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Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2021
Aceituna aceituna aceituna ¿a dónde vas cuando sales?, cuando estoy cansado y con ganas de dormir, esta vida no es para nosotros aceituna eres el amor de las cosas que se acostumbraron a la lluvia, aceituna de las enredaderas de licores y de aviones que construyen sonrisas, aceituna que deambulas  por las calles de la laguna y de otras laderas imaginables, aceituna eres la que late como uno y dos y tres cuando duermo, aceituna eres una pantera que nace sin asomarse al sol, aceituna ¿qué harían las pequeñas piedras ocultas sin tu aliento de viruta?.
Aceituna, eres la neta de los gandules y las riberas desconocidas en las cosas pequeñas, aceituna tu vives como luciérnaga de carretera.
Luis Mdáhuar Feb 2018
if there is anything that can give me
my heart laid bare and a thin
hair of your ***
but better yet it is to try
try never minding reasons
that is the prize
Luis Mdáhuar Jan 2018
Our most misterios beings are dead
You are formidable
And with wings from the other site
Will begin to rot
Like the malady if love
Luis Mdáhuar Jan 2018
I had a blister
As fading from life
Not a single drop fell
From our cheeks
Luis Mdáhuar Nov 2016
Af all the ecstasy one can enjoy
As if with no soul
Left in some gutter while *******
              watching them go by
Flames the night to all sorrow
Hookers doing their nightly and noble
An escape from the brutal
frenetic evil
My lonely nights
Of vagrancy of thought and action
The intoxicating smell of lost lives
Pipes empty of crack
The desperate look of a tormented desire
Floating the dense fog that slashes your eye
Luis Mdáhuar Sep 2016
Yo other

This ache
Mittens of ****
To blow
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
A small girl just went by
Tiny little *** legs and *******
Had a six pack inside a plastic
Her lover friend was also Petit
She had long hair and the face of
An angel
They both disappeared behind
A rubber tree.
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