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Nov 2021 · 633
KB47 Nov 2021
I felt so high
When I fell in love with her
I felt something new
Perspective shifted to a different view
Steady dropping  Jews
Yet she's a rare gem
Oh what a muse
Oct 2021 · 165
Reality of Dreams
KB47 Oct 2021
Today was just a fantasy yesterday
It came together like an array
of performers on Broadway
Or maybe its just a cliché?
Oct 2021 · 183
'E' motions
KB47 Oct 2021
I'm tired of looking for love
my eyes hurt
I'm tired of fighting for love
my heart aches
I'm tired of chasing love
my feet & will's burnt
I'm tired of yearning love
the fuel to my fire's elapsed
Lord knows I need  rest
Apr 2021 · 37
KB47 Apr 2021
A place where I don't feel judged when I confess,
A site I Find words to the feelings I cannot express,
A space I assess the feelings I suppress,
A zone I showcase the qualities I possess.
Apr 2021 · 39
Life Marathon
KB47 Apr 2021
There was a time i got accustomed to the fast life.
Popping pills to cope with the strife,
as it shifted my mental lane.
In order to stay sane,
I had to change gears, switch lanes,
move at Godspeed.
Mar 2021 · 206
Lala Land
KB47 Mar 2021
Same old **** just a different day.
What does that really portray ?
What can you do when you don’t have much of a say ?
Feels like you’re stuck in the mud and everything around you is bad.
With time as your only ally, do what you can to get by and always give it your best try.
Mar 2021 · 33
KB47 Mar 2021
As my ego grew to a different latitude,
It came with a twisted attitude.
Lack of gratitude for the things around me lead to blessing bypassing me.
Filled with agony , I had to go on a journey within me.
The journey lead to clarity, serenity & most importantly it humbled me.
Nov 2019 · 145
City Tale
KB47 Nov 2019
Some go to Yale while others go to Jail
Some do nothing as their minds go stale
Which side of the story will you end up on ?
Only time will tell
Nov 2019 · 185
KB47 Nov 2019
Insights from people of all tribes make it a kaleidoscope of different vibes
A number are genuine & kind, while a portion try to manipulate & say the people are blind
But together they can achieve more & conquer all, as they strengthen their inner core, Love.
Humanity works best in unity
Nov 2019 · 87
Dancing with the devil
KB47 Nov 2019
Finally got a seat at the table
But little did I know I was dancing with the devil
There I thought I was noble
Only to find I was in trouble
Only thing I ate was stress, which left me depressed
Always thinking about what was next had me looking hexed
And so I finally decided to leave the table,
Through God I was able.
Sometimes success ain’t always what it seems
Feb 2017 · 235
Brain-Washed Society
KB47 Feb 2017
Society is so typical.
Even though conditions get critical,
They still choose to remain illogical.
Feb 2017 · 215
KB47 Feb 2017
The future is a mystery.
The past is history.
Despite living in the moment,
My mind is elsewhere most of the time.
Time is such a crazy thing
Nov 2016 · 230
KB47 Nov 2016
Texting is a form of Inception
Trying to place ideas in the others mind
To make the odds in your favor
Nov 2016 · 308
KB47 Nov 2016
Society got my IQ vexed
Media got the people hexed
Religion got me perplexed
System always has a pretext
Out of the matrix, where we gotta go next
Break out the system
Nov 2016 · 221
Born Sinner
KB47 Nov 2016
Born sinner
Built to overcome adversaries,
Bestow love upon everything I do.
Become one with my inner qi
Nov 2016 · 338
Power of Music
KB47 Nov 2016
There's more to music
Than just tunes and melodies.
If you pay attention to those symphonies
Coming from the piano keys
You will realize it's a key
To open your mind, reach your soul
Undoubtedly, Twisting your perception of the world.
Nov 2016 · 159
KB47 Nov 2016
In poetry,  Where I lose my mind and find my soul.
Oct 2016 · 137
KB47 Oct 2016
Today I realized one of the best feelings Is knowing "you're not the only one"
Oct 2016 · 405
The Healing Component (THC)
KB47 Oct 2016
Clear the mind with the Trees & Truths
Clean the body with the Waters
Channel positive Waves
Choose Love over everything
It is The Healing Component
This is actually a compilation of my favorite rappers work
Oct 2016 · 549
KB47 Oct 2016
Just like we have days & nights.
We have good & bad.
One must endure both to keep balance.
Once that balance is created you become
One Righteous Soul.
Just like salt and sugar you become one Righteous soul (ORS)
Mar 2016 · 310
KB47 Mar 2016
Some puff a blunt
On an oceanfront
Seeing the world from a different view
As they get lifted

