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Justin G Diaz Oct 2015
It's extremely dangerous to get so close to someone.
You don't know what to expect or what's gonna come out of it.
You start spending more and more time with them until you feel weird if you're not with them.
They make you laugh, they make you smile, they make you wonder how you lived so long without them.
But then things seem to change.
They know so much about you- or at least think they do- that they stop trying to learn more.
They stop trying to be more involved in your life.
They just settle for where you guys are at now.
And it ***** for the person that wishes the other would give more effort.
It ***** because it's not how it used to be.
No more laughing at everything, no more catching yourselves smiling at eachother.
Everything seems so routine and dull.
No life
No excitement
No more feeling.
Just a settle for how things are now.
Justin G. Diaz ®
  Sep 2015 Justin G Diaz
Tadashi Pinder
I think it means something when you crave to speak to someone when the world is silent, When the stars are bright & there isn't much to do.

I think it means something that you own my thoughts, that to hug you feels like holding my dreams, that I wake up to many notifications & I just hope one of them is from you.

I think it means something that I can see how special you are, that I can see your unparalleled beauty exudes much deeper than just physical attraction.

I think it means something that I can see what you have to offer & what you deserve. Stars sing about angels like you, poets they write about you at 5am & you deserve to be loved overwhelmingly beyond levels of satisfaction.
  Aug 2015 Justin G Diaz
Tadashi Pinder
"Can't fly unless you let yourself fall"
Meaning God's blessings can't get to you if you imprison yourself behind a regretful wall

If you want to a see a view, a peak, you have to be willing to run uphill & stumble sometimes.
I'm inspired every time me and you speak, & even though I can't tell what will, I know no one can get to you if you hide behind those rubbled love lines.
  Aug 2015 Justin G Diaz
RW Dennen
There was once a carpenter's son;
he died by his stepfather's profession
about an item made of wood

He died by his stepfather's profession
carrying wood upon his back

He died by his stepfather's profession
with wood touching him
He died by his stepfather's profession
by wood with nails in skin...
Ironically this man of love and peace
who preached peace and
love knew about wood
by his earthly father;
died on wood...
  Aug 2015 Justin G Diaz
Tadashi Pinder
Cuts heal & remain visible
At times you may not even feel kissable.
Latch on to faith.
in the line you're last so that it lasts, just wait.
truth hurts, but lies don't heal.
is it still a sin if it's your heart I intend to steal?
I'll gladly bite the fruit for you
you badly fight the truth, poor you.
Accept the pain, welcome the deceite.
To let them continue to hurt you is to accept defeat.
Stare at the angel in the mirror.
Release past demons & be born again purer.
you feel damaged. I see a soul seasoned.
It's usually the pains in life that come with the heaviest reasons.
stress no longer, ache no more.
Pack up the tears, & walk out the door.
One day you wake up & your hearts no longer sore.
I know this because ever since I've laid eyes on you, mines aches no more.
You only need your heart broken once
To be able to create a lifetime of poetry
Justin G Diaz Aug 2015
“For centuries, poets have wanted to place their ideologies, thoughts, feelings, and emotions onto paper. They’ve forever wanted people to hear their pen. But for me, I’ve just always wanted to write down exactly what I feel; But somehow the paper seems to just always stay empty.
And that couldn’t describe it any better”
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