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I pray to the great spirit
guide me through this pain
this world conflicts
show me a world that holds no lies
that treats us like convicts
abandoned by society
in a world we once walked so free

Show me a setting sun
where blood never flows
like rivers turned red
where another one dies
underneath these blood red skies

Guide me through this land so dead
where visions stay in my head
teach me things nobody knows
when this day is gone
and all has come undone

Give me the strength I need
to make this a better place
when my people bleed
from this world falling from grace
Spiritwind ©1998
In my heart is an ache
for a place that I belong
out where the Desert's lake
meets a lonesome sunset sky

Her waters deep they flow
here deep inside my soul
where her beauty shines upon the sand
to the mountains that reach up high

Her Spirit's dance to take my hand
where the River's come rushing by
from tears she has caught falling
that she has often watched me cry

And through the wind I hear her calling
the echoes of her sweet undying song
where my love for her will never die
Spiritwind ©2016
All I wanted was love to find me
to know what it was to see
what a love could be
I just wanted a touch so real
that could show inside me
what the heart should feel
and all I needed was you

I wanted to see stars light the sky
to feel the warmth of your lips softly
in a summertimes kiss
to get lost in the tenderness
of your sweet caress
and all I needed was you

I wanted dreams so surreal
that got me so high
where I never needed to come down
to know their was a love that true
and all I needed was you
to look where I could be found
Spiritwind ©2016
I felt the tears of a child
falling like rain
coming down again
with sadness in the eyes
from a lost paradise
that mankind let die

I saw horses that ran wild
that had no place anymore
to now roam free
only a concrete city
where Nature use to be

I heard the silence in the night
where wolves use to howl
no shadows left no more
where they use to prowl
just another lonely moonlight

I seen the hopes of a man
fade with the dreams he had
forgetting what he was here for
and listened to the heart of a woman
beat in a world now sad
as she danced alone tonight

I saw an Eagle in flight
die with this sacred land
where his wings use to spread wide
now only an empty sky

I saw a glimpse of you and me
where together we use to stand
now with only darkness by our side
behind a Sun that will only hide
Spiritwind ©2014
There is a place somewhere
out where I would want to be
with just a true love to share
if I could find her out there
just waiting for me
beyond the doubts of fear

There is a love to dream
that I would like to take
for her to come with me and make
where love would fill the air
and on the wind we would ride free
into our own quiet serenity
that only we could see

With an emptiness inside
that I keep here in my heart
waiting for her to be by my side
with a love to dream
that we could never part
on the wings of a fantasy scene
that would last a lifetime forever
two souls meant to be together
Spiritwind ©2016
There was a moment in time
when all I needed a friend
not knowing where to turn
you showed up out of nowhere
with your hand you would lend
never asking for nothing in return

With your heart love you would send
to remind me that there is someone
who would always be there
and there's people who would always care
through hard times that come our way
to brighten up a rainy day

And though it will never be enough to say
a million times a thank you
I just wanted you to know
that I appreciate all that you done
and will never forget your heart so kind

So with these words I tell to you
thank you for helping me through
with your heart you brought the sun
and through the storms made it shine
to help leave the worries behind
and see a sky cloudy turn blue
Spiritwind ©2016
Do you think loves just a game
when you hear in silence my name
when your heart burns with desire
am I the one who lights your fire
when we make love that burns a flame
will you always feel the same
when your dreams become a reality
will I be the one you will forever see
when a fairytale is no longer a fantasy
will I be your hero that you kiss
would you be able to promise me this
with my love would you always know
through a Heaven that will always show
would you take my hand and always be
the one to always stand by me
Spiritwind ©2016
The seasons seem to change
but love for you stays the same
time passes and seems to rearrange
the dreams that only washed away
all the loneliness of my yesterday
still my heart burns a flame
for the touch of your desire
that burns inside a souls fire
and through the night silenced
I could feel you as we danced
underneath a moonlight's memory
where it was always you and me
Spiritwind ©2016
An Angel whispered in my ear
through the twilight sky falling
her sweet calm song I could hear
as in my dreams she kept calling
in a Heaven that I could see

