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 May 2014 Doll
One Day
 May 2014 Doll
One day I will feel love running through my body
One day I will see the beauty in me
One day I will dance with the stars in harmonized choreography
One day I will wake at the start of dawn and frolic with all of the young fawns
One day I will inspire happiness and expire love
One day my voice will sing with the doves the song of earth's awakening
One day I will find shelter in the grass
One day I will run away and never come back
Just some dreams of mine
 May 2014 Doll
Mari Carrasco
 May 2014 Doll
Mari Carrasco
It's alarming.
Getting so easily caught.
Caught up in addiction.
An addiction to *****.
An addiction to drugs.
An addiction to you.

 May 2014 Doll
Michael Grace
nope. no more.
I'm sick. sick of you
let a girl have *** if she wants too
let a girl have emotions if she wants to
let a girl be herself without you judging her every detail and flaw
******* stop
you don't know her
you don't know her life
you probably don't even know her family
so stop judging based on what you can see till you can dig a little deeper.
either look closer or don't look at all with those beady little ******* eyes.
get over who you are.
because you may think you're perfect, but that girl you called a **** is calling you a *****.
and you're repeating the cycle.
 May 2014 Doll
Jack Taylor
Notice Me
 May 2014 Doll
Jack Taylor
Notice the way I change when you enter the room.
Notice the way you make my lips curl into a smile when you speak to me.
Notice the way your face reflects so handsomely in my brown eyes.
Notice the way my body shudders beneath your touch.
Notice the way I taste on your lips, lust and desire.
Notice the way that I can’t live without you.

Notice the way I change when you leave.
Notice the way I have no smiles left, only frowns.
Notice the way you can’t see a thing through my glassy eyes.
Notice the way that my hip bones poke through my tee shirt.
Notice the way my lips chap and bleed when you kiss me.
Notice the way that I’m dying without you.
 May 2014 Doll
there are no kisses and hugs
no missing or love
were laughs become screams
and tears become streams

nobody dares to speak
for we are all too weak
and afraid of what should be loved

as my mum comes near
we all stand in fear
wondering who will be next
to be pulled by the hair
and get given no care
only painful kicks and stares

I tried hiding under my bed
for sooner or later I will be dead
we're all just living in dread

I can no longer take the pain
there really is no gain

because things are just different in my house...
it's not very good but I guess it's something...
 May 2014 Doll
Stop trying to remember his scent, he smelled like summer and reminds you of the time he made you laugh so hard, you snorted out milk on that dead, hazy day.

2. Don't waste your day trying to decipher what colour his eyes were, it'll only remind you of the galaxies and constellations that you once saw in his eyes

3. Stop trying to retrace the shape of his mouth in the middle of the night, you'll choke on your tongue trying to taste the mint he devoured seconds before pulling you in for a kiss

4. Stop reliving the times you clasped hands together, the glass plate will fall off your trembling hands.

5. Burn this list, admit that the galaxies and constellations shining in his eyes were wilted, the one in yours are bursting with fire. Remember on the dead, hazy day his laugh sounded like nails running down a chalkboard. Remember when you kissed, the weeds growing from his mouth entangled the roses blooming in yours.

Realize that one day, another boy is going to come and plant daisies where he left behind thorns.
 May 2014 Doll
Connlan O'meara
 May 2014 Doll
Connlan O'meara
They have many different effects,
They can fester and boil inside you and grow and grow, you become more and more addicted before you know it you're doing it every weekend, again and again until the pain goes away, until the pain dies.

Until you leave

You leave your mind on a endless journey to a new life, a life where you are in control, where you are weightless, a life where selfconfidence means nothing to anyone, you have no cares in the world and you feel great

Until you can't go on without them

You can't move without them,
You can't talk without them.
That pain comes back,
The pain that they said would go away but ends up running circles in your head and says the same things over and over and over and over again.

*"Come on, just give it a go, you won't get addicted"
 May 2014 Doll
y i k e s
 May 2014 Doll
y i k e s
you're the worst kind of drug

and i want to you in every way possible

smoke, inhale, snort, injection

and i want to get


— The End —