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Jun 2016 · 1.2k
If Not For You
I hear you in the night
as you call out to me
where the stars shine a light
through my dreams of you
where I hold you tight
and now nothing that is here
could make me let you go

I feel the love you made me see
that my heart could never show
as I hid behind every pain and tear
afraid to try again with the fear

And if not for you to reach out
to give me a love now so true
I would have never gave a chance
to know what it's like again to dance
or know all of the beauty
that you gave me was about
Spiritwind ©2016
Let your beauty always shine
through the Heavens of time
spread your wings and fly
where our love will light the sky
take hold this heart of mine
and together we will be
two souls forever an eternity

Take away all inside your fears
where love will take a chance
come to me now and wipe those tears
hold onto me and we will dance
two souls forever an eternity

Close your eyes and dream away
all the lonely of your yesterday
and with you I will always stay
let my love touch and fill the empty
to show and lead you the way
where two will become one
underneath Heavens undying sun
two souls forever an eternity
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 652
I Love The Way
I love waking to the morning air
with the smell of flowers in your hair
the way you kiss me in the morning sun
to bring light to another day that's begun

I love the sound of a falling rain
when I see you dancing there
full of life's natural true beauty
like the Heaven you have shun

I love your hand in mine when we walk
listening to your sweet voice when you talk
I love the dreams of you that remain
when I hear the wind cry your name

I love the way you burn the flame
of what inside my heart you became
that changed the world not to be the same
now my love for you I can't refrain

I love the way you look at me
in your eyes a twilight stare
that gave me hope in love to see
and gave to me your precious memory
Spiritwind ©2015-2016
Jun 2016 · 513
To Love Again
First time that I saw you
love came rushing in
from what I left behind
of love I forgot long ago
that I thought would no longer show

With looking in your eyes
you made me remember
what it was to love again
that seemed only gone forever
and now lit up Heavens skies

I felt love beat a heart true
when I saw deep inside of you
from what I thought once no more
of what I could not find
that I been searching for
lost in a paradise

And as I felt your touch
from your gentle embrace
love poured out from within
that I longed for so much
while love shined your face
in an Angels glow
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 273
Love Shine
I thought that after you
I wouldn't make it through
that once I lived the pain
it would only be the heartache
that all would remain

Dreaming of what I knew
where no other love would do
I believed it was only you
to give to me
what no one else could make

Thinking tears would always fall
I thought I been through it all
after you left my heart to break
I believed no more I could take

But after all was done and said
in another I found the beauty
of what you never gave to me
where I saw a love shine true
that showed me something new

Now that she has gave to me
what in you I could not see
I learned to dance through the rain
where I thought love was dead
and now my soul is free
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 545
Lie To Me
I'd rather you speak of honesty
than say words that would only lie to me
that took back all we use to be

You could've been straight and forward
instead of only leading me not to trust
in what you spoke I thought was true

And after all you said that I never heard
only made me see another side of you
as you say you were a friend
whenever I was in need
then turn your back away on me
and showed your true colors in the end

You were better off to not say a word
then to put a knife inside of me
just to watch as I would bleed

You say only what I think you should
but you did more damage than the good
and this love I'd take back if I could
of what I thought was between us

Because now I only feel for you
wishing it was you that I never knew
as you speak to only lie to me
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 307
On The Wings
On the wings of paradise
she gave to me her love
like diamonds shining up above
that glitter through the sky

I saw her love for me in her eyes
on the wings of Heaven
and felt the passion of her sin
as I touched softly upon her skin
caught up in her every moment
lost in every second with her spent

Feeling inside me a new kind of high
on the wings of serenity
I found in her an Angel of fantasy
wakening in dreams of my reality
where I searched and she found me
in the shadow of her beauty
Spiritwind ©2015
Jun 2016 · 499
With All
With all that it seems
that was once between us
was not all that was real

With all of our dreams
would not be all we would feel
with all that we once had
gave us only tears now of sad

With all the good times shared
it only brought to us the bad
inside hearts that once cared

With all that we thought we could be
now was not in a future to see
with all what was inside you and me

With all of a love we once would live
was now only pain left to give
filled with hate and misery

