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  Oct 2020 LUNA
Madison Greene
I'm in the mood to remember you
legs crossed over yours;
I can't see the moon without thinking of the way it looked through your windshield
safety is your locked car in an empty parking lot
and your hands dancing on my shoulder
I trace the lines on my body the way your fingers used to
and dance across the carpet to the songs you used to play
I hope your plans and your future have saved a place for me
LUNA Oct 2020
Today I stood under the Eiffel Tower
And then I looked up
Few times in my life where I felt that small
One of them was the day I realized
We would never be together again.
LUNA Oct 2020
That's the lie I whisper when my blood runs cold in your indifference.
  Apr 2020 LUNA
what will I do once you leave
I don't love you


I hope to see you

how long has it been

you're leaving me

will I be able to walk alone
without wondering if you're close

will you forget our short lived memories
can I burn off your picture and watch the ashes crumble in the wind
LUNA Apr 2020
Thought I could save you
That's the problem with broken people
We want to heal others
With our wounds still open

Should've known when I met you
Your friends told me you'd hurt me
But I'm too devoted to love
And I was too devoted to you
LUNA Oct 2019
Every morning I wake up
I remember:
I’m not yours anymore

Then I cry till I fall asleep again
LUNA Feb 2019
I just wanted to give you simple and happy
But how could I give away something that I never had?
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