Her lips soft like a summer breeze
with her kiss that brought me to my knees
my heart burned in her flame
as an Angel whispered my name

Her touch warm upon my skin
as she held me close to her then
I could feel her from deep within
through my soul she lit a fire
that sparked my loves desire
as an Angel whispered and drew me near

With every breath of her passion
all I needed was an Angels compassion
that would bring me alive again
and in the shadows of the trees
with her was a loves satisfaction
where an Angel whispered waiting for me
Spiritwind ©2016
Was a time I needed to get away
to find myself and lose my way
and forget what I have became
or where I could no longer stay
where the emptiness would just pass by
and the night would call my name

I lost love and love lost me
and I needed to feel what I use to be
blinded by a heart I couldn't see
that I needed to search for again
of what was lost inside of me

I kept driving on a lonesome highway
just to find myself on a dusty desert road
underneath that sky of New Mexico
where I finally had to let myself go
and let the sun light my day

I drove all night going nowhere
til I couldn't see the neon lights glimmer
and only the stars would shimmer
underneath a New Mexico sky

For once I was finally feeling free
with the calm of a desert wind
blowing carefree through my hair
where mountains around me took hold
and gave me a place of serenity
underneath a New Mexico sky
where I could spread my wings and fly
Spiritwind ©2016
I saw you outside of my dream
a lady of beauty with a starlight gleam
an Angel picture perfect in every way
so much I saw I didn't know what to say
got you to turn and look at me
and wanted you to see what I seen
a love almost to good to be true
but my heart only said I love you
Heaven sent it was you I knew
that you were the one meant to be
the way you smiled and gave sunshine to my day
and made me feel what I couldn't feel
knowing what I felt inside was real
something I wished I could find
that made me crazy in my mind
you came and brought what I left behind
now that I found you I can't let you slip away
because here my heart I forever want you to stay
an Angel picture perfect in paradise's serenity
Spiritwind ©2016
I felt love and I felt pain
I soaked up the sun
and I stood in the rain
I felt the winds of freedom
and knew what it was to run
I seen days brightly shine
and wished days would never come

I knew the happiness
of a lover's kiss
and tasted the tears I cried
from what I would miss
I knew what it was to be alive
and wished at times I could've died

I saw a rainbow that was only mine
while the storms would subside
and felt myself alone
when I struggled to survive
with nobody there by my side
with only dreams that only lied

I felt the hands of tenderness
calm me like an Angels lullaby
times wished stars wouldn't light the sky
and gave up hope to not have even tried

I saw the world just pass me by
then felt the Heaven's gentleness
reach down on me a Angels caress
as I just wanted to hide
Spiritwind ©2016
I look deep inside of me
but it's not who I see
behind those eyes
I see through his soul
somebody in another disguise
cold as another memory dies
I feel I am just another
just taking for the other
I'm going down
trying to stay above the low
I keep holding on
to keep from losing control
slipping trying not to let go
just another already gone
while I watch the wheels go around
Spiritwind ©2016
Tears that fall of rain
with eyes of pain
another love is broken
with no words spoken
time is now forgotten
while hearts break again
empty faded memories
while another love leaves
a soul left to things blind
to what it no longer sees
days that can't rewind
of what is left behind
while another love believes
what the other couldn't find
Spiritwind ©2016
I speak words of truth and wisdom
of a love that shall overcome
I look for what is real
behind the lies of all that is fake
to find what is left inside of me
of all you have left of me to take

I write a poet's page
that been played upon this stage
I walk in a dream I make
and remains when I am awake
this is all I can see
and all that I feel
leaving behind what we have made

I look beyond the present and past
through mirrors and stained glass
to see behind your mask you wear
you hide within this masquerade
as you pretend not who you're meant to be

At my heart you try to tear
reflecting through me my rage
like an animal you try to keep me
locked in this cage
but you can never break me
or what I have become
for I am always free
    Spiritwind ©2013
Picture's of you in a evening gown
lost like a king without his crown
here I am, I abide
some day for you to be by my side
longing for your every touch
these feeling's so abrupt
there in your arms I would like to hide
lost only in your world forever
with dreams shared together
never to be absense

