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KB47 Nov 2019
Some go to Yale while others go to Jail
Some do nothing as their minds go stale
Which side of the story will you end up on ?
Only time will tell
KB47 Nov 2019
Insights from people of all tribes make it a kaleidoscope of different vibes
A number are genuine & kind, while a portion try to manipulate & say the people are blind
But together they can achieve more & conquer all, as they strengthen their inner core, Love.
Humanity works best in unity
KB47 Nov 2019
Finally got a seat at the table
But little did I know I was dancing with the devil
There I thought I was noble
Only to find I was in trouble
Only thing I ate was stress, which left me depressed
Always thinking about what was next had me looking hexed
And so I finally decided to leave the table,
Through God I was able.
Sometimes success ain’t always what it seems
KB47 Feb 2017
Society is so typical.
Even though conditions get critical,
They still choose to remain illogical.
KB47 Feb 2017
The future is a mystery.
The past is history.
Despite living in the moment,
My mind is elsewhere most of the time.
Time is such a crazy thing
KB47 Nov 2016
Texting is a form of Inception
Trying to place ideas in the others mind
To make the odds in your favor
KB47 Nov 2016
Society got my IQ vexed
Media got the people hexed
Religion got me perplexed
System always has a pretext
Out of the matrix, where we gotta go next
Break out the system
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