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Doll May 2014
I'm numb so numb and I would like to ask you something
Can you please..
**** the pain out of me  , fill me with pills so i can stay numb forever  
Fill me with opiates and watch me die inside
Don't worry i will feel no pain

Look at me in my eyes and tell me you love me then leave me
So i can feel pain again
Then fill me with benzos make me dreamy  and love my life
So you can hurt me again
Choke me hurt me and belittle me
Make me walk around with bruises

Heal my wounds , buy me pills
opiates , oplïods and benzos
Make me happy for a week or less
then leave me behind wondering why you left me
so i will feel pain and then I need to crawl back to pills
or to you
  May 2014 Doll
Orion Schwalm
The drugs, oh the drugs, what do they do?

They don't bring me any closer to you.
  May 2014 Doll
y i k e s
you're the worst kind of drug

and i want to you in every way possible

smoke, inhale, snort, injection

and i want to get


— The End —