Others drink from the bottle
Like they just hit the lotto
With tomorrow never comes as their motto

But a select few,
Choose to pick a pen
And write their feelings away
Which in turn makes the reader feel some type of way
Feb 2016 · 208
Empty Vessels [10w]
KB47 Feb 2016
Maybe we're empty vessels only to be filled with love
Feb 2016 · 184
KB47 Feb 2016
I recall a time when I was all that did matter
Sadly you're now so distant I probably don't matter
But the truth of the matter,
Is the memories we shared together still linger.
As it's the only thing about you that's still closer.
Feb 2016 · 262
Think outside the box
KB47 Feb 2016
To break out the Cocoon
You must use imagination as your wings
After metamorphosis is complete,
People will see just how amazing you are.
Feb 2016 · 309
Life's Astronomy
KB47 Feb 2016
There will be moments as dark as the night sky
Only to show you're a bright star,
When you rise above it all like the morning sun.
Feb 2016 · 978
KB47 Feb 2016
What's the cost of Ambition?
Priceless if you ask me.
Your ambition will serve as a nutrition,
All it requires is a strong vision.
And that vision will be your ignition,
No matter how bad the condition,
To lead you to that successful position.
Feb 2016 · 297
KB47 Feb 2016
Some change for the better,
Others for the worse.
What it is they have in common? it's inevitable.
But one thing's for sure, there's lessons learned
And tables turned.
Which part of the table you'll end up on?
Depends on your situation but it's inescapable.
Feb 2016 · 1.0k
Love Don't Cost A Thing
KB47 Feb 2016
However poor I may be,
I'm not too broke to buy you a perfect heart
So I'm betting maybe, you are too smart
to realize that,
Love doesn't cost a thing.
So as it knocks,
Just let it in.
Jan 2016 · 408
Alien Girl
KB47 Jan 2016
Wide eyes, dark eyebrows
When they blink, its a hello they speak.
Red lips,
Strawberry flavored
Side hips,
Curves favoured
Knowledge drips,
Mind's further.
I've heard others describe her in their own words, but im sure mine is the best
Jan 2016 · 247
Play Me
KB47 Jan 2016
Truly,It's ludic how you play me.
But what for? I want you to tell me.
Is it cause I'm a fool for you, so you wanna use me?
But see that's not how it's supposed to be
And by the time you'll decide to take me seriously
You'll realize just how late it will be.
Jan 2016 · 155
Girl of my Dreams
KB47 Jan 2016
Bad as she may be taken for,
That's the kind I love,
The kind I die for.
Just to meet her,
Have sometime with her,
To make me feel complete for a while
even though it may never be forever with her.
I may count myself lucky for a moment if was to end up with her.
Jan 2016 · 537
Dearest Little Sister
KB47 Jan 2016
As time proceeds
You're growing bolder,
And smarter
But get these few words from your big brother.
Give your best in school,
As knowledge is the tool
And without it, people may take you as a fool.
But in the process stay humble,
For you may not know when you might stumble.
I say this cause one day my time will be over,
And it will be you to take over.
Jan 2016 · 220
Falling Apart
KB47 Jan 2016
Thing's ain't as they used to be no more,
I can feel the touch loosening.
Never thought it would come to this
But who are we fooling.
The truth is never extinguished even when eclipsed.
Sooner than later, we wont be able to understand each other's words or actions.

Angers and hot tempers arise when your once loved one starts the irritation.
Maybe a break or a seperation
As we wanna work on our own self perfection
Jan 2016 · 195
KB47 Jan 2016
Reminiscing on the good times we had.
You no longer here and it's kinda hard.
Something I'm not accustomed to,
Hoping you feel the same way too.
The only thing I can do,
Is let these memories linger.
Which leads to anger
Along with depression.
Then I would ask myself a question,
if its really worth it, this feeling.
Cause it's really got me thinking.
Jan 2016 · 437
Trend Setter
KB47 Jan 2016
Is what I think she is
Everything well fitted from her fedora,
All the way down to her heels

Does no wrong with designer
Probably looks good in that you desire

Even in sweats or barbie pants,
Vogue is what my mind chants

Her co-ordination so surreal
And thus makes this poem so real.
Jan 2016 · 385
Medical School
KB47 Jan 2016
Probably biggest decision I've ever made.
Giving up years of my life,
To add more to yours

Sounds ironic if you ask me.

But this sacrifice was all me
As it is what I aspire to be
Though not easily harnessed
I've got 20/20 vision
Meaning I'm too focused
Doctor to be :)
Jan 2016 · 325
KB47 Jan 2016
There are times,
Life will seem to give more downs than ups
More losses than wins

You'll question yourself is life worth living?
Why do i go through these things?