My heart so erupt
you took away every dejection
took me another direction
erased away every acrimony
that kept me so desolate
for you I would do the same
in this moment of essence
it just seems so decorous
in these times of despair
you gave me a reason to be
in times of regret

Only love could **** a demon
that's why you're my salvation
you taught me how to love
gave me a reason to care
a reason to move on
to look to the skies above
a reason to share
one more reason to dance
a reason to call out your name

Your heart and body abused
feeling you were used
still you were the one to apologize
with sadness in your eyes
torn and bruised
no more will you live in shame

Like peacocks that prance
and strut upon this stage
you keep me in a trance
gave a reason for one more chance
as we turn another page
I could love you so much
in a heaven so glorious
Spiritwind ©2009
I gave you hope in your heart
when you were down
and brought you a laugh and smile
when you could only frown
to let you see Angels were around

I made you see a different view
when you were only feeling blue
I walked that extra mile
when you were falling apart
and gave you a reason to believe
that faith would never leave
while I stood here on my own

I poured out to you my soul
what Creator gave to me to show
in words that were meant to heal
when your patience wore thin
and you couldn't be still

I let you see the pain I had within
of all that has fallen on me
at times were hard to get through
and let you see a life I had to live
that many wouldn't understand
or even couldn't do
as I stood here alone

I let you cry while I took your hand
to pick you up when you couldn't stand
I been there and gave you my all
when you only watched me fall
still I reached out to give
so a brighter tomorrow you could see

I let you see a side of me
that would comfort with sympathy
when you had nothing left to hold on to
when your dreams would only fade away
I showed you love would forever be
that would always remain and stay
with kindness of other's in each day
while I lived all the tears that I have shown
Spiritwind ©2016
Where dreams are made
our love will begin
when the tears fade
as clouds pass by
love will shine again
where lips whisper a name
the fire will burn a flame
hearts beat what love should feel
as soul's touch what is real
a love lost will be a love to win
as a smile will catch the wind
and love's beauty will light the sky
with our love that will never die
forever will be yours and mine
through the eternity of time
Spiritwind ©2016
Live each day as if it's a dream
share a laugh,love and a smile
shine a light through your soul
like a Starlights gleam
touch a heart to show you care
in times when one needs a friend
reach out and touch another hand
to pick them up when they fall
and let them know it's not the end
always walk that extra mile
to let them know you are there
show peace to one and all
and together strong we will stand
walk forever in beauty wherever you go
and through Creator let a new day begin
Spiritwind ©2014
I know I am far from perfect
I am only just a man
there are things that I have done
that can never be undone

At times there has been doubt
and faith has been put to test
to find just what life was about
my soul has seen the darkness
at times pain has taken it's toll
and from me at times took the best

Still in me a light would reflect
as an Angel's touch I would feel caress
at times when I would lose control

I know that I am only human
and what I done I can't regret
for it was only lessons to be shown
from what I would not have known

At times I have felt the worries of the day
and faced the troubles that came my way
trying to see ahead as I let the heart rest
while to the Heaven's I would pray
to ease all my sorrows away

And though I may never forget
the mistakes that I have made
in Creator's hand I will remain unafraid
Love dreams a forever
of happiness of ever after
it awakens the soul
to a passions ego
that awakens each day
to always something new

Love dreams of a place
of a fairytale between space
it awakens in time
what only Heaven could shine
that is now yours and mine

Love dreams the sunshine
that is caught above the rain
that awakens again
what is inside me and you
of hearts beating true
and will forever remain
Spiritwind ©2016
I was looking for love
and blew a whisper
through the wind
into a setting sun
needing that someone
I was needing a friend
someone I could dream
through the twinkling sky
of a starlight gleam
that lovers share

Out of the night
she came to me
from a Heaven above
with an Angels beauty
and her love so free
that burned a lovers flame
as she called my name
she said take my hand
and hold on tight
like lovers to never let go

Together we will fly
to another land
far away from here
where endless love
in lovers hearts beat
forever we will be
with love so tender
and dangerously sweet
beyond that rainbow
where lovers meet
Spiritwind ©2016
Laying here remembering your touch
how I wanted you so much
nights on the road I couldn't sleep
through the neon lights shining
outside my empty room
you were all that I could see
just trying to get back home to you

