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  Jul 2019 L Seagull
Carl D'Souza
Everything which I have
can be taken away
by Destiny.

Everything which I am
can be diminished
until the total ceasing of me
by Destiny.

of how Destiny is happening
brings peace of mind.
L Seagull Jul 2019
If only I knew
What luck it is
To get a surprise
****** exam of all
Your private information
Through and through
Plus the mic
Is hanging over me
Just like an all seeing
Who can’t stop

Wait... TWICE!!!
People don’t know what they’re missing!
L Seagull Jul 2019
Or do we play the same ****** game
And pull the strings
Integrity here please
L Seagull Jul 2019
Those lovely ladies
Who lie and sweat
Like little chickens
Hungry for some
I do sometimes
I am vulnerable and there is a way to make me quit my profession. Send more fakes please - they make me want to die. Oh, wait - thanks for your care!
L Seagull Feb 2019
Let the peace of mind be your valentine
Congrats to all those who don’t have a date. Including all my old frienemies who are never entirely out of my life
L Seagull Feb 2019
Drop the stream through this sieve into the bottle
Where it shouldn’t belong you wish to
Drink up the poisoned milk in infinitesimal gulps
Of deathly satisfaction only because
The glass shards under your feet pretended
To be the grass and you believed as much as
That what felt like downfall was anything resembling warmth
Sneaking snapshots of neglect for nothing else
Is allowed to who you know yourself to be
And nothing else is a possibility for the
Identity was outlined in ink and blood and
Disappointment and disappointed you are
As a way to make the world feel familiar
At least there is one listener to make one feel at home
While the rest hold on to their promises
While keeping their ears open and their feet in the destined direction
And you are wasting away the precious moments
To drag yourself through the dessert of
Familiar bitterness
To be seen through the prism of your
Poisoned safety blanket
Only as illegitimate
Worthless poem really. A hundred bucks works better than mirrors
L Seagull Feb 2019
Nothing more than
A non spoken presence
Felt deeply
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