look?
Uh uh
I'm already tall
Fingernail polish fo fingers today?
Already a beautician
This skin factories make makeup out of
Just happy being who I was made to be.
Natalia mushara Jul 2015
Jealousy, wha is it?
Jealous *******'s with dolla Bill's try to throw out a krispy one hundreds, but dose boy's not fooling ma self.
Jealousy, like reely wha is it?
Women trying to purposeful to hurte us.
And when dey Kant get what dey want
Dey throw out jealous merda,? Like OK
Merda yuo throw
I jus ignore da hata's and playa's.
Natalia mushara Feb 2016
Dis gurl don't want no more
Valenntines for da broken hearted
And loneliest of souls like me.
Dear valenntines
Leave me alone
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
I mis Him so much
R.I.p b
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
He left us
Such yung age
Now he wrotes poetry
On big diamond stage
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Just found out
Dear friend is gone
R.I.p angel
This is yo song
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
The one who's gone
Knew mure love den any of you
A real hopless romantic
A king not a fool
As he gave his all
I seen people shot him down
How stupid
Now he's writin in heaven not the ground
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
I don't means to be so haersh on peeple
It just when I tink dey kould be doing bedda
I act haersh bekause I kare
Not kus I don't kare
Sorry to dose of hirt
Natalia mushara Dec 2015
Just gots home from seeing momma
In da south Dakotas.
Its rainy snowy kold.
Momma getting old saw ma
Brothas one sista.
Ma babye cousin growin up
I missed her.
Felt good seeing momma
Got back home.
I jus don't like for da
Christmas season
I will feel all alone.
Gots me Christmas lights hung around the patio
Gon have to light up fireplace
Keeps warm.
Hope for something special this season
No more hartbrake or bad turns.
Natalia mushara Mar 2016
I want dat affection
Of warming soup
Into my clothes
Down to my shoes
Out my smile
Into yuo
But yuo don't existe
Dis is just a write
Maybe one day
I'll find Mr right
Natalia mushara Jun 2015
Italy packaged
Makeup ravaged sweet perfume
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