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"Our song came on the radio yesterday and for the first time, I didn't roll down my windows or turn it all the way up or sing along. I forced myself to turn it off."
"I washed your sweatshirt after sleeping in it for so many nights so it wouldn't smell like you anymore and I boxed it up to put in the top of my closet, out of sight."
"Remember when we went to the beach and kept snapping photos? I finally burned them yesterday. I watched as the flames burned out, just like we did."
"Our anniversary passed, and I didn't feel empty like I did the month before. It only took me four months."
"I'm deleting your contact out of my phone so I won't feel tempted to text you when I lie awake at night thinking about what we used to be. I guess I'll be doing you a favor, seeing as you don't care about the past us like I do."
"I hope you're happy with her, because after all this time I'm finally happier without you."
finally moving on
Aint nuthin changed
still the same ***** head shaggy soul deranged
its strange ; i swore that i was out my devils range
my piece of pie lost for clarity i exchanged
In pain ; but i know that im not alone
wouldn't call depression a first world problem
They got em ; right where they want em all confused
your everything to gain will be everything you lose
Obtuse ; to that main stream y'all been drinking
The propaganda strong , i long to change your thinking..
i looked at her for a while
she isn't the same person
i knew a year ago
wears a little more makeup
lost too much weight
dresses to impress
stays up extra late
talking to her lover
depriving herself of sleep
scared of closing her eyes
scared of nightmares too deep
doesn't have as many friends
though it may appear she has more
a different person inside than out
constantly fighting an internal war
after staring at her and thinking
about who she was
and who she is now
i walked away from the mirror
and put the pills down
The robin wakes to magnificent streaks of color across the sky,
But was too busy hunting worms to notice what was up high

She flies through emerald trees dancing in the slight breeze,
But dismissed it as nothing different than what she normally sees

She tends to her vibrant blue eggs as they get ready to hatch,
But fails to notice the importance of the batch

She sinks into the nest in the moonlight, just shutting her eyes,
But wait, what is way up in the sky?

Why, it is a shooting star, glistening and shimmering high above,
She smiles and is suddenly overwhelmed with God's love

In that moment, she realized that life had a meaning,
It was so much more than the hunting, working and cleaning,

It was meant to teach slowly through every new opportunity,
Until one day she and God will have complete unity.
 Dec 2016 Maggie Georgia
Ju Clear
Mr president
I have a conflict of interest
I am not keen on how you go about your business
I am saddened by your big banking boys with roles
I am not sure you can run the US like a business
I feel more empathy is required

Mr president
Am still conflicted with your reign
Not over joyed by your chosen minions rolling in billions
Having money don't mean you know how to govern

Mr president
For me too take you seriously I feel you should liquidate your assets
Invest in the bottom
So all can be on top
Be kind
Give it away
you have another holiday
Put kindness in charge
Make America kind again
Kindness rules
Listening to the 5 pm news while cooking Mexican food
whiteness is an intellectual
psychological virus
that justifies slavery with every breath stolen
and words within it
ethnicity the antidote
when police say caucasian
it is a lie that white people
came from the Caucasus Mountains
scared into associating with whiteness
rather than genealogy coming from Africa
country built by Africans
music that is love
culture and society we love
is inherently blackness
I'd like to tell you a story
It begins in 1492
When dear old Christopher Columbus
Sailed the ocean blue

He landed on what he thought
To be the country of India
He stumbled upon a group of people
Who appeared to be indigenous

Because these native people
Happened to be where he thought he was
He called them all "Indians"
&& somehow that name stuck

They welcomed his group with open arms
Even offered them their feast
Unaware that deep inside
They were but wolves, dressed as sheep

Columbus && his crew
Soon ravaged the land
They took what they saw
Then they took full command

Of the people they found
On the land where they landed
They felt they should rule
So they stepped in, heavy handed

They murdered the people
Who had taken them in
Set fire to their villages
While the victims watched with their kin

Flash forward to the future
It's now 2016
It's been over 500 years
Since the overtaking by the regime

Future settlers decided
To let the survivors live on
They designated them small areas
Of what had not yet been robbed

These Native Americans,
Generally keep to themselves
They get by living off their land
But now they need your help

The Sioux of Standing Rock
Are being horribly mistreated
The state of North Dakota
Is poisoning them without reason

A pipeline has been built
That runs through this Native territory
When Bismarck residents didn't want it
It was rerouted, how discriminatory

People from all over the country
Are seeming to agree
They are making the commute
To protest peacefully

In defense of an oppressed people
Who only want to live
But the government is stepping in
Even blowing off some limbs

"Let them die, they're not like us"
the message the administration is sending
It seems that after all this time
The battle is never-ending

What exactly does it take
For people to see eye-to-eye?
In the end we're all just human  
We kiss, we laugh, we cry

So if you have a heart at all
If you know that this is wrong
Please join the Sioux in their mission
By coming together, we can be strong
You don't have to be out there protesting to help. You can still make a difference by making a monetary donation to help build with Standing Rock. You can read more about it on the go fund me page listed here. Every bit helps.
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