With all that love would soon ****
would now all remain silent and still
and in the end would lose love's trust
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 783
Another Love
Tears that fall of rain
with eyes of pain
another love is broken
with no words spoken
time is now forgotten
while hearts break again
empty faded memories
while another love leaves
a soul left to things blind
to what it no longer sees
days that can't rewind
of what is left behind
while another love believes
what the other couldn't find
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 558
Warriors Pride
With pride of our Ancestors
we'll beat our drum's loud
for we are the Warriors
of our new generation
with wisdom and courage inside
together we'll be as one
standing strong and proud
with our will that shall be done
in our veins our blood will flow
the Spirit's of our yesterday
and through us our people's pride
will forever and always show
in hearts of every Tribe's Nation
for we are the Warriors
that will rise up again today
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 455
With You
Words can sometimes steal a heart
while love will always play the part
in dreams that can take you away
where love will make you stay
and in your love you took my soul
to a place I could not let go

I saw through your eyes
so warm soft and brown
love that would not let me down
such a picture perfect beauty
that Heaven had sent to me
and with you it was meant to be
no matter how many miles apart
with you I knew love would find its way

In your voice was a sweetness
that melted inside right through me
as I longed for your touch and tenderness
and the taste of your lips from a kiss
as our bodies would become one
while we made love into the morning sun

And with you I saw a paradise
in a fantasy that never dies
as I take you in my arms close to me
and whisper love so passionately
forever giving to only you
a love you needed to feel and see
Spiritwind ©2016
Jun 2016 · 1.1k
Still Love Me
Where would we go
if tomorrow never came
would the flowers still grow
if we never felt the rain
would you still love me
even after the pain
and miss me when I'm gone

Would fire still burn a flame
and would you call out my name
in dreams that only fade
would you still love me
when our eyes couldn't see
the memories we made

Would yesterday still remain
if I was to hold you again
and your heart I could mend
would you look at me
if I gave you more to see
would you still love me
if we were able to be
what we were in a song
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 359
Ride The Sky
Dream me a poem of love
and for you I'll sing in a song
show me a Heaven above
and with me I'll take you along
flying forever high

Give me a reason to believe
and by your side I'll never leave
together just you and I
forever will ride the sky
with hearts only to see
a love wild and free

Show to me love that won't lie
and I'll give you a heart of mine
that will never die
and show you a love to shine

And when you cry
let me wipe the tears away
just let me inside and stay
give to me the words from you
that I want hear you say
whisper to me the night through

Tell me I'm the only one
all that you can think of
and I'll give to you everyday new
my love forever and always true
as we forever ride the sky
together just you and I
into love's eternal sun
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 733
A New Mexico Sky
Was a time I needed to get away
to find myself and lose my way
and forget what I have became
or where I could no longer stay
where the emptiness would just pass by
and the night would call my name

I lost love and love lost me
and I needed to feel what I use to be
blinded by a heart I couldn't see
that I needed to search for again
of what was lost inside of me

I kept driving on a lonesome highway
just to find myself on a dusty desert road
underneath that sky of New Mexico
where I finally had to let myself go
and let the sun light my day

I drove all night going nowhere
til I couldn't see the neon lights glimmer
and only the stars would shimmer
underneath a New Mexico sky

For once I was finally feeling free
with the calm of a desert wind
blowing carefree through my hair
where mountains around me took hold
and gave me a place of serenity
underneath a New Mexico sky
where I could spread my wings and fly
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 869
A Whisper Through The Wind
I was looking for love
and blew a whisper
through the wind
into a setting sun
needing that someone
I was needing a friend
someone I could dream
through the twinkling sky
of a starlight gleam
that lovers share

Out of the night
she came to me
from a Heaven above
with an Angels beauty
and her love so free
that burned a lovers flame
as she called my name
she said take my hand
and hold on tight
like lovers to never let go

Together we will fly
to another land
far away from here
where endless love
in lovers hearts beat
forever we will be
with love so tender
and dangerously sweet
beyond that rainbow
where lovers meet
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 638
Now That I'm Gone
When your eyes cry
alone in the night
do stars in the sky
shine a Heaven bright
do you see the moonlight
or is it just a fading light
in the cool of a mist
from a fallen kiss

When you dream tonight
will it be of me
holding you in a fantasy
or will I be a distant memory
of what was and will never be
that you can no longer see
now that I'm gone

When you hear a sad song
does the heart inside die
of what should belong
is it me that you miss
the touch of tenderness
do you open wings to fly
or do you not even try
now that I'm gone
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 323
Stuck Inside A Memory
Time would pass by
as the nights would fade
and days would go
still I would never forget
the color in your eyes
that hid behind the lies

