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Kerdell Jul 2015
I could sit here and stare into your eyes all looking at me right now and i could feel my soul devine... I'm at a lost for words in my mind but heart wouldn't allow me to stop talking....Maybe i'm making you feel uncomfortable, but I can't help it..I rather tell you now than regret not telling you in the future....shhh...Please!! Before you say anything... allow me to fall in love with you...
Things i want to tell her sometimes but i fear rejection...then again maybe never finding out hurts more?! :/
Kerdell May 2015
People never listen to your noise, But could always hear your silence!
Kerdell Mar 2015
Lust or lost in the idea of wanting something I don't need... I can't breathe without it...I greed..  I crave.... Hmmm... Lust.....I squeeze so hard turns.. I yearn to have it.... Want but don't need.... share never.. A hot cold sweat.. Maybe a fever.'s changing me...Help
Kerdell Mar 2015
Writing.... Thoughts. Dreams....feelings ....Blue printed..... Its when you wanna save ideas... Map it..initial it.....
Clarity, writing, poetry
Kerdell Feb 2015
I SEE YOU! Hiding behind that beautiful excuse of a smile, craving attention and importance, voicelessy crying for help. I see. you! Running after shadows of love. Soul tired, hopes up, heart torn, mind...Lost... I see you. Powerless in your own world, chained to the comfort of being wanted and not needed, comfortable. Not happy... I see you. A thousand scars telling the story of a battle; yet to win... I saw you. Who am I? I am You.
Funny how i actually wrote this while looking in a mirror...hahaha
Kerdell Feb 2015
All that I seek is somewhere
Somewhere is all that I seek
Kerdell Feb 2015
We are all guilty of trying to mirror the love we see
Not sharing the love we know
Could love still be called 'true'
Make your own sense of this
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