The time I been killing
with the time I been wasting
as your heart I would keep
here close to me
just to help me make it through
until I got back home to you

The dreams I wanted to share
those nights you weren't there
wondering if you thought of me too
the way that I wanted you
until I made back home to you

Looking up at the same sky
I would imagine you and I
kissing under the same moon
with stars in eyes that bloom
like Rose's that would never die
knowing all that I wanted to do
was make it back home to you
Spiritwind ©2016
I dance through this life's journey
and feel the beat of a drums rhythm
blessed on this road for all that's given
surrounded by all of life's beauty
letting my Spirit wrap around it's freedom
while through life's echoes silently I sit and listen
as on the wind it's speaks to me a truth of wisdom
teaching me life's lessons still to learn
filling an emptiness with a Peace I yearn
Spiritwind ©2016
Feel the beat of my drum
and dance to the wind
through the words of my wisdom
may you find your freedom
to brighter days to come

Carry in your heart a Warrior's song
when you feel the road's journey
has been exhausting and long

When you feel your path broken
and you can't seem to mend
look inside yourself you will find me
and I will make you live again
Spiritwind ©2014
You came into my life a dream
a beautiful that I have never seen
you gave a world to me
a love I could never see

You touched me with a light of Heaven
a beautiful made in a sky of blue
and gave to me, me to you
with your smile that made me live again

And at night when the stars shine
it's your heart I hold close to mine
as I hold you close to me
a beautiful forever through time
Spiritwind ©2016
I have no children to carry my name
there is no love or a family
who will remember me when I'm gone
all I have are my words to carry on
to leave behind what I have done

I'm not looking for riches or fame
don't need a red carpet rolled out for me
I just want the whole world to see
all that was burning inside of me
to carry on with my legacy
of who it was that I am
what made me into this man

I want the world to see and know
all that I had here that I would show
through these thoughts I write for you

I'm not seeking to be held in praise
when it's time for my final days
just want the world to see what I been through
and the dreams that I made
behind these eye's that soon will fade
Spiritwind ©2016
Behind her tortured eyes
she runs and she hides
trying to **** the pain
where alone she cries
longing for what was no more

In the night as she rides
through the falling rain
filled with the screams
and sad broken lullabies
caught in her dreams
of all what is left to remain

Behind her tortured eyes
her heart alone dies
trapped inside a place
that she can never replace
between reality and paradise
where Heaven burns the skies

In a world where alone she tries
to save herself from a falling grace
with her tears she tries to refrain
looking through a soul of shame
where an Angel now holds the blame

Behind her tortured eyes
with nothing to lose anymore
and nothing left here to gain
trying to find herself again
in what she once had before
that only promised her lies

Behind her tortured eyes
she waits for love to open another door
to what she has been searching for
where emotions of love and hate collides
Spiritwind ©2016
I see no life, no death
their is no now, no tomorrow
just where we are at the moment
with every step I take
that is my future
this is my living hell
sealed with a devils' kiss
I'm falling off the edge it seems
Blackened by every mistake

And I'm living on a broken heart of dreams
Blackened by the ways you left me used
the bruises clear as evidence
upon my skin
your words still ringing on the phone
wondering if you ever cared at all
was I just a toy that gave you control
either way I'm stuck here
sinking farther down once again
It's my nightmare for a fairytale
that doesn't exist
Blackened year after year

Now I feel not the love
and I feel no hate
days I can feel myself drown
I can't take another breath
trying to escape all of this
is it just a matter of circumstance
Blackened by all that's been done

This world so bent
on your knees' you crawl
as you watch peace fall
in every heart
Blackened by the days to come

These days their is no cure
this is reality
in this troubled land
so full of sorrow
your best friend
now your worse enemy
Blackened by all the pain

No one there to hold your hand
you pray for the promise land above
but do you think you will be ready
to enter the golden gate
when everything is gone
Blackened in the end

I stand here alone
a warrior, not a clone
I show no self cause
this is me, who I am
messed up in the head
I don't think so
I see what you don't see
and be who you can't be
Blackened to the bone