Seasons would change
the outline in the sky
as autumn leaves would fall
and turn to a winter snow
spring would bring the rain
and summer laid still
with a heart in pain
as the dreams would remain

Tears would wash away
with waves on a sandy shore
out to a lonely sea
where you I could still see
remembering my yesterday
and the promises we made

Under a full moon silent
alone I would sit
stuck inside a memory
wondering where it all went
trying to rearrange
everything that I feel
as I tear down this wall
back to where I was before
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 222
My Faith
I don't go to a Church to praise
or choose my faith in Christianity
but I am strong with my Spirituality
and find in Nature to be my temple
where I feel closest to the Great Spirit

I don't hold and take the bible
and talk down to its will
or speak the name of God in vain
in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost
I was born to believe just like many
and my faith in Him I will always keep

But just because my faith I see
is a little different than most
it doesn't make me a lesser man
because I believe in the Creator still
and choose to walk His road
that He has given to me

I know what it's like to feel the hunger
to be down in moments of despair
He brought me the calm after the rain
and I knew He was always there
because of my faith of who I am
He has never left me alone here

I saw His truth when I was younger
the way I was taught and raised
through stories of my Elders they have told
I knew He would comfort as I sleep
and would dry my eyes whenever I weep
for my faith in His love is everywhere
and that's something I'll never forget
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 480
The Darkness
Through the darkness
and past the fear
in my heart I take you
to let go of the night

Where I hold you
in the blindness
of what I lost to see
in the darkness
you comfort me

Hidden in a shadow
behind a lonely tear
I find you here
where in the darkness
shining your light
you never let go
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 453
Feel Your Love
Just so I could see you smile
I would travel every endless mile
to feel your lips from just one kiss
and taste upon your skin
an Angels sweetness

I would wander through time and space
to feel your love shine upon my face
and your touch of tenderness
that came falling down from Heaven

For you I would go to the world's end
and swim the deepest Ocean
to the depths of Hell and back again
just to feel your breath in the wind

To feel your love nothing I wouldn't do
to have you here always next to me
with dreams of only me and you
flying high in the sky forever free
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 754
Spirit Horses
When it comes my time to die
you won't find me in no grave
keep your heads looking high
into an everlasting sky
on Spirit Horses you'll find me
a Warrior riding forever free

There's much I know here
through all that I have done
to bring the brightness
into a fading setting sun

So for me don't shed a tear
because on Spirit Horses you'll see
through the shadows of darkness
our Spirits together as one

With my heart and soul
all to you I have gave
for the whole world to shine
and when I leave in my time
on Spirit Horses I will be
with Ancestors of long ago
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 718
Winds Of Time
I took my arms wrapped around you
and felt you through the winds of time
I let the Sun beat through my heart
and let your love in me shine
where our dreams got torn apart

I let the rain wash away the tears
thinking back on memories and years
and let you paint my sky
a different kind of blue

I let the winds of time carry you away
and knew that you couldn't stay
so I gave you the wings to fly

I let the moon be my comfort at night
so you could shine on me your light
while I let the stars blanket me
so through your soul I could see
Spiritwind ©2015
To love and know you must let that one go is sometimes the hardest thing to do..
May 2016 · 493
If I Said
If I said I was falling for you
would you give me a thought or two
would you look at me and not walk away
and tell me the words I'd want you to say

Would you take me by my hand
and always let me be your man
would you forever by my side stand

If I said I found it hard to make it through
another night here without you
would you love me that way
of how I wanted you to

If I said only your love would do
would you hold on to me tight
and make this love I feel right
and shine on me your light
Spiritwind ©2014
May 2016 · 337
Serenade Cry
I am a child of the moon
in the night you can see me prowl
through the canyon's and the trees
you can hear my lonesome howl

I am the wild of a Winter's snow
that brings life to a Springtime bloom
through silence you can hear my echo
calling out a serenade cry

I am nature's one true beauty
born to run and forever free
against the wind's silent breeze
where my Spirit ride's the sky
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 823
A Loving Heart
There was a moment in time
when all I needed a friend
not knowing where to turn
you showed up out of nowhere
with your hand you would lend
never asking for nothing in return

With your heart love you would send
to remind me that there is someone
who would always be there
and there's people who would always care
through hard times that come our way
to brighten up a rainy day

And though it will never be enough to say
a million times a thank you
I just wanted you to know
that I appreciate all that you done
and will never forget your heart so kind

