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  Mar 2017 Maw Maw Sez
You pick my soul as the buzzards do a corpse
Tearing it with your great beak, into a million pieces
Scattering those tiny shards to the wind,
as you've not even the good graces to swallow them
The times you've lain hands on my flesh,
Etched into my memory,
Like names on tombstones
Only never to fade with passing time
As I am timeless in my curse
And so,
my soul may well be your feast
But I,
Shall be your
  Mar 2017 Maw Maw Sez
Death strikes twice, the first, when coursing lifeblood stops
Upon the second, the spoken name of thine be lost,
And time between should not be briefed,
But scalpel blade and nimble hands within, abridge,
Of all potential generations be stole, a thiefed,
No more a babe be at my tender breast,
Boneless mouth be torn away, a burned bridge
Alas! The conduit be severed full,
The songbirds sing upon in their nest
Above their chicks, but never I, for I am null
The blessed Lord up above, import remembrance
‘Though time ‘twixt the events become short
       So be me, as long as mouths doth speak
       Death creeps aforth, upon, and scared, retreats.
Maw Maw Sez Jan 2017
The shifting winds are bringing change
the truth is in the pudding
things have a way of working themselves out
just you wait and see
Maw Maw Sez Oct 2016
my health is going straight to hell
my hair is falling out
"I'm not ready for the great beyond"
I would like to clearly shout

I'll clutch and scream until the end
and make a great big fuss
I'll swig a bottle of whiskey
and then I'll start to cuss

I'll throw things out the window
toss my pillows on the floor
sing until my throat is scratchy
and then I'll sing some more

I'll eat sandwiches at midnight
peanut butter, jelly and bread
cutting all the crust away
shoving it under my bed

I will see you in the morning
if I make it through the night
one more favor for me
please shut off the light.....
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