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 Jul 2019 L Seagull
Rama Krsna
if silence
is the gateway
to the highest truth,
animals glimpse this truth
far better than humans do....
that inherent tranquility
embedded in
the radius of their own silence,
be it a lion or a dog!
after all,
“dog” written backwards is
indeed “god”

© 2019
inspired by Ramana Maharshi who said that “silence is also conversation”
 Jul 2019 L Seagull
Carl D'Souza
Everything which I have
can be taken away
by Destiny.

Everything which I am
can be diminished
until the total ceasing of me
by Destiny.

of how Destiny is happening
brings peace of mind.
Girl, you were always there for him
But, he sadly used and abused you
He never appreciated anything
He tore your poor heart in two
Nothing but bitterness and sorrow
Along with dark clouds and pain
You are in a state of melancholy
The joy of sunshine has sadly, turned into rain
Always move forward
And take the next step
Continue to live and grow
Just give it your best
Be willing to open your mind
Enrich, enlighten and enhance
Do better and be better
Empower yourself in order to advance
It is so profound
When one finds themselves again
Bitterness and resentment disappear
The sunshine is there my friend
The clouds are gone
And the pathway is clear
Ambiguity has gone away
One spreads nothing but good cheer
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