So with these words I tell to you
thank you for helping me through
with your heart you brought the sun
and through the storms made it shine
to help leave the worries behind
and see a sky cloudy turn blue
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 574
Hold Me
In your heart let me stay
let me feel you breathe
from inside your soul
in dreams never let me leave
hold me and never let go

Keep me close to you
let your love lead the way
hold me and never walk away
because through this lifetime
into the afterlife of eternity
I need to know you are mine

So let your light on me shine
hold me in your arms tonight
and comfort me in the night
until everything here is alright
hold me and let me see
a paradise of fantasy

Promise me a love forever
where we'll always be together
hold me and let love show
what could only feel so right
and into the Heaven's blue
hold me each and every day
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 348
Through Life's Storm's
I was given my own destiny
that I chose to decide
that would help me through
with a calling in the wind
I heard a Wolf howl alone
and on that path I knew
was the one meant for me
for a journey I would soon begin
with my name now written in stone
Ancestor's wait to walk by my side
to guide me with truth and wisdom
through life's storms I would see
of what from me was to be
a Warrior I would now become
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 424
You promise me a love's garden
still in his arms you stay
it was only me you said
the only one you could see
but next to him you lie in his bed

You say our timing is not right
so will you keep waiting for me
as it's his heartbeat you feel
while I'm the one here with dreams alone
watching you hold him left broken
bleeding me with a love not real

You say that we will be one day
but it's him you go to at night
to hide away the lonesome
while I keep waiting in an empty home
for that moment that would never come
May 2016 · 240
No Good For Me
With your love it kills me
as your hate it fills me
with all that you say
still your heart steals me
with the beauty you show
while I try to walk away

Torn between each emotion
caught in your deadly potion
as I only try to leave
but still try to believe
that there's something here
left between you and me

Sometimes I look at love blind
other times I can see
that you're no good for me
as I reach out to hold you
only wanting to let you go

Still in you I look to find
what I can't leave behind
as I hide behind the fear
of not having you near
but know we can never be
with nothing left to get us through
that will forever remain
that's bleeding behind the pain
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 287
My Head Held High
I have had my dreams I made
with the night only fade
watched all that I would hope
in flame's go all up in smoke

I seen the world around me cruel
as I played a King
to only turn out to be the fool
waiting for a tomorrow
that what yesterday couldn't bring

I felt pain drowning in my sorrow
seeing what life would only take
that it could no longer borrow
dying inside to feel awake
with what I could not now make

But through it all I kept my head held high
****** it in and stood with pride
when the Devil walked by my side
I held my hands up and reached for the sky
for life is a game we sometimes can't choose
and I was bound here not to lose
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 229
With A Love So Free
Let me take you far away
through an open endless sky
together just you and I
we will forever soar high
with wings of love we will fly
under stars that will shine
with a love so free

Let me take you on a holiday
in fields of Heaven we will stay
where the birds and butterflies will play
and our dreams will always be
what is there waiting for you and me
through flowers of love that bloom
with a kiss under a silent moon

Let me take you to another time
where love will be yours and mine
that will feel the beat in our heart
the passion that will never part
what was meant for us to see
a paradise made for eternity
where river's flow wide and deep
with our love to always keep
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 221
You Speak
You speak with words of religious
while you persecute and condemn
as you look down on another
and call it in the name of Christianity

With your own tongue comes out a hypocrite
with all you speak and you say
through your God you call it His way
that so many share together

But how blind your eyes can see
if you think that this is us
to point and judge another man
as your mouth you open to speak
it just shows you don't understand
and only makes you weak

For my Creator has the love
that shines down on all from above
who's Heaven all are welcome to come in
and this you seem to forget
with the words of hate you speak
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 433
Paradise Shining
I dream of Heaven a place
where we all share His grace
where no one builds up a wall
and separates the human race
just because we don't look like them

I dream of Heaven without prejudice
where we look at a color of the skin
a masterpiece of our Creator's rainbow
of what we see shining from within

I dream of Heaven made for us all
where love and peace in all will show
and Harmony we will find in Him
through a paradise shining in bliss
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 241
Dreams Forgotten
I look up to the sky
where the night passes by
only to see my dreams forgotten
lost inside the confusion
where reality is an illusion
and don't know the reasons why

I see a love once held dear
in my heart I feel disappear
as she runs to another
lost in dreams forgotten
now that are gone forever
that won't come back again

