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I hear the Angel's call out to me
said God has chosen me to see
the things He wanted me to be
when my heart was filled with regret
the Angel's said I wasn't done just yet
it was only part of His plan
to make you into a different man
and when my heart was in doubt
I heard the Angel's through me shout
said God hasn't left and never will forget
He only has a will for you to do
yeah He's there to see you through
and when I felt the love in me die
I heard the Angel's cry
as their tears fell from the sky
saying God will forever by you stand
just reach out and take His hand
Spiritwind ©2016
I felt the tears of Heaven cry
when only tears could whisper goodbye
I saw inside my own darkness
the tears of all the sadness
where I could only feel love die
and the dreams would fade away
with all in her I thought would stay
that I could never touch again
I could taste her tears like rain
forever now falling from the sky
as her sorrow weeps from my eyes
all that we had and could hold yesterday
now with no more words we could say
just echoes of forgotten lullabies
and the sound of her voice in the wind
as tears keep falling with clouds passing by
Spiritwind ©2017
Heaven touch my soul
let me be the light
and watch me shine
Angel of mine
let me watch you glow
a guide in the night
touch my soul
like a flame burning inside
let me know
to see what is right
a Spirit in flight
let me forever ride
through the winds of time
Spiritwind ©2017
Love dreams a forever
of happiness of ever after
it awakens the soul
to a passions ego
that awakens each day
to always something new

Love dreams of a place
of a fairytale between space
it awakens in time
what only Heaven could shine
that is now yours and mine

Love dreams the sunshine
that is caught above the rain
that awakens again
what is inside me and you
of hearts beating true
and will forever remain
Spiritwind ©2016
It's just another night
I'll watch stars dance alone tonight
in the distant twilight of forever
where dreams danced so long ago
but it will all be alright
because I still got my dignity
through all that my eye's has seen

It's just another game
that someone else wants to play
always the same old routine
just another day
still trying to find something new
outside of someone else's view

It's just another story to tell
to make it all seem well
looking back trying to remember
now on just another name
lost inside a forgotten memory
of what only once seemed so real

It's just another reason to feel
what I thought no one could steal
standing on the edge trying to be still
just to not stumble over
all that lay and waste in decay
Spiritwind ©2016
He thinks of another way
to tell her he's sorry
how he has always done
too many times before
it's the same as yesterday
she's tired of the worry
and games he likes to play

Yeah he knows he's hanging on
by just one single thread
when her tears she no longer cries
and she pretends to hear nothing he said
she's already two steps gone
from being just another memory

Through her words in silence
she will speak no more
as he hides behind his lies
inside her another piece of him dies

Love no longer echoes the night
where he lies next to her in bed
she just turns away her head
and turns out the light
as he tries to kiss her goodnight

She can only dream now alone
where on an empty Ocean's shore
she stood so long on her own
with just another lonely moonlight
she held inside a shadow's dance
Spiritwind ©2016
Sometimes she hides herself by the windowpane
and watches outside as the world passes her by
sometimes she cries herself to sleep
listening to the pouring rain
as Heaven's tears fall from the sky

Sometimes she wants to run away
thinking that everything will be okay
trying to escape from all the pain
but it still feels just the same
living in the lies and blame

Sometimes she feels the wounds that cuts deep
of all the memories from yesterday
another fallen Angel that can no longer fly
sometimes she still prays her soul to keep
as Heaven's tears fall from the sky
Spiritwind ©2014
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