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 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
memories are a cloud at the sky now
every beloved has left its shadow at the earth
our wound traces are in this pain songs
don't lets forget yesterday
it left its shadow
the lost conspire
for some oblong heresy:
the earth says must,
yet the heavens desist.

so long to hope,
or so they say,
that which leaves the soul
for better judgement.

or heaven yet
might visit your doorstep
and send you a sign
in the shape of a smile.
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
Ciel Noir
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
Ciel Noir
all of us
circle dance around the well
infinitely deep
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
Willow SR
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
Willow SR
I love you now
I loved you then
If you were here I'd say it again
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
the water settles
the sky turns dark
the love has made you full inside
and as it goes
and as it fades
the world may never know your place
as love is strong and seen as sin
two flowers' love
too pure, too clean
a strong wind takes it
turns it to dust
for love can never last
it's a poem about two girls love that often gets oversexualized or frowned upon but is actually really pure
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
Alexa Sangren
The ordinary
Becomes the extraordinary
When the visionary
Depicts the good
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
 Apr 2019 a mcvicar
He is what he seems.
Covered screen. Left you on seen.
just like all the rest
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