Looking for a way to ease the pain
with only the sadness to remain
trying to leave it all behind
with only the tears left to cry
from eyes I can't refrain

With the emptiness I can't restrain
lost in my dreams forgotten
I look for a love I can't find
that was once so near
now only shadows in my mind
that are not so clear
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 612
Should Of Never Been Gone
We survived the Trail Of Tears
never forgotten about Wounded Knee
we saw to it that Custer would make his last stand
and mourned for the Sand Creek massacre
with Geronimo we would keep riding on
to save what should of never been gone

For over five hundred years
we would fight to be free
and our blood would spill on this land
we saw respect for our Mother Earth
and did what we could to protect her
with our Spirit Guides we became one with the animal
this was the way with all of our people

Our religion was strong with the Great Spirit
but White Man tried to teach us how to forget
and corrupted our children at birth
teaching them to forget the ways of our culture
only to make their eye's blind not to see
that this was our way taught to be
that should of never been gone
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 358
Push The Sky Away
I can't see stars that use to shine
and the moon just isn't the same
we don't ride along the Milkyway
Heaven only seemed to fade away
now that you push the sky away

The rain it won't seem to fall
and I can't see the yellow of the sun
since you left and never call
I waste the hours lost in time
now that you are gone
I just push the sky away

I don't hear the whisper of my name
in the echoes of the wind
where in the fields we use to play
there are no flowers to send
now that you push the sky away

I have no dreams to make anymore
now I only lay there and pretend
that you'll be coming back again someday
to what was there once before
as you push the sky away
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 334
I Have Learned
I know I am far from perfect
nor do I claim myself to be
just like you I have made my mistakes
but I have learned along the way
that is just the way it is
and I can only be me

I have saw what it takes
to live and to be only human
and sometimes this road can been long
at times things here won't come easy
but I still hold my head high
I will keep myself strong
and know that it won't remain like this

No matter how much I fall still I'll try
and make the best of what I can
all the past I can't change so I'll have no regret
and I have learned to treat this life with respect
because it is the only one I will get
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 1.2k
Blessed Love
Blessed is my day
for miracles that come my way
Blessed is my heart
for a love that will never part
Blessed is my soul
for faith I have and never let go
Blessed are those around me
who have the love inside to see
with the kindness they show
Blessed are my dreams I keep
that lights the vision's along my way
Blessed is the night's sleep
where I hold my head down to pray
Blessed is the world I live
for a love Creator will give
Spiritwind ©2016
"Tsalagi Asgitisdi"
Anasgvti itsula aisv hawinaditlv
gvgeyui, golisdiyi, ale nudanvtiyv
igohidaquugesv hawiniditlv disgitisdi
itsula adayotaedi itsula
digvwalosv Equa Adanvdo..
    Adanvdoganolvvsgv ©2016

May we walk in
love, understanding, and kindness
forever within dreams
we share together
through Great Spirit..
      Spiritwind ©2016
This is written in Cherokee and English
May 2016 · 284
If You
My tomorrow would not matter
if you were gone
and all of my yesterday
would be only another memory
of what I would not have today
if our love we have went astray

My dreams would only just be
a sadness of my reality
that would be lost in forever
if I could not make you stay
there would be no other place
that my heart would belong
if you were to just walk away

My love for you would never die
if I never saw the beauty
you shined down on me with grace
my nights would be left empty
and my days cold and long
if you were only to just walk by

My eyes would have tears to cry
filled with only days of lonely
if you were no longer around
here by my side longing for me
I would have no where left to go
no love in me left to show
and nothing in me to be found
if you were to say goodbye
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 619
An Angels Whisper
An Angel whispered in my ear
through the twilight sky falling
her sweet calm song I could hear
as in my dreams she kept calling
in a Heaven that I could see

Her lips soft like a summer breeze
with her kiss that brought me to my knees
my heart burned in her flame
as an Angel whispered my name

Her touch warm upon my skin
as she held me close to her then
I could feel her from deep within
through my soul she lit a fire
that sparked my loves desire
as an Angel whispered and drew me near

With every breath of her passion
all I needed was an Angels compassion
that would bring me alive again
and in the shadows of the trees
with her was a loves satisfaction
where an Angel whispered waiting for me
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 281
Dead Flowers
I let you have my heart
and done what it would take
to be your everything
I wanted you to see
that there was more to me
than what meets the eye

