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Mar 2021 · 118
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2021
Aceituna aceituna aceituna ¿a dónde vas cuando sales?, cuando estoy cansado y con ganas de dormir, esta vida no es para nosotros aceituna eres el amor de las cosas que se acostumbraron a la lluvia, aceituna de las enredaderas de licores y de aviones que construyen sonrisas, aceituna que deambulas  por las calles de la laguna y de otras laderas imaginables, aceituna eres la que late como uno y dos y tres cuando duermo, aceituna eres una pantera que nace sin asomarse al sol, aceituna ¿qué harían las pequeñas piedras ocultas sin tu aliento de viruta?.
Aceituna, eres la neta de los gandules y las riberas desconocidas en las cosas pequeñas, aceituna tu vives como luciérnaga de carretera.
Feb 2018 · 311
Luis Mdáhuar Feb 2018
if there is anything that can give me
my heart laid bare and a thin
hair of your ***
but better yet it is to try
try never minding reasons
that is the prize
Jan 2018 · 287
It had fire
Luis Mdáhuar Jan 2018
Our most misterios beings are dead
You are formidable
And with wings from the other site
Will begin to rot
Like the malady if love
Jan 2018 · 233
The blister
Luis Mdáhuar Jan 2018
I had a blister
As fading from life
Not a single drop fell
From our cheeks
Nov 2016 · 563
All the nights are easy
Luis Mdáhuar Nov 2016
Af all the ecstasy one can enjoy
As if with no soul
Left in some gutter while *******
              watching them go by
Flames the night to all sorrow
Hookers doing their nightly and noble
An escape from the brutal
frenetic evil
My lonely nights
Of vagrancy of thought and action
The intoxicating smell of lost lives
Pipes empty of crack
The desperate look of a tormented desire
Floating the dense fog that slashes your eye
Sep 2016 · 384
Luis Mdáhuar Sep 2016
Yo other

This ache
Mittens of ****
To blow
Mar 2016 · 475
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
A small girl just went by
Tiny little *** legs and *******
Had a six pack inside a plastic
Her lover friend was also Petit
She had long hair and the face of
An angel
They both disappeared behind
A rubber tree.
Mar 2016 · 527
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
**** she said
You are a ***** with no batteries
Like a sword with no handle
Then a cup of coffee flew straight
To my left eye
**** she said, you are worthless
That night I went to the store
Beer and mezcal were on my mind
**** she said
I've been looking all over for you
What happened to your eye?
Let me kiss you she said
I left her place this time
Early morning.
Mar 2016 · 924
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
She was not a thousand years ago
Damascus was the first city
Her poets nomads and between worlds
It is rubble now
It is deserted now
The gate between hell's civilized
Syria is rubble ashes and dust
Mar 2016 · 292
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
All death means nothing or at least
Not much
My death, yes mine alone
The bones and flesh
Eaten and polished
Worms flirting with lost knowledge
My bones and an apple tree
Death saw me last night
It will be swift, she said.

I'll miss Street signs
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
The mention of a purple eye
Residing in your ****** which awaits
Like a small window resting on my neck
Desires nothing more than all the screams
Of a deserted city after a bomb party
You silenced the almighty reason
With a proper wink and the blessing
Of an accidental discovery
And yet the horns will remain
Guarding the temple of your
Mar 2016 · 379
Do or shoes
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
I never associate the plane with a hammock
The interest of my belly wins over any such
Discussion which might inevitably turn into sorrow
But, and I speak only for the asphalt, will
Innegably show disrespect to the other functions of the brain
Which astonishes me when it wants to sleep or take an independent
through the staircase of your lap
But if your lap denies the welcoming blood
Think of the shadow preserving human thought
And immediately
Imprudently all cities might fall inspite of all false pretexts
                 your leg is the salvation of man and his cubic head
You are me in the belief of nothing but pleasure
Of the heart and eyes, of the polished sword
Of the mighty octopus clinging to your mare
Of a highly anticipated degree of fresh air
Liberty draws attempts to carry all carcasses
Like a candle
Or a pill to sleep.
Nov 2015 · 550
Eléctric Urchin
Luis Mdáhuar Nov 2015
Her forehead listened
To the charge of disdain
Her armpit felt the swift blade
Of an electric urchin
As it descended to earth
Bearing the gift of sight
He then tossed all burden aside
Like the precize encounter
Of a short wave radio and
A breathing dog.
Aug 2015 · 373
Plenitud storm
Luis Mdáhuar Aug 2015
The washer of my soul can no longer subside with the idea of having a sleep that dreams of all the members from the machinery of the sandalistic escape from acccaaaaccaaave said the man with the embarrassing look a look created by the style of hiding their embarrassment, but the ridicule lady knew better, embarrassment is for assess who swallow assess before diner and behave like so but when it comes to the destiny of a badly eaten pear not a single soul trembles at the thought of remembering their childhood, because my friends, the pear never decided to be there in the first place.
Jul 2015 · 570
The tire floats abroad
Luis Mdáhuar Jul 2015
Solitude is a boat
In murky waters
The only place where the souls of the world still sing

