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Don't get me wrong, darling
Because that's exactly, I do not know how to say
However, what goes out of the home
Rivers, Mountains, Sea
Or beyond the horizon, Any call

You don't make a mistake
I'll be back to whom
So, for a moment, don't misunderstand me
That exotic flute, distant Kans grasses
Even from far away:
From the seashore, I have heard the echoes of another time

So don't misunderstand me, darling
They have relationships with, and you are like me
They are not devoid of love
I give you, borrow from them

For a moment, don't misunderstand me
I bring your pearl beneath the sea,
From the mountains the ancient forms,
The original earthy flavour,
A chunk of drifted white clouds from the autumn sky as a little boat

So, you don't misunderstand me
Where 'll I come back
Where 'll sing their song
Where to lose my soul,
Or will not come
@Musfiq us shaleheen
 Nov 2016 Red Bergan
Dark Jewel
To do what I must,
I was expelled from home.
Am I happier?

I'm with the one I love,
Why wouldn't I be?

Am I learning to grow up?*
Suddenly so..
 Nov 2016 Red Bergan
Dark Jewel
His love is like a River,
Always flowing.

Always There.
 Nov 2016 Red Bergan
Dark Jewel
What lies ahead,
*Is a future worth fighting for.
When the Beauty I See
In the Land and the Sea
Even the Flowers to be
But not like She

When the Love I See
Within the Flower and Bee
Even in my Heart to be
But not like She

@Musfiq us shaleheen
I am not writing any poetry
Not a huff,
Not even a romantic mood,
I talked to a distress

Unto thee of say my friend:

The suffering of pain is more than a pain
Words of distress
No longer I can't say either

The story of that night
That is longer than a long night
That night, my love had died before the dawn

How do I tell thee

The suffering of love is unforgettable
Than the love you never achieved  
Middle of the night to about chest pain

When I could not bear it no longer
Then at late night I call a friend to awake
No longer I can't say either

My friend
O' my friend!
My dearest friend!

How do I tell thee
My soul grew dry that is more than a wither petals
No longer I can't say either

When the sudden stopped of time
I stood, Saw the closed distant door
No longer I can't say either

To be alone in everybody
Within a moment a known seems to be unknown
No longer I can't say either

The last thing to understand who she is constant
The story of the lost bright Star
No longer I can't say either

The door is closed
Maybe someone has locked
Alone, The sleepless nights of choking

One's that hard
Many pale faces in the crowd of strangers
Love is lost within too many hopes

How do I tell thee
No longer I can't say either
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
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 May 2015 Red Bergan
i once had a crush
he was a fine young man but
he just crushed my heart
now i hate him lol
 Apr 2015 Red Bergan
Dark Jewel
The darkness cascades,
Over the frozen placid skin.

Eyes are blank,
Only to shine nothing.

Wings tattered and torn,
Ebony heart so cold.
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