I tried to show to you
a world we could get through
yeah and I gave you the sky
so you could fly
for you I thought I could die

But in the end
only dead flowers you would send
with all the promises you would break
yeah only misery you would bring
with a broken love's heartache
is all you could give back to me
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 271
A Desert's Song
In my heart is an ache
for a place that I belong
out where the Desert's lake
meets a lonesome sunset sky

Her waters deep they flow
here deep inside my soul
where her beauty shines upon the sand
to the mountains that reach up high

Her Spirit's dance to take my hand
where the River's come rushing by
from tears she has caught falling
that she has often watched me cry

And through the wind I hear her calling
the echoes of her sweet undying song
where my love for her will never die
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 440
My Eye's
She looked up and said
here comes a tear
will you catch it for me
please if you can
it's caught blowing
through the wind
where I saw you my friend

Will you cover my eye's
from all that I fear
and ride away
past clouds with me
through the endless skies
teach my the way
of that what I am

Will you take me
far far away from here
where Angel's won't tread
and open my eye's
in Heaven's paradise
I could not see
into that state of knowing
what I'm suppose to be

Will you show me
just another day
that my soul will be free
and take from me
my eye's only blind
from what I could not find
that was inside of me
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 250
I never Said
I never said I wanted to marry
I never asked if you wanted to dance
just wanted to know that person
you keep locked in your own prison
I just wanted that chance
to know in you what was inside
that you keep buried and hide

I never said I wanted a forever
just wanted to know feelings you carry
the thoughts you kept in your mind
that made you leave love behind
that you can't now seem to find

I never said we should be together
I just wanted to bring you away from that never
that kept you from me through a distance
where your eyes only saw what was blind
that could someday might be
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 187
I Reach
I look to see who you are
picturing you a shining star
of an Angel dressed in a white gown
lost in the distance from afar
as I try to pull you closer in
to see your soul from within

I reach out trying to grab hold
through nights bitter and cold
watching you through the sky
wanting to come down
but still you fly
from me only farther away

Looking for the right words to say
to show in you a little trust
to know you can find in us
what you never thought before
showing you all you been searching for

And as I see your name
now written in the sand
there's a heart that burns a flame
as I reach to take your hand
to bring you comfort from me
all that you could not see
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 338
Weeps Tomorrow's Sadness
Days left inside of loneliness
with pain in her tears
weeps tomorrow's sadness
she carried so many years
of that she would need

Holding on to her joy
of a yesterday she use to enjoy
that she now can't let go
her heart is left to bleed
all what she use to know

In her dreams comes alive her fears
a love's past from so long ago
where through the darkness
her light will no longer show

Through her emptiness
weeps tomorrow's sadness
from now a stranger's kiss
that once held her close
like a drug that became an overdose
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 443
Spirits Of Ancestors
I climbed to the top of a snowdrift mountain
with me I carried all things sacred
I looked down on a world all around me
and felt a wind blowing ever so free

I let all things that came to be
inside my heart that made me live again
touched by Spirits of ones that come to me
their visions of hope I could see
as blood of my Ancestors in my veins bleed
and Mother Earth gives me all I need
on this journey of a road turned red

Their wisdom now taught to me
for that of which I feed
my eyes no longer blind to things I see
as the drums beat to Spirits that dance
I stand proud in a Warriors stance
on this path now my destiny

They give my strength of who I now became
in my soul we are now as one
giving me my courage to fly
as their Spirits forever ride the sky
into a new rising sun
where our hearts now beat the same
Spiritwind ©2014
May 2016 · 274
A Love To Dream
There is a place somewhere
out where I would want to be
with just a true love to share
if I could find her out there
just waiting for me
beyond the doubts of fear

There is a love to dream
that I would like to take
for her to come with me and make
where love would fill the air
and on the wind we would ride free
into our own quiet serenity
that only we could see

With an emptiness inside
that I keep here in my heart
waiting for her to be by my side
with a love to dream
that we could never part
on the wings of a fantasy scene
that would last a lifetime forever
two souls meant to be together
Spiritwind ©2016
May 2016 · 340
You came into my life a dream
a beautiful that I have never seen
you gave a world to me
a love I could never see

You touched me with a light of Heaven
a beautiful made in a sky of blue
and gave to me, me to you
with your smile that made me live again

And at night when the stars shine
it's your heart I hold close to mine
as I hold you close to me
a beautiful forever through time
Spiritwind ©2016
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