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497 · Jun 2020
Lessons about Dusk
Louie Blaise Jun 2020
Not like life, when it's the end, it's the end
The sun will set, yet it will rise again
The lost opportunities can be rendered tomorrow
But, the same sequence will never show

Enjoy the clouds while they're at fleet
The patterns will never aver again repeat
Be open to the opportunities that knock
Like a rock, once thrown, they'll never come back

Regrets, nostalgias, and broken dreams surround
As the pink skies are swallowed by dark clouds
When the day comes to an end
It remind
things in this world are transient.
Wrote this poem while looking at the sunset when the pink skies are slowly swallowed by the gray mushy clouds.
195 · Jun 2020
Louie Blaise Jun 2020
A slow,
depressing moment
There's not much to expect
But to wait
when it will end
when is your end.
I'd rather
Be extinct in an instant,
expire abruptly
Than decay
and lose hope.
167 · Jun 2020
Anxious Musing
Louie Blaise Jun 2020
Stooped down for a stupor moment
I found myself in an eerie silence
Many may call this as discernment
But this is when my cofused heart hearkens

I'd never thought I'll face a lot
I'd never thought I'll hear countless voices
I'll never thought I'll be laughed at
Never thought I'll be swallowed by darkness

Again, agonized by silence
Dumbfounded by the staggering amount
Of dumbness and speaking conscience
Dumb to realize no answers were found.
166 · Jun 2020
A Series of
Louie Blaise Jun 2020
Broken poetries
Confused soliloquies
Unsent letters
Unexpressed behaviors

Divided heart
Unfinished art
Terrible voices
Worthless pieces

Sleepless nights
Nostalgic bites
Broken dreams
Unexplored whims

And a collection of regrets
That left permanent twinges.

— The End —