Hell turned upside down
Gods' mercy
here in a world already dead
where goverment politics' has control
they tell you what you want to hear
and still you believe
Blackened by your deepest sin

Like rats in a cage
there is no where to go
while they feast on your soul
ripping and tearing you apart
they watch you bleed
as thousands die
you grieve
Blackened by all you consume

Afraid to make a stand
you hide from your rage
reaching for the sky
as you hunger for freedom
still you don't feed
listening to ******* up laws
telling you what you need
and you follow
with every promise they make
Blackened from within
Spiritwind ©2009
You feel inside the pain
a love you can't deny
the tears that stain
now fall from your eyes
words that were only lies
from all that was spoken
with nothing to remain
a heart torn and slain
left bleeding and broken
with no reasons why
your dreams worn and bitter
that you thought long ago
would only get better
now fall like rain
bleeding from the sky
with screams that echo
the sound of thunder
lost in love's plunder
the night is left but to cry
Spiritwind ©2016
Blessed is my day
for miracles that come my way
Blessed is my heart
for a love that will never part
Blessed is my soul
for faith I have and never let go
Blessed are those around me
who have the love inside to see
with the kindness they show
Blessed are my dreams I keep
that lights the vision's along my way
Blessed is the night's sleep
where I hold my head down to pray
Blessed is the world I live
for a love Creator will give
Spiritwind ©2016
I'll keep moving on
yeah I'll keep breaking dawn
with each day that passes already done
I'll just keep looking on
and forget the past already gone
there's nothing more to look back upon
so I'll just keep moving on
yeah I'll keep breaking dawn
and start another day new
I'll just keep pushing through
until I'll find that place for me
where my Spirits wild and free
on that road where I'll reach my destiny
so I'll just keep moving on
yeah and I'll be breaking dawn
even when that river is wide and long
I'll follow where my dreams are my reality
that in my heart sings that song
and I'll just keep shining on
where the soul shines bright
yeah and I'll just keep breaking dawn
until I reach that burning light
that keeps on shining for me
Spiritwind ©2016
A mind without reason
echoes of a past
of a changing season

Memories turning to stone
looking through broken glass
of all that is gone

A city burning to dust
losing faith in trust
with demons burning inside us
and we do what we must

In a world of lies and treason
do we stand here alone
with a smoking gun
in a world burning like the sun

Souls cry for freedom
as time slips by so fast
burning in what we have become
  Spiritwind ©2014
You love only what you take
not knowing how to live
you take what you need
and in return have nothing to give
to see only through your greed

Through eyes you show your hate
to look at me you discriminate
you judge and you persecute
with your guns you shoot
not thinking on the decisions you make

You destroy and **** our land
all by the Devil's hand
and from others you only steal
through your God in his name
you say it was all in His will
forgetting where it was that you came
Spiritwind ©2016
Her tears fell from a sky
like a river moving swiftly
through pain and misery
she could not forget

Her heart beating cold
from a love she couldn't hold
as the storms rushed by
the dreams that made her cry

She held the memories of reget
that killed a soul deep within
that blinded the eyes to see
what remained of her reality
and left her alone there

Chained to love lost in despair
that she can't break free
and will never be again
Spiritwind ©2016
People will come and people will go
friends we thought we use to know
only to look at faces of someone different
with just a stranger on hours we spent
as time changes we wonder where it all went
looking in a mirror at someone we don't see
who we were now is no more
as we turn another page in a new chapter
one step closer to the ever after
walking through life with changes we can't control
as behind us we close yesterday's door
to find another place we're meant to be
as we trail through this life's journey
that will become what was our destiny
Spiritwind ©2016
I once had a wise old Indian
look at me and say
life is what you make of it son
and it just has yet begun
you can take it and make it
a peaceful world
or you can live it under the gun
but it only comes around once my friend
and it won't be here again
time's of trouble we won't forget
but don't let it eat your soul
for you are Cherokee
be proud and let the pain go

