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I was whole
                        Not broken
                                              Before my soul
                                                                          Took this body
                                                                                                      For its own
 Jun 2014 Lara Wan
Clem N Tine
There are dreamers
and there are realists in this world.
You'd think the dreamers
would find the dreamers
the realists
would find the realists,
but more often than not
the opposite is true
You see ,
the dreamers need the realists
to keep them from soaring
too close to the sun
and the realists...
well, without the dreamers
they might never get off the ground
 Jun 2014 Lara Wan
(Dont) miss me
(Run) cause I'm far away
(From) here to there
(This) love will follow
(Please) never forget
(Remember) my name
(Me) and my love for you
(Always) *remains the same
Read within the brackets, then the italics, then all together.
 Jun 2014 Lara Wan
Ariel Baptista
Shattered on the floor
Sharp shards and nothing more
Mind and Body
Ripped to shreds
Holding on by borrowed threads
Stripped of Poise and Polish
Stripped of it all
Wind me up and watch me fall
Watch me crack
and tear along my seams
Watch me spill my hopes and dreams
Watch as my heart nearly succeeds to fail
In its desperate attempt to beat
Sew me up with a rusty nail
And repeat.

— The End —