Truth is pain is inevitable
But the good news is it never lasts
It was never meant to break our spirit
But to prove we have beating hearts

I hope you see the beauty in the pain
As better things are about to come

Everything happens for a reason
And with time you'll tell why
Jan 2016 · 247
KB47 Jan 2016
She's bad, maybe even worse
Many would want her to change
But decency is boring in her thoughts i guess

Tempting as she is,
Eye contact with her will leave you in lust
A bad girl costs,
Spending is a must.

Yeah she's bad,
But bad means good too
Frank added some fire to the kerosene
Jan 2016 · 194
When the night falls
KB47 Jan 2016
When the night falls
And my head rests,
As I listen to these love songs,
Is when I think of you the most.
Jan 2016 · 233
KB47 Jan 2016
When it comes to her that's an understatement

She keeps it as real as the heavens be

Check Psalms 46:5 for reference

Girl of my dreams?
Ironic she's no where close but far way better
Jan 2016 · 267
A Friend
KB47 Jan 2016
A friend,
Someone we trust and care for.
We believe in them, and all hope is shared.
Someone we tell all our secrets, as we know we can rely on them.

I take u to be in some part of my life,
so do I expect to be in some part of yours,
forever and always.
This is actually something a good friend of mine had wrote
Dec 2015 · 286
Girl that fell from Welkin
KB47 Dec 2015
She wanna get high cause she feels low
The same man that put her on cloud 9,
Left her emotionally at ground 0

Not accustomed to the pain
She resorts to liquor,
A pool of liquor to drown her sorrows

Life ***** for her
Her emotions getting to her
She needs a lighter,
A lighten up her life.
Dec 2015 · 374
Food for your Thoughts
KB47 Dec 2015
As i say that words that will make you blush
Imma need you to remain hush
Put a smile on your face, I love them dimples when you blush

There's alot of girls out there but they ain't got nothing on you
Wanna know why?
Cause i ain't seeing nobody but you

I don't know,
What it is you've done to me
But imma let you know,
 I simply can't get enough

Your friends say it's contemplation
Yes girl you're my sensation

I know you ain't perfect but you make life worth it
So imma give you this love, girl you deserve it
Dec 2015 · 329
Her Description
KB47 Dec 2015
People ask me what it is in her I see
I hope a couple of these words will help them see

She is my sunshine
Brightens my days
And makes me feel sublime

She is my flower
Such a beautiful thing to see
Covered in the aroma of her fragrance

She is my favorite melody
The sound of her voice brings me great bliss

There are many ways to describe her
But these are the few i wanted you to acknowledge
Dec 2015 · 185
Is it worth it?
KB47 Dec 2015
"Is it worth it?"
This question paralyzes my thoughts.
Not knowing if it's rejection I fear
Or maybe regret.
Dec 2015 · 240
God's Love
KB47 Dec 2015
If there's one thing I've discovered
It's God's love never lets me down
Yeah I fail him daily
But at the end of the day
He doesn't turn me away

So who am I not to run towards him?
For he has a greater purpose for me
Don't believe me?
"Jeremiah 29:11" is what you'll need
Dec 2015 · 337
Her Struggle
KB47 Dec 2015
I know of this girl
A really jovial girl
Well at least I think

Only problem is
Her mind and heart don't seem to be on the same page

Her heart dwelling on the past
Which she finds hard to let go
Her Mind in the present in which she's happy (at least she thinks)

Not sure of what she wants
She says to herself
She wants to work things to work out

The heart begs to differ.
Dec 2015 · 438
Poetry is Confidence
KB47 Dec 2015
I once read something that got to me
About how extreme confidence,
Is saying what's in your heart without paying mind

With that being undoubtedly true
The first person to come to my mind,
Was a poet
Using this art the poet cries his heart out, expresses his thoughts, without paying mind
Dec 2015 · 154
KB47 Dec 2015
So here we are
Who knew we would get this far?
One thing is for sure
No man did assure

The hard times we met
passed us, with a lifetime's mate
sometimes dull, sometimes great
since we don't get to choose, as it is fate

But now we made it
even the next time
though not the last time
Sure of it, we shall make it
KB47 Dec 2015
It's like she loves me , she loves me not when we first started out,
There were so many things we didn't know about
But now you know all my whereabouts

Months later your heart is in doubt
And i don't know what it's all about
You got me over here tryna figure it out

So In the final analysis girl are we gone happen or you choose to remain in doubt?
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