Solitude is the song of the brave
Who ignore themselves
obedient to
The Infinity  within
Solitude chooses you
While taking a dump
Or dreaming with obsessed

It drinks alone with unspeakable boredom
Do not avoid it
It will shower you with
Gifts of endurance
Amongst the most incredible
Like a saint wiping his nose
With inimitable style
Jul 2015 · 348
On the Metro
Luis Mdáhuar Jul 2015
Shadow kisses

Take Flight wings

In endless pursuit

Wind foam creating

Gods bound in time,

biting lips

Surrounding the cracks where

breath becomes liquid

between the legs

nose hand and voice

Electric and primitive

strong desired leaf
Jun 2015 · 383
The sword
Luis Mdáhuar Jun 2015
In the same loveless floor
An astute mare
              Begins to chew on nightly
Mine as well the bone
               Of past joy
      Oh! the lovely mare
   I once saw
                 When love was all and none
            In you're liquid lust flesh
                hair of death
lonely pale
                     Night of veil alike
     Distant tree my soul
             Shall never see thee
Ever ever more
                             thy sleep
             Shall end like a bent
               Elongated Neck
Jun 2015 · 1.4k
Luis Mdáhuar Jun 2015
She resembles a make believe song
As if my sorrow for the staircases
Of the ocean
Blue because the nymph stretches
Around the ring of perfection
When the world was as dull as a sink
When the sky looked like a pillow
Trembling behind the doors of ***
As if the leggs weren't enough
To ask for a second meal
The hand cuts the melancholy pear
Swift and shinning pear
Before the branch broke in half
Jun 2015 · 903
Sudden stupor
Luis Mdáhuar Jun 2015
There was a sitting cow on a prairie and a small **** came flying who resembled a martini glass that resembled a train, but if you sneeze the whole thing might fall and become an egg sandwich.
Jun 2015 · 431
The beast fears naught
Luis Mdáhuar Jun 2015
It’s simplicity
Its cradle and skill
Evil in bed
Disturbs your conscience

Born worthless
No miracle there
In delightful fast
Storm holds its vine
Selling naught
Desiring naught

Its words
Its actions
The beast fears naught
Unknowingly knowing
Swollen senses
Glorious aliment
For a crooked tree

Its breast bends
Its hands bends
Insults are loves
Wars and artifacts
Antechamber of death
And says naught

Not one will remain
Not one will prevail
Your dust will be eaten
By democratic worms
Of all brothers
Despised by all

Beasts fears naught
Nor life nor death
Who says?
Who comes?
Who goes?
The breeze only alone

White on white
Atop the dead walks
A single hair of grass
Grows, lives dies
Beasts do not share terror
             Abounds in its symmetry

Without choices
Alone as the lone sun
That from three stars
                 It hangs
Empty and nothing more
All perishes
Something In the middle there
Alone Only

Embracing the extremes
The beast has been a beast
Over million a trials
And even then, nothing in the middle there
But the seen
Growing to naught
Perishing in naught