Learn from our people what you can
let them show you the way
set your spirit free
and walk among our elder's
the visions and the dreams
and follow the eagle you see fly
through the valley and streams
let him guide you and show you
oh, mighty warrior with a wolf's heart
and you will live another day
don't let it pass you by

Now I've grown to be a man
teaching the ways of the Cherokee
so much has yet to be done
we walked the trail of tears
still they could'nt make us run
their words kept us apart
as we struggled through the years
but we are Cherokee
mighty warrior's of this land
we walk together hand to hand
and we'll be here til the end
Spiritwind ©2001
Everybody needs to take a chill pill
there's so much love to fill
everybody needs to take a chill pill
let these wounds heal
everybody needs to take a chill pill

Let it be your will
dry all this blood we spill
everybody needs to take a chill pill
find in your heart not to ****
everybody needs to take a chill pill

Think how the world would feel
everybody needs to take a chill pill
think of it as being real
everybody needs to take a chill pill
take your guns and kneel

You won't have to steal
while you watch your tire's peel
everybody needs to take a chill pill
nothing here is that big of a deal
if only it was so surreal
little bird on the windowsill
everybody needs to take a chill pill
Spiritwind ©2009
Doing my time and paying my dues
caught up in my midnight blues
hid behind my black and white hues
only to see my shadow through the sun

Stepped out to forget my shoes
doing the this and forgot my do's
thought it could only get better
but I found myself in the stormy weather
standing without my hat or a coat

I let the tongue slip to slit my own throat
when my ship would no longer float
thought I could win only to lose
on the decisions I would choose

I thought I would give love a chance
but couldn't handle that endless romance
when she took my heart
and stoled my soul
all I could do was watch her go

I saw the Devil waiting to dance
when I stood there in a trance
thought my time had finally come
when he pointed at me and said welcome

Thought that this world would change some
when I seen it come all undone
but it was only the start
to what has already begun
to all that has already gone
now cocked and loaded like a gun
Spiritwind ©2016
Sometimes when you feel the rain
it seems to be coming down and pour
when the troubles come and take hold
and the worries all seem to unfold
left with only a heart that won't mend

You wonder why all the pain
and how much you can take in more
as you feel the world turning cold
trying to see brighter side of things
as your held down on broken wings
underneath a darkened black sky
where your dreams once soared high
now you're unable to even fly

Not looking to what tomorrow brings
you keep the faith not wanting to let go
but only tears come and show
when your only coming down so low
just trying to pick yourself up again
as you wait for the bad times to end
so you can let life live and begin
Spiritwind ©2016
I don't need your false religion that you try to sell
telling me if I want to save myself from hell
that the only way is to give you ***** money
through your lies I can see
taking more from me than you need

Don't need your hypocritical judgement
telling me your words are heaven sent
while you just feed on your greed
and try to condemn me
crusifying me because of the blood I bleed

And I don't need your so called politicial dream
while you keep on ****** this land
and destroy it all by your own hand
crusifying me for making a stand

With the rivers flowing like a blood bathe stream
you take all that you can
and telling me I'm wrong for who I am
crusifying me because I'm more of a man
than you could ever be
Spiritwind ©2012
See the lonely man
sitting out there alone
stuck inside a memory
watching the storm roll on in
bringing down the rain
tears from yesterday

He hides behind his pain
wondering if it will always be the same
here in lifes little game
that we all have to play
he cries out her name

Feeling like there is no more love to give
when the woman he loved so much in time
still holds it all here in her hand
like crystal's in the sand

He thinks of only one reason
that makes him want to live
while time changes with the season
he tries to keep his head high
knowing somehow he has to try
like a hammer to a stone
every angel wants to fly
fly on home
I'll meet you again

Now he see's the setting sun
a face of such a beautiful one
shining like a rainbow in the sky
he knows her love will never die
even now that she's gone
her love keeps him moving on
Spiritwind ©2009
I feel you breathe under my skin
with this love I don't know where to begin
torn between every mixed emotion
lost in this state of confusion
where my dreams become an illusion
that haunts me over and over again

Your shadow only a ghost of this memory
I can't escape from my mind
I try to leave it all behind
with these days gone I can't rewind

