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Mandarin Sep 2018
Here I am
where I've been so many times before
                              nothing    is   wrong
                              yet everything is off
                              everything is wrong
My heartbeat is too fast for this to be
Why does this happen?
Why do my mind and my body disagree?
There should be no inner conflict such as this
Who would want this life
the life
of a broken

me.  I do.  I am broken.  I am strong.  I am proud.  I have potential,

                                                                                           and so do you.
Stay strong
Mandarin Sep 2018
he doesn't know you don't love him

he doesn't know you don't care

he'll never know what you think of him

all he sees is you

you're his everything
     his master
          his person
               his heart
                    his soul

but all he is to you is that ****** dog
A dog loves without question, without boundaries, and without limitations. We, as humans, are undeserving of this gift, but these wonderful creatures give it to us anyway
  Sep 2018 Mandarin
it’s summer
and i’m
waiting for you
in your locked car
parched, dry,
ready to die
waiting for you
to return,
to throw me
your bones;
i’ll never learn
if i don’t want to—
i’ll still wait for you
ragged, tail-wagged
calmly being cooked
by the yellowy sunbeams.

there’s no place
i’d rather be
True love is choosing not to exist without, even if unrequited.

— The End —