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  Nov 2015 Kristine Jensen
"I have a staring problem.
Better yet, YOU give me a staring problem
My problem isn't that I do it to much
Is that I don't do it enough
When I'm not staring at you
The world seems dull
And not worth a single second of my gaze
When I could be spending that moment
Looking at your eyes
Watching your hand
Studying your lips."
  Nov 2015 Kristine Jensen
it doesn't make sense for me to feel this way
because you're not even mine
but i still can't help feeling the way that i do
like i'm drowning and the water is digging into my lungs like a knife
i'm tired of the way my heart wants something that it can't have
making me feel sad at night over things within my grasp
but can't really hold with my hands
  Nov 2015 Kristine Jensen
Pam Zaragoza
don’t leave me.

don’t ever.


i feel so empty.




i look for myself

in you

more than

i look for myself

within me.

I didn't know
the 'I love you's you gave me
were borrowed.
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