Aware of this not
As ornament the imprint
Of its fiery tenure
beast, far, escape, routine, mesh, garden, stamp, cook, special, mastik, imprint, kiss, delectable, fashion, stupid, market, mariachi, ****, moon, drought, wanderings, musings, pope, ****, fear bone liquid venom.
Jun 2015 · 351
My belly
Luis Mdáhuar Jun 2015
So you say elephants don't fly
Or that malice was a brute
Out of a cave
But I still adore your legs
Even If you snore while caressing
My belly
Then I go for another line
A beer
And scream out the window
You in bed showing those legs
Dreaming about whales and foam
Apr 2015 · 743
Luis Mdáhuar Apr 2015
I forgot I could jump
From a higher height
Since a child a dream haunts
My waking hour
Like a private eye of my soul
Once I jumped and swore
From an impossible height
On the reality and confusion
Of truth
And dream
Memory alike
Yesterday I jumped aggain
This time into the ocean
i fell
There was a mare
A white mare
And lost friends
Apr 2015 · 469
when i think I loose
Luis Mdáhuar Apr 2015
when I think I loose
something goes to places of comfort
a sort of lattice with no edge
thinking is for ******* or simply graduates
my sole solace is to sleep
no waking for a single heap
women are somnambulist
with *** appeal
the brute will inherit the earth just wait and see
or don't
do as you please if you can
Apr 2015 · 306
Only a monster
Luis Mdáhuar Apr 2015
of all the sand and the rage
there is only one cause
to be either an elephant or a dog
the silence creeps on bad writers
I alone stiffen the rod to heaven
not a believer but in a certain gods
who played the fields and ****** hard
humans and animals alike
a sort of cruel joy
we moderns **** but its all we've got
bark and **** and eat dream
you can only be sad
strength to raise up every day
to see ugly faces with ugly jobs
and ******* preoccupations
where is the passion crime?
Ah my left arm for a solid love
bed and drink and be left alone
Mar 2015 · 377
where they go?
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2015
I guess old age is not
Collecting SS in the street
Beggars go with pesos alone
And I drift in my car
Into a parking lot
With a sealed stamp 4 pesos to
Let me out
Wrinkled faces with a plastic cup
Its a hellish life we lead
Expanding our qualms
Move slow slow slow
Old age will come
Mar 2015 · 314
be not
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2015
Be not your self
There is naught
So and sow
Be not yourself
Like a timeless moon
And drink to my fervent
My flesh and bones
Mar 2015 · 473
urban nature
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2015
Barbed wire and lights
Bycicles with no lights
Atop abandoned plains where
Dried hair plough
A dark skin with fences on the brow
Like a messed up soul
As beautiful as as a pond
There are smiles
From the foul stench
Breast and a slave
To temper and soul
Mar 2015 · 613
to all dirt out there
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2015
Do not let the migrating soul
Capture the night
You are about to fall
Agree with all
Bemused and in awe
Harness all hate in a pocket
Through and through
In the sadness of my sleep
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2015
Had the hope of giving up
as well as dying
had the hopes of any old man
with a **** for life of unstoppable
parables and boring friends

he stepped out of his house
walked as any old day
dressed on a two piece suit
went to the bus stop

He leaned to see if it was comming
and as usual he came fast
this mexican busess are all too reliable
for not following the speed
He jumped in front of the bus
and ended it.
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
The train
Luis Mdáhuar Nov 2014
Those beautiful abysses where conscience
Awakes to the smell of incense
muscles seeking other beings
To obscure alleys

your hair and the ribbon
Atop those ******* resting on a humming bird
The sweet taste of hachis brings forth
Remembrances of life before God

Lovely the silent ****** of night
desire ablaze with fiery eyes
To You and the skin you wear
Like the unknown land of nevermore
Nov 2014 · 419
Luis Mdáhuar Nov 2014
Nothing in your hands
I do not know what to tell you
but they are the sailing waters
and the spontaneity of your feet
When the Sun and death
haunt my waking
in this table of carbon
lust the finger lifts
and you imagine me
undone by half
but the world turns
and its delights embark on the migration
to my eyes of plant
waiting for the time of morning bath
your feet revolve with the tenderness of the foam
they ride into the roof of my house
and read Peret
love comes
as a bug
While you are distracted with the mouth
and those lips that passionately
crash each other
the violence of the clouds
are my land

pain travels in front of us
I have pursued it in your breath
from the first ray that pounded
the Earth
in the awakening of the stones
and the birds
hunger appeared
in  the beautifully useless walks
through those avenues

