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Miriam Jul 2017
it will happen.

you will meet him. you will finally get to look into his eyes. feel his skin. see the slow lift of the corners of his lips as he smiles. it will no longer be pictures, no longer short video clips, no longer just a voice through the phone.

no, you’ll see him, you’ll experience the presence of his whole being.

you’ll feel electricity running up and down your spine, adrenaline rushing through and through, but you’ll feel a warmth and peace washing over you. you will be amazed at the rarity of this connection–how so many people you have encountered only leave you feeling drained, but this soul energizes you. refreshes you. and leaves you curiously wondering why that is.

and he will feel the same.

everything will unfold in a strange beautiful way. peaceful, yet you will feel its intensity. the most quiet explosion.

you’ve always believed there’s a higher love, a connection formed simply by being–not by convenience, not by looks. it’s just there, just like how the mountains are always there, or the sky, or the sea. it’s something natural. it’s something that just is, and we just discover it.

you’ve always believed it, and darling, you won’t be proven wrong.

it will happen.
Miriam Jun 2017
give me a love that i can’t explain

a love that destroys superficiality

a love that proves it’s real and genuine despite every hard circumstance that tries to threaten it

more than just a pretty face or convenience,
give me something difficult to grab a hold of, but so worthy
that i would want nothing else but to fight for it
until i finally have it

something that would make others say,
“why not just give that one up
and reach for something else, something easier?”

to which i will answer,
“i can’t, i’ve tried,
and my heart simply cannot desire anything else
this is something too beautiful
and i know that beautiful things take time
i can wait, but i can’t afford to settle.”

and it is true; i can’t afford to settle
just because this is easier,
this is closer within my grasp,
does not mean my heart should choose it
i can’t, you know, i’ve tried–
but my soul cries and wails within me
perhaps it understands something my mind simply cannot

give me a love that will break barriers and tear down walls

give me a love so wide
it will overcome miles and miles and miles

a love so deep
it will overwhelm the oceans separating him and i
Miriam Jun 2017
how is it with you everything feels natural and right?
I didn’t think I could find someone I could talk to
without my heart fluttering uncomfortably in my chest
like a bird locked in a cage, just yearning to be free
wanting the conversation to end

do you know my heart flutters with you--
with a strange happiness?

I always believed love should feel like a release
and not a restriction
but it was difficult when with every soul
I find absolutely no pull
no connection

tell me this--
can you feel it too?
because I’m constantly in awe of this, of you
I’m left with wonder at our intertwined existences
how suddenly it could happen,
and how surprisingly right
nothing is forced or clashing
it simply merges and flows

there are some things too wonderful
for our finite minds to comprehend
that perhaps our souls just know.
darling, so it goes; some things are meant to be.
Miriam May 2017
i’ve written poetry about you
i’ve dreamed dreams of you

you were once a mystery
and a hopeful wish

but now you are here.
Miriam Feb 2017
i can't explain you
i can usually make sense
of these feelings i feel
but for some reason
this is failing me

maybe it's always going to be a mystery
how some people can just crawl inside your heart
and make you feel like you're finally home

i hope you know
i've never felt this way
about another soul before

and naturally i should be scared
but this is one of the most peaceful things
i've ever felt.
you you you
Miriam Feb 2017
love me softly

love me loud

i will not settle
for anything less
than that
i know my worth now
Miriam Jan 2017
there are days when it feels heavy
and the wait is too long for me to take
so i try to make pretend that there is no longer real
and instead here is all that exists

but i know you–
you and i are alive at the same time

we are living under the same blanket of stars

we see the same moon

one day the distance will close
the miles will melt away like snow
and it will be beautiful

but for now, we wait,
and we cling onto the hand of the Maker
who is all in all and more than enough
to fill the emptiness in the cavity of our chests

we will walk that way, my darling, and soon
but we must learn to walk with Love Himself
if we want to walk it well

until then,

we wait.
for you, whoever you may be
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