kristina Jul 2

i want to talk to my best friend about everything that i am feeling
but how can i when he's the one i'm feeling something for?

kristina May 28

the hardest part in forgiving is forgetting what made you feel pain in the first place
everything that reminds you of the pain
everything that makes you think of what they did wrong
it will always make you remember

kristina May 4

i loved
and i will continue to love

kristina Apr 20

love grows
love expands
love multiplies and never divides
just love
is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer

l o l stands for "life offers love" in this poem not laugh out loud LOL
kristina Apr 15

you are loved
you are cared for
you are worth it
you are going to be missed
you are important
you are not alone
you matter
you will always matter
find the will to live.
you deserve to.

finished watching 13 reasons why. this is for everyone who feels everything hannah baker felt.
kristina Apr 2

when you choose to love and stay
but life can't stop fucking you over
and over
and over
and over

kristina Feb 26

when you love someone
there are no ifs, no buts
no maybes, no whys
you just love them
and you love them with all of your heart

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