While the snow created flakes
to unleash the fury of the fire
at your feet I settle
bathed and satisfied
Oct 2014 · 319
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
My anonymity covers the case of my lost steps when you think of me
Oct 2014 · 843
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
There is no distinction between a soap and the feeling of touch and the immortal cockroach, while I sleep in the confidence of losing everything.
Oct 2014 · 318
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
How much lack of accuracy between two desperate hearts when marching without weapons
Oct 2014 · 224
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Cheating so loved the truth that once began a flood of letters that fell into the river ***
Oct 2014 · 219
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Love needs to be re-invented to slay the material from which a new form will  spring.
Oct 2014 · 279
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
When the flowers are close to the bearded truck, get a gun and shoot in the eye of your desire
Oct 2014 · 309
We the lovers
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
There was a time of brute force
Where a poet was the beast
And a woman the evil cry
All made song all pagan glow
Bul Lo the mistress of hate
On a carriage she came
Preaching respect over a river
trully made of blood
With floating dismembered flesh
Carrying a song
Now it is all a desease
What humans feel
Remember what cruelty is
Kind complex mind
Oct 2014 · 471
Human Rite
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Americans love human rights
The more they scream
The bigger the crime
A marketing stratagem
The confidence man devised
Unable to touch
'you will be Tailored a suit
If you say what you think
Off to jail you go
The *** will crack
In a violent act
Delicate china flower
The human rite
Oct 2014 · 305
Toss without fall
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
The Tomb did not wake
Upon the arrival of the muse,
Her ******* sounded
ample and modulated
But the tomb kept silent- strange
thought the muse
This is where My husband
Was buried
Oct 2014 · 641
Twenty horses
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Come to the door asphalt
New ***** and a wet ******
Salute each member cadette
Silently open the sea
Moreover shut the curtain
Asleep is fine
Clouds like dotted lines
Peoples faces ugly as fornicating
Roaches eat wood and sky
Breathe ether and hachis
Pompous beings indignant
With ****** the world forgets
As a woman with ******* thoughts
Speak dwarf innocuous as a hammock
Let love **** you
Oct 2014 · 313
Not to Be
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
invent your feeelings
There is
no beauty unless need
rules your soul
she does not care about your sincerity
identity bored as a  ****** on a rainy night
your will is nothing but fancy fooled
lie to yourself
as much as you can feel
what is not there
to set the forrest
in flames
you are nothing
but a perpetual repetition of fate
Oct 2014 · 346
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Blacmanmaba calimbrrrta
Hrow hrow hrow
Trrrrim bambarrrum blacmamaba
Brrrum bablank
To read out loud in a public place, then you wil, feeeel free.
Oct 2014 · 705
ask again in a minute
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
The cat entered and she died
Her feet still moving
And I got mad
How could she forget
The unconditional love
for her feet I felt
Still moving
        they took her away
The indiferente of that cat
Moving across the tarp
How could she forget
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Lend me your arm
To replace my leg
The rats ate it for me
At Verdun
At Verdun
I ate a lot of rats
But they didn't give me back my leg
And that's why I was given the Croix de Guerre
And a wooden leg
And a wooden leg
Real poet
Oct 2014 · 401
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Can only talk about themselves, how they feel and think, the latter and the former are only filters of marketing and sales,  hypnotized to believe in self and the importance of you, uncle. Suicide is not allowed therefore poetry suffers a great deal, clean beauty using ****** words does not make a poem. Amerixans have more upper case words than any other planet in the milky Way, Internet, April and May together with defending us from zombies and aliens, the author has become as nasty as a rag after mopping *****. There is no escape from amerixan way of life, they will sell you one.
To all my lovers and infant pornographers, my kind and dear aunt who jumped of the Brooklyn Bridge, to all who think that life is not worth more than the border of space, only anonymity will restore the human filth.
Oct 2014 · 683
Not a poem
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Poetry was never intended to express your banal and stupid feeeeeelings, do not reduce it to lowest level of hatred, poetry is not your vehicle to be clever or breif. I Have no interest to read about your pathetic love life. I'd rather read about the life of a fly than your meager attempts at being recognized, have the courage to be Anonymous.... you can't can you? Too many poets, too little poetry.
To all pretenders and garbage eaters. Fame gloaters and so, oh but so important people.
Oct 2014 · 523
three headed beast
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
Once in the Forrest a large animal crossed the lake where a person with large ******* and echo in her hair was bathing placidly naked, the beast turned into a mushroom to be next to the buttocks if the white female, she smiled at the tingling of her throat an drank a small portion of red wine, immediately the lake withdrew and a large bull emerged from the mouth of hell. Her ******* squirted honey and the mushroom beast jumped between her legs while the bull gazed at the marvelous woman that became radiant with green light coming from her waist tightened by a two faced snake. A man came along riding a bicycle when out of an apparent nothingness a sword decapitated his head that bounced all the way to the feet of the newly formed girl. He asked her to help him clean his eyes, she did so with two words, and emotion entered into the bull from the nose and made him explode like a bull frog, then the man took what was left of the bull and became a beautiful flute. She stood up and kissed the head of the mushroom and grew as big as an elephant even before the first elephant was borne. All this happened while the nymph of the lake pronounced the following " I will deposit in the hearts of men, the imperative need to follow ceaselessly his own voice" then disappeared inside the only rock in the valley.
Oct 2014 · 336
Luis Mdáhuar Oct 2014
and drops come as if the twilight of a love
from observing a roach
this particular night spent
as a locust or a miriad of intermitent desires
my blue is as usual present
no pleasure felt no more
in the border on infinite space i dwell
to not being a drop for all eternal sound
myriad window and a sigh we echo
only the prize to follow in the lonelly road
finding nothing but "i'ss" I I I followed by I
Sep 2014 · 722
Naked punish
Luis Mdáhuar Sep 2014
My mother late at night naked
She was in the hall, next to the bathroom
my attraction to women has been ever since
one of fascination and horror
my aunt wanted me to have a thinner nose
fuller upper lip
then my cousin promised to show me her *******
I never saw her again
that week I dreamed of her *******
the room at my grandma's house and chess boards

mothers have more influence on the poet
than any other being
they mark his view on life
where there is no line between dream
reality fantasy tale
and myth becomes evident once you enter
and you learn to accept the most
separate and distant incongruences
thanks to a mother’s irrational thought

I stepped into a carpet of bulls and cows
the animals would awake at every one
of my step
hoofs and noses pink and red
all smeared with a gelatinous substance
the tree became for me impossible
to reach

mother and the father
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