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Feb 2015
tell me, tell me
what it means
when you kiss me
is it real?

tell me, tell me
is it true
when you told me
"I love you"?

or was it just
was it just
another one of your lies
because I can't see
through you, baby
no matter how hard I try

you're a wild card
a love machine without a heart
you're a day dream
and a nightmare that makes me scream
you're the light of day
the dark of night
I know it's wrong
but it feels so right

so tell me, tell me
what's going on inside
tell me, tell me
what's running through your mind
Written by
Lara Wan
       pj, Arcassin B, unknown, YourNightLight, shÃ¥i and 2 others
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