I see a world here without you
that's got me feeling like I do
still wanting you here with me
finding it hard to let you go
as you burn inside my soul
    Spiritwind ©2014
I let you have my heart
and done what it would take
to be your everything
I wanted you to see
that there was more to me
than what meets the eye

I tried to show to you
a world we could get through
yeah and I gave you the sky
so you could fly
for you I thought I could die

But in the end
only dead flowers you would send
with all the promises you would break
yeah only misery you would bring
with a broken love's heartache
is all you could give back to me
Spiritwind ©2016
All the words once we spoken
the promises are now left broken
with each beat of a heart crying
it was just one more heartbreak
of a soul alone dying
all the fighting and things meant to say
it only left us both bleeding
just wanting to walk away
it was more than we could take
though diamond's turned to dust
and love burned away all the trust
still it was us we were needing
Spiritwind ©2016
What would it have to take
for us all to see
what together our dreams would make
where do you think we'd be
if we all sang in harmony
to burn a flame in a candlelight
and know what we are doing is not right

When we look at another just to fight
do you think to **** another
will heal the heart of a mother
to say it's all for the love of God's glory
and was written in His final chapter
at the end of His story
when there's nothing left for us to wake

Do you believe it will make it alright
when you got a life in your control
or do you care to even know
that it could be your sister or brother
looking through a barrel of a loaded gun
to know he's going to die young
where you pull the trigger on the run

Do you believe this is where we belong
under a blood sky bleeding the sun
what is it in the end you will say
when our children all die young
afraid to look and face another day
when violence is only heard in a song
in places where they all use to play

We all speak the word of Peace
but for a life we'll take it please
it will be our pleasure to watch you bleed
to know you'll beg just to die young
where the Angels have already sung
with the hatred already planting the seed
Spiritwind ©2016
Feel inside my soul
all the things that I see
what lives inside of me
and fights to survive

Can you taste the love I know
that keeps me alive
and see a part of me that dies

Do you hear the echo
inside me that alone cries
do you know who I am
as you look through my eyes

Do you see a broken man
hiding behind the pain
of memories that remain

Can you feel the sadness
of all the empty madness
that is buried in my mind

Do you know who I am
try to see inside if you can
and tell me what do you find
Spiritwind ©2015
I look up to the sky
where the night passes by
only to see my dreams forgotten
lost inside the confusion
where reality is an illusion
and don't know the reasons why

I see a love once held dear
in my heart I feel disappear
as she runs to another
lost in dreams forgotten
now that are gone forever
that won't come back again

Looking for a way to ease the pain
with only the sadness to remain
trying to leave it all behind
with only the tears left to cry
from eyes I can't refrain

With the emptiness I can't restrain
lost in my dreams forgotten
I look for a love I can't find
that was once so near
now only shadows in my mind
that are not so clear
Spiritwind ©2016
Times are in despair
I see corruption in law
now you're so despondent
this world seperated in dichotomy
now becoming a one world goverment

Soldiers, one by one
watch them all fall
fighting for a right, without reason
all for greed of this land
take this life if you dare
blood spills only in your hand
under this morning sun

To the front of the line, my forgotten son
you will die for treason
if it's not for me
on your knees you will crawl
eyes blackened, you can't see
this is the land of our free

One world under one nation
yet we still don't agree
dying salvation
just take what is not yours
sign of the times you ignore
blood stained fields even more
like rain it pours
Spiritwind ©2009
Some people will say all that they will
to make their own hearts feel
they got the purpose to do a deed
until it comes another's time of need
who faces troubles backed against a wall

They say words only to speak
to make themselves seem their good
but wouldn't reach out a hand
even though they know that they could
and just shut their eyes so not to see
so they won't feel guilty not to give
to bring hope for another to live

They try to make others think they're real
but their souls are only cold and empty
thinking only what is in it for them
forgetting what God spoke through Him

They talk about what all they would do
but never help or follow through
instead of just being honest and true
they want the world to believe their lie

They make excuses to reasons why
then want their blessings from the sky
knowing other's at times become weak
and needs someone to just understand
that they're not alone,together we'll stand
to pick another up when they fall
Spiritwind ©2016
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