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Lara Wan Feb 2015
tell me, tell me
what it means
when you kiss me
is it real?

tell me, tell me
is it true
when you told me
"I love you"?

or was it just
was it just
another one of your lies
because I can't see
through you, baby
no matter how hard I try

you're a wild card
a love machine without a heart
you're a day dream
and a nightmare that makes me scream
you're the light of day
the dark of night
I know it's wrong
but it feels so right

so tell me, tell me
what's going on inside
tell me, tell me
what's running through your mind
Lara Wan Jan 2015
I lie in bed as they rattle
in my closet where they hide
under the bed where they live
inside my head where they thrive

they whisper, they talk
they mutter, they scream
they hunt me when I'm awake
they haunt me in my dreams

the skeletons threaten
to let themselves out
they say they'll tell people
what my fears are about

the monsters under the bed
now live inside my head
each one has a name
and they all drive me insane

then there's the voices
who sound bigger than me
they scare me the most
though they're the ones I can't see

they tell me I'm worthless
no matter what I do
I know that they're lying
but it just sounds so true

you have no friends they tell me
and I tell myself it's a lie
but I wonder now and then
when I perish, who will cry?

they say I'm better off alone
with this one I agree
because no matter what happens
I won't ever betray me.
Lara Wan Dec 2014
I like you better with your glasses on and I
like you better, better when you didn't try
so hard to be noticed and to fit in with the crowd

I like you better when you act so shy and I
like you better when you didn't know how to lie
when you didn't know how to scar with words like you do now

I like you better yesterday and the day before
when you were still you, I liked you more
made this in my head on my home.
Lara Wan Nov 2014
one more poem and i'll be over you
one more verse and you're history
one more line and i'm through
one more rhyme and i'm free
Lara Wan Nov 2014
it's way past my bed time and
i blame you, you're keeping me up again
can't sleep
Lara Wan Oct 2014
I used to care about what you think
I used to think that you care
but not anymore
Lara Wan Oct 2014
I killed you in my mind
I stabbed you to death 37 times
I gouged your eyes out
shot an arrow through your mouth
I may seem violent
but I'm really calm right now

I killed you in my mind
ran you over with a bulldozer
put you through the wringer
and hang you dry
it may seem gruesome
but I'm laughing so hard I could cry

I killed you in mind
drove a knife through your heart
and right now I'm being kind
I whisper, "It's okay" as I tear you apart
you may think it's gory
but sorry, I'm not sorry.
I need restraint. I really want to strangle somebody.
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