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Lily Nov 2019
If I loved you more like grace did
would we have made it?

                                                           Hey you, guess we're talking again?
                                          I can't say I understand where this came from.

Talk to me.
Lily Nov 2019
Tell everyone how proud you were

It'll be easier when I'm not there
A mothers love
Lily Jan 2019
I want you heart and soul and body and tongue
Lily Dec 2018
There're spiders
there're monsters
they live under my bed
but no one else sees them
so the monsters
they come and
when I cry in the night
you laugh and you say
“you’re too big for this nonsense,
close your eyes, lay down your head”
see that bed, it is mine
so I made up a plan
and this last time
the monsters came crawling,
the rain on the roof
drowned all other sounds...

and the spiders came out
(I said they lived under my bed)
oh! and the stories they know
look at the size of their claws!
let them tear you to pieces
oh! this time you'll see!
There're spiders
there're monsters
but no! they’re not one!
there was red
There was red!
but this time not me!
bet you wished you believed me
all those times I did say
there are spiders
there were monsters

and they'll stay under my bed!

— The End —