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ren Oct 2017
I want to be
away from the world
yet I still check
from my stationary rocket ship
if the world notices
I'm gone.
ren Oct 2017
sway to the rhythm
of my heartbeat,
to the hums of love
that are delicately intertwined
with the flower
that rests in your hair,

and then I'll dance
on every breath of yours,
like how the evening light
on your morning skin.
- darling, you are my every day: timeless.
ren Oct 2017
my dear,
when you grow jealous
of the meadows you are not near
just remember;
every flower desires the sun
and the sun envies the moon.
- comparison is the poison we read about in fairytales, you are your own unique planet.
ren Oct 2017
i can't sleep.

the thought of you beside me is
possibly older than the night herself,
with only mere daydreams
to fill your absence.

who would've known
that you could feel so homeless,
in the comfort
of your own bed?
- the very thought of you writes